Commit ffe0c7ef authored by Peter Breton's avatar Peter Breton
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Added new InstallShield keywords.

Change font-lock-reference-face to font-lock-constant-face throughout.

(resolve-conf-generic-mode): Added this mode.
(named-database-generic-mode): Added this mode.
(named-boot-generic-mode): Added this mode.
(apache-conf-generic-mode): Added Directories and Locations to imenu-generic-expression.
(generic-define-mswindows-modes): Added apache-conf-generic-mode and apache-log-generic-mode.
(generic-define-unix-modes): Added apache-conf-generic-mode and apache-log-generic-mode.
(apache-conf-generic-mode): This new mode replaces apache-generic-mode.
(apache-log-generic-mode): Added this generic-mode
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