1. 28 Dec, 2003 14 commits
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      Trivial changes · 04c3243c
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-18
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      Merged in changes from CVS HEAD · 8ed48c27
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      Patches applied:
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-1
         Update from CVS
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-2
         Update from CVS
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-3
         Update from CVS
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-17
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      Merged in changes from CVS HEAD · 2e7f2ec0
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      Patches applied:
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2003/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-138
         Update from CVS
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2003/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-139
         Update from CVS
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-15
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      Add pointer text property. Add image maps. · 69348b2a
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      Fix cursor glyph height on tall rows. · 204fb75e
      Kim F. Storm authored
      Add image map feature.
      Add pointer text property.
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      (Qface, Qmouse_face): Remove unused externs. · 83c6eb57
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (x_draw_hollow_cursor): Draw cursor using glyph's rather than
      row's ascent and descent, to get a sensible height on tall rows.
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      (x_set_mouse_color): Remove bogus x_check_errors call. · 15aa58c1
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (Qimage): Remove extern (now in lisp.h).
      (valid_image_p, parse_image_spec): Use IMAGEP macro.
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    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (Qarrow, Qhand, Qtext, Qpointer): New variables for · 493fdc3c
      Kim F. Storm authored
      pointer types.
      (Qrelative_width, Qalign_to): Remove unused variables.
      (Vvoid_text_area_pointer): Replace Vshow_text_cursor_in_void.
      (QCmap, QCpointer, Qrect, Qcircle, Qpoly): New variables for
      image maps.
      (x_y_to_hpos_vpos): Return glyph relative coordinates through
      new dx and dy args.
      Remove buffer_only_p arg (always 0).  Simplify code accordingly.
      (get_glyph_string_clip_rect): Draw cursor using glyph's rather
      than row's ascent and height, to get sensible height on tall rows.
      (build_desired_tool_bar_string): Remove Qimage extern.
      (get_tool_bar_item): Fix call to x_y_to_hpos_vpos.
      (produce_image_glyph): Adjust it.ascent to minimum row ascent if
      image glyph is alone on the last line.
      (append_glyph, append_composite_glyph, produce_image_glyph)
      (append_stretch_glyph): Set glyph's ascent and descent.
      (on_hot_spot_p): New function to check if position is inside an
      rectangular, circular, or polygon-shaped image hot-spot,
      (find_hot_spot): New function to search for image hot-spot.
      (Flookup_image_map): New defun to search for image hot-spot.
      (define_frame_cursor1): New aux function to determine frame pointer.
      (note_mode_line_or_margin_highlight, note_mouse_highlight):
      Handle `pointer' text property and :pointer image property to
      control frame pointer shape.  Detect image hot-spots for pointer
      and help_echo properties.  Use define_frame_cursor1.
      (note_mouse_highlight):	Use Vvoid_text_area_pointer.
      (syms_of_xdisp): Defsubr new defun. Intern and staticpro new variables.
      DEFVAR_LISP Vvoid_text_area_pointer instead of Vshow_text_cursor_in_void.
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      (Qimage): Remove extern (now in lisp.h). · 82cf95a7
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (valid_image_p, parse_image_spec): Use IMAGEP macro.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (IMAGEP): New macro to test for image object type. · dea9b521
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (Qimage): Declare extern.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (Qimage): Remove extern (now in lisp.h). · 2e3f0f61
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (QCmap): Declare extern.
      (make_lispy_position): When position is inside image hot-spot,
      use hot-spot element as posn element.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (buffer_posn_from_coords): Fix calculation of dy for · 60bf1629
      Kim F. Storm authored
      image glyph using image's ascent.
      (mode_line_string): Return image glyph as object clicked on.
      Adjust y0 for image glyph using image's ascent.
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (FACE_ID_BITS, MAX_FACE_ID): New defines. · 01b1f0c0
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (struct glyph): New members, ascent and descent.  Used to save
      this glyph's ascent and descent, instead of having.
      (struct glyph): Declare member face_id using FACE_ID_BITS.
      (find_hot_spot): Add prototype.
  2. 27 Dec, 2003 16 commits
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    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      (show_help_event): Remove unused code. · 9fc63a89
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      (eval.o): Depend on dispextern.h. · 942b13fa
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      Handle non-readable directories. · a70343bd
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (ido-decorations): Add 9th element for non-readable directory.
      (ido-directory-nonreadable): New dynamic var.
      (ido-set-current-directory): Set it.
      (ido-read-buffer, ido-file-internal):
      (ido-read-file-name, ido-read-directory-name): Let-bind it.
      (ido-file-name-all-completions1): Return empty list for
      non-readable directory.
      (ido-exhibit): Print [Not readable] if directory is not readable.
      (ido-expand-directory): New defun (based on tiny fix from Karl Chen).
      (ido-read-file-name, ido-file-internal, ido-read-directory-name):
      Use it.
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      *** empty log message *** · 631ec144
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      (ls-lisp-insert-directory): Add parameter 'string in · 80ca5799
      Lars Hansen authored
      calls to directory-files-and-attributes and file-attributes.
