1. 07 Sep, 2004 4 commits
  2. 06 Sep, 2004 2 commits
  3. 05 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  4. 04 Sep, 2004 19 commits
  5. 03 Sep, 2004 11 commits
  6. 02 Sep, 2004 3 commits
    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      (_widget_value): Added lname and lkey. · 1f06d367
      Jason Rumney authored
      (digest_single_submenu): Set lname and lkey in widget_value
      instead of name and key.
      (update_submenu_strings): New function.
      (set_frame_menubar): Remove call to inhibit_garbage_collection,
      call update_submenu_strings.
      (globals_of_w32menu): Check for Unicode API.
      (digest_single_submenu, w32_menu_show): Encode menu strings as
      UTF-8 if Unicode API is available.
      (utf8to16): New function.
      (add_menu_item): Use it when calling Unicode API.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (cua--rectangle-set-corners): Ensure that · e2ea72e9
      Kim F. Storm authored
      point is set (and displayed) inside rectangle.
      (cua--rectangle-operation): Fix for highlight of empty lines.
      (cua--highlight-rectangle): Fix highlight for tabs.
      Position cursor at left/right edge of rectangle using new `cursor'
      property on overlay strings.
      (cua--indent-rectangle): Don't tabify.
      (cua-rotate-rectangle): Ignore that point has moved.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · 46540080
      Kim F. Storm authored