1. 03 Jan, 2002 10 commits
  2. 02 Jan, 2002 12 commits
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      Extensive changes to support multiple xscheme buffers: · 0c5e191f
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (run-scheme): Break up into new functions to facilitate starting
      processes in other buffers.
      (xscheme-start, xscheme-read-command-line): New functions.
      (start-scheme, select-scheme)
      (verify-xscheme-buffer): New functions.
      (xscheme-process-name, xscheme-buffer-name)
      (xscheme-runlight): New internal vars.
      (default-xscheme-runlight): New const.
      (xscheme-start-process): Add args for the process/buffer names.
      (reset-scheme): Pass process/buffer names.
      (scheme-interaction-mode): Initialize new local vars.
      (reset-scheme, xscheme-send-string-2, xscheme-process-running-p)
      (xscheme-select-process-buffer, xscheme-process-buffer)
      (xscheme-send-region, xscheme-send-char, xscheme-send-interrupt)
      (xscheme-goto-output-point, xscheme-write-message-1): Use new
      var xscheme-process-name.
      (xscheme-start-process): Initialize xscheme-process-name and
      xscheme-buffer-name in the process buffer.  Pass buffer name to
      (xscheme-modeline-initialize): Add argument to specify buffer name
      for mode-line vars.
      (xscheme-process-sentinel): Make sure sentinel is run in the
      process buffer so it sees its local vars.
      (xscheme-process-filter-initialize, xscheme-set-runlight): More
      elaborate logic to handle multiple-buffer mode lines.
      (xscheme-enter-input-wait): Re-enable control-G handler upon
      entering input wait.
      (scheme-interaction-mode): Add arg to preserve local vars.
      (xscheme-enter-debugger-mode): Preserve local vars.
      (xscheme-start-process): Clobber local vars.
      (scheme-interaction-mode-commands): Allow end user to add commands
      to scheme-interaction-mode keymap.
      (scheme-interaction-mode-commands-alist): New variable.
      (xscheme-send-string): Don't use insert-before-markers.
      Implement a per-buffer kill ring:
      (xscheme-rotate-yank-pointer, xscheme-yank)
      (xscheme-yank-pop, xscheme-yank-push): New functions.
      (xscheme-expressions-ring-max): New variables.
      (xscheme-send-string-1): Call xscheme-insert-expression to save
      expression in ring.
      (xscheme-yank-previous-send): Now an alias for xscheme-yank.
      (xscheme-previous-send): Deleted variable.
      (xscheme-send-string-2, xscheme-send-char, xscheme-send-proceed,
      xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Use process-send-string rather
      than send-string.
      (xscheme-send-region): Insert a newline after an expression that
      is submitted in the interaction buffer, for consistency with
      recent changes to Edwin.
      (xscheme-delete-output): New function mimics comint-delete-output.
      (xscheme-last-input-end): New internal variable.
      (xscheme-process-filter-output): Update xscheme-last-input-end.
      (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Make sure that
      xscheme-control-g-disabled-p is looked up in the right buffer.
      (xscheme-enable-control-g): Clear C-g message if visible.
      (xscheme-control-g-message-string): New internal var.
      (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Use new var.
      (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt, xscheme-send-interrupt): Delay
      after sending interrupt in order to work around race condition.
      (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt, xscheme-send-interrupt)
      (xscheme-send-char): Use xscheme-send-char rather than send-string
      to send single char.
      (xscheme-process-filter, xscheme-process-filter-alist): Add
      support for evaluating expressions outside of the call-excursion.
      (xscheme-process-filter:string-action-noexcursion): New func.
      (xscheme-write-value): Change output string to match that used by Edwin.
      (xscheme-coerce-prompt): Don't write a space after a command
      prompt.  The PROMPT-FOR-COMMAND- procedures will take care of this
      for us.
      (reset-scheme): Delete process after killing it.
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      (facemenu-active-faces): · f790dddf
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Use face-attributes-as-vector, not face-attributes-vector.
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      *** empty log message *** · edde72f6
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Fformat): Update thissize from field_width · 308dd672
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      based on the actual width, in the string case.
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      Fix typo. · cf393f9b
      Pavel Janík authored
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      *** empty log message *** · 5e442abf
      Pavel Janík authored
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      (enriched-handle-display-prop): Remove unused variables. · 97f51df1
      Pavel Janík authored
      (enriched-mode): Doc fix.
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      2002-01-01 ShengHuo ZHU <zsh@cs.rochester.edu> · 43273f39
      ShengHuo ZHU authored
      	* message.el, gnus-art.el, gnus.el, gnus-cite.el:
      	Adapt face definitions to use :weight and :slant.
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