Commit ffe586ab authored by André Spiegel's avatar André Spiegel
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(vc-cvs-annotate-command): New optional arg VERSION. Use

vc-do-command to perform the annotation, not call-process.
parent e70b4330
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
;; Author: FSF (see vc.el for full credits)
;; Maintainer: Andre Spiegel <>
;; $Id: vc-cvs.el,v 1.7 2000/10/27 11:37:17 spiegel Exp $
;; $Id: vc-cvs.el,v 1.8 2000/10/27 15:06:27 spiegel Exp $
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -649,10 +649,11 @@ REV is the revision to check out into WORKFILE."
(vc-mode-line file)
(message "Checking out %s...done" filename)))))
(defun vc-cvs-annotate-command (file buffer)
"Execute \"cvs annotate\" on FILE.
Use `call-process' and insert the contents in BUFFER."
(call-process "cvs" nil buffer nil "annotate" file))
(defun vc-cvs-annotate-command (file buffer &optional version)
"Execute \"cvs annotate\" on FILE, inserting the contents in BUFFER.
Optional arg VERSION is a version to annotate from."
(vc-do-command buffer 0 "cvs" file "annotate" (if version
(concat "-r" version))))
(defvar vc-cvs-local-month-numbers
'(("Jan" . 1) ("Feb" . 2) ("Mar" . 3) ("Apr" . 4)
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