1. 16 Oct, 1997 1 commit
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      Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@ntc.nokia.com> writes: · 01b864bc
      Oliver Seidel authored
          I just downloaded your package and after reading the docs I
          decided to do some reformatting.  Hope you don't mind.  Now they
          are in such a format that the html page can be automatically
          generated from the source file.  As an example, I generated the
          attached page using the following command: ripdoc.pls | \
          t2html.pls -a "Oliver.Seidel" -e Oliver.Seidel@cl.cam.ac.uk -simple
      And of course I appreciate it.  Jari's stuff can be found at:
      ftp://cs.uta.fi/pub/ssjaaa/, while I'm making the 1997-10-15T17:18:11Z!os10000@seidel-space.de page
      available at http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/os10000/doc/todo-mode.html
      (That link will be valid until 10/1998 or slightly longer.)
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      Harald Meland <harald.meland@usit.uio.no> asked for · 7f6241ea
      Oliver Seidel authored
      the latest version, got 1997-08-19T14:00:36Z!os10000@seidel-space.de, and returned this.
      He writes:
      Thanks a lot for the new version of todo-mode.el.  As you will see I
      have messed it up a bit, hopefully for the better -- I don't like
      short, cryptic names for variables and functions, so I renamed most of
      them, and `defalias'ed the old function names.  I hope you don't mind
      too much, I just kinda couldn't stop myself.
      Additionally, I included some support for multiline entries, cleaned
      up (IMHO :) a lot of the code, included completion-support for which
      category to install a new entry in, and possibly some other changes I
      can't remember :)
      It's getting rather late, and I have just done some preliminary
      testing on whether all of this really works, but so far it looks
  5. 19 Aug, 1997 1 commit
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      - changed name to todo-mode · 7c896f63
      Oliver Seidel authored
      - fixed menu descriptions
      - fixed "pressing abort while filing"
      - attempted Emacs Lisp Manual *Tips* section compliance
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