      (ls-lisp-format): Remove system dependent handling of user and
      group id's.
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      2003-12-12 Jesper Harder <harder@ifa.au.dk> · cfa921fd
      Per Abrahamsen authored
      	* cus-edit.el (custom-add-parent-links): Define "many".
      2003-12-08  Per Abrahamsen  <abraham@dina.kvl.dk>
      	* wid-edit.el (widget-child-value-get, widget-child-value-inline)
      	(widget-child-validate, widget-type-value-create)
      	(widget-type-default-get, widget-type-match): New functions.
      	(lazy): New widget.
      	(menu-choice, checklist, radio-button-choice, editable-list)
      	(group, documentation-string): Removed redundant (per 2003-10-25
      	change) calls to `widget-children-value-delete'.
      	(widget-choice-value-get, widget-choice-value-inline): Removed
      	(menu-choice): Updated widget.
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      Small change in README.multi-tty · 53fed860
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-14
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      README.multi-tty updates. · c33d2d42
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-13
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      Implemented automatic deletion of terminals. · 8303ba32
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Switch to the new terminal frame.
      src/frame.c (Fdelete_frame): Delete the tty if this was its the last frame.
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-12
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      Added compilation instructions to README.multi-tty. · bc279d67
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-11
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      Cosmetic changes in README.multi-tty · 52c2ee2a
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-10
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      Fully eliminated global tty state variables. · fca177d4
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      lib-src/emacsclient.c (main.c): Fix error message.
      lisp/frame.el (make-frame-on-tty): New function.
      lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Notify emacsclient if there
      was on error during evaluation.
      src/cm.c: Fix remaining cases of direct Wcm references.
      src/dispextern.h: Updated prototypes.
      src/dispnew.c (Fredraw_frame): Fix set_terminal_modes call.
      (init_display): Remove reference to meta_key.
      src/frame.c (make_terminal_frame): Renamed first parameter to
      tty_name.  Call term_init before creating the frame.
      (Fmake_terminal_frame): Look up the `tty' and `tty-type' frame
      parameters from the currently selected terminal before the global
      (Fdelete_frame): Make sure that the new selected frame is live.
      src/keyboard.c (meta_key): Moved to struct tty_output.
      (read_avail_input): Fix C syntax.  Update references to meta_key.
      (Fsuspend_emacs): pass current tty to init_sys_modes via
      (Fset_input_mode): Update references to meta_key.
      (Fcurrent_input_mode): Ditto.
      src/sysdep.c (init_sys_modes): Updated old_tty and meta_key
      references.  Don't call set_terminal_modes, it needs termcap strings.
      (reset_sys_modes): Call tty_reset_terminal_modes instead of
      reset_terminal_modes.  Updated old_tty references.
      src/term.c: Massive updates throuout the file.
      (TS_*, TN_*): Moved to struct tty_output.
      (RPov, delete_in_insert_mode se_is_so, costs_set, insert_mode): Ditto.
      (standout_mode, specified_window, tty_cursor_hidden): Ditto.
      (tty_set_terminal_modes, tty_reset_terminal_modes): New functions.
      (turn_on_insert, turn_off_insert): Added tty parameter.
      (turn_on_highlight, turn_off_highlight, toggle_highlight): Added tty parameter.
      (tty_hide_cursor, tty_show_cursor): Ditto.
      (background_highlight, highlight_if_desired): Ditto.
      (tty_capable_p): Changed first parameter to tty_output.
      (term_init): Make sure top_frame is initialized.  Don't exit on errors
      if this would have been a secondary terminal.  Call set_terminal_modes
      on the end.
      (delete_tty): New function.
      (delete_tty_1): New function.
      (print_all_frames): New function, marginally useful for debugging.
      src/termchar.h (struct tty_output): Changed old_tty to be a pointer.
      Removed old_tty_valid member.  Added tty-specific variables from term.c.
      src/xfaces.c (Ftty_supports_face_attributes_p): Update for new
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-9
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      (rlog_options): Append -rbranchtag if CVS/Tag indicates · c9140662
      Paul Eggert authored
      a tag, and if the user has not specified an rlog option.
      Adapted from a suggestion by Martin Stjernholm in
      (Copyright): Update to 2003.
    • Karoly Lorentey's avatar
      Full support for multiple terminal I/O (with some rough edges). · 6548cf00
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      lib-src/emacsclient.c (emacs_pid): New variable.  
      (window_change): Forward the SIGWINCH signal to the Emacs process
      after copying the size parameters to the proxy terminal.
      (copy_from_to): New parameter (sigio), kill Emacs with SIGIO if it is
      (main): Set emacs_pid.
      lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Send the pid of Emacs to emacsclient.
      src/cm.c: Added tty parameters to all functions and all Wcm macro calls.
      src/cm.h: Added tty parameters to all macros.   Updated function prototypes.
