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Added ido, kmacro, and bindat packages.

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......@@ -786,6 +786,11 @@ Meta and Alt:
** New modes and packages
*** The new ido package is an extension of the iswitchb package
to do interactive opening of files and directories in addition to
interactive buffer switching. Ido is a superset of iswitchb (with a
few exceptions), so don't enable both packages.
*** The new cua package provides CUA-like keybindings using C-x for
cut (kill), C-c for copy, C-v for paste (yank), and C-z for undo.
With cua, the region can be set and extended using shifted movement
......@@ -826,6 +831,19 @@ want the C-x, C-c, C-v, and C-z bindings, you may customize the
*** The new keypad setup package provides simplified configuration
of the numeric keypad which is available on most keyboards.
*** The new kmacro package provides a simpler user interface to
emacs' keyboard macro facilities.
Basically, it uses two function keys (default F7 and F8) like this:
F7 starts a macro, F8 ends the macro, and pressing F8 again executes
the last macro. While defining the macro, F7 inserts a counter value
which automatically increments every time the macro is executed.
M-F7 edits the last macro, C-F7 sets the counter, and S-F7 sets the
counter format. S-F8 executes the previous macro (actuall the head of
the keyboard macro ring), and C-F8 cycles through the keyboard macro
ring. C-u F8 swaps the last macro with the head of the macro ring.
*** Calc is now part of the Emacs distribution.
......@@ -1471,6 +1489,10 @@ using the text properties (esp. the face) of the prompt string.
*** The new package syntax.el provides an efficient way to find the
current syntactic context (as returned by parse-partial-sexp).
*** The new package bindat.el provides functions to unpack and pack
binary data structures, such as network packets, to and from Lisp
data structures.
*** The TCL package tcl-mode.el was replaced by tcl.el.
This was actually done in Emacs-21.1, and was not documented.
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