      (Wcm): Moved to struct tty_output.
      src/dispextern.h: Updated function prototypes.
      src/dispnew.c: Added tty parameters to all Wcm macro calls.
      (do_switch_frame): Make old frame obscured, not invisible, to solve
      problems with other-frame.
      (Wcm): Moved to struct tty_output.
      src/keyboard.c (read_avail_input): Select the frame corresponding to
      the tty that was read.  Slight rearrangement of tty loop.
      src/lisp.h (tabs_safe_p): Removed duplicate prototype.
      src/sysdep.c (hft_init, hft_reset): Added tty_output parameter.
      (discard_tty_input): Discard input from all ttys on APOLLO, too.
      Whatever it is.
      (narrow_foreground_group, widen_foreground_group): Added tty parameter
      (not really useful, the functions only work on the controlling tty.)
      (tabs_safe_p): Added tty parameter.
      src/term.c Added tty parameters to all Wcm macro calls.
      Standardised updating_frame vs. selected frame and tty_output access.
      (term_init): Allocate Wcm.
      (syms_of_term): Provide the `multi-tty' feature.
      src/termchar.h (struct tty_output): Added Wcm.
      src/xdisp.c (try_window_id): Make sure we use the tty device
      corresponding to the current frame.
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-8
  3. 26 Dec, 2003 4 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · c7211bc5
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      Fixed two typos. · ce9d5d59
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-7
    • Karoly Lorentey's avatar
      Removed two files that were committed by mistake. · b4fff6b0
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-6
    • Karoly Lorentey's avatar
      lib-src/emacsclient.c: Implemented --here option (open a new Emacs tty). Needs more work. · 9628b887
      Karoly Lorentey authored
      (here): New variable.
      (decode_options): Use it.
      (ec_get_tty, ec_set_tty, init_tty, window_change, hang_up_signal): New functions.
      (window_change_signal, init_signals, reset_tty, init_pty, copy_from_to): Ditto.
      (pty_conversation): Ditto.
      (main): Use them.
      (master, pty_name, old_tty, tty, old_tty_valid, tty_erase_char): New variables.
      (flow_control, meta_key, _sobuf, in_conversation, quit_conversation): Ditto.
      lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Added support for opening a new terminal frame.
      dispextern.h (get_frame_size): Renamed to get_tty_size, added tty_output parameter.
      dispnew.c (Fredraw_frame): fflush the current terminal instead of stdout.
      (direct_output_for_insert, direct_output_forward_char, update_frame_1): Ditto.
      (Fding, bitch_at_user): Ditto.
      (update_frame_1): Count pending output for current terminal instead of stdout.
      (window_change_signal): Resize all terminals.
      (change_frame_size): Don't resize all terminals to the same size.
      frame.c (Vterminal_frame): Removed.
      (syms_of_frame): Removed declaration of Vterminal_frame.
      (make_terminal_frame): Set the top frame of the terminal to the new frame.
      (Fmake_terminal_frame): Get a new frame size from get_tty_size, don't copy it.
      (do_switch_frame): Handle terminal frame visibility.
      (next_frame, prev_frame): Skip over frames on different terminals.
      frame.h (Vterminal_frame): Removed.
      keyboard.c (input_fd): Removed.
      (read_avail_input): Removed first argument from read_socket_hook.
      Try to read from each available tty, until one succeeds.
      (Fsuspend_emacs): Don't suspend if there are multiple terminals.
      lisp.h (get_frame_size): Removed superflous declaration.
      xterm.c (Xtread_socket): Removed first parameter.
      macterm.h (XTread_socket): Ditto.
      w32inevt.c (w32_console_read_socket): Ditto.
      w32term.c (w32_read_socket): Ditto.
      sysdep.c (input_fd): Removed.
      (change_input_fd): Removed.
      (discard_tty_input): Discard pending input on _all_ input descriptors.
      (stuff_char, tabs_safe_p): Use current terminal instead of input_fd.
      (init_baud_rate, request_sigio, unrequest_sigio): Ditto.
      (init_sys_modes, reset_sys_modes): Ditto.
      (narrow_foreground_group, widen_foreground_group): Use stdin.
      (init_sys_modes, reset_sys_modes): otty parameter renamed to tty_out.
      (get_frame_size): Renamed to get_tty_size, added tty_out parameter.
      term.c (read_socket_hook): Removed first parameter.
      (clear_end_of_line): Use updating_frame, if possible.
      (write_glyphs, insert_glyphs, ins_del_lines): Ditto.
      (term_init): Renamed get_frame_size to get_tty_size.
      termchar.h (struct tty_output): New entries: top_frame,
      termhooks.h (read_socket_hook): Removed first parameter.
      window.c (init_window_once): Removed reference to Vterminal_frame.
      xdisp.c (previous_terminal_frame): Moved to struct tty_output.
      (redisplay_internal): Updated to use previous_terminal_frame in tty_output.
      Allow for simultaneous refresh of multiple ttys.
      git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-5
  4. 25 Dec, 2003 6 commits