1. 17 Apr, 2019 2 commits
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Fix Bug#35241 · 2c06731d
      Michael Albinus authored
      * lisp/files.el (executable-find): Quote default-directory.  (Bug#35241)
      * test/lisp/files-tests.el (files-tests-executable-find): New test.
    • Andrii Kolomoiets's avatar
      Make python-shell-prompt-block-regexp match IPython prompt · 6f8fe0d5
      Andrii Kolomoiets authored
      * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-shell-prompt-block-regexp): Match
      also IPython's multiline prompt.  It allows to correctly disable
      non-native completions during multiline statement in
      inferior-python-mode that runs IPython interpreter (Bug#34582).
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
  2. 16 Apr, 2019 2 commits
  3. 15 Apr, 2019 1 commit
    • Mattias Engdegård's avatar
      Don't remove notify descriptor that is already gone · e9e807e9
      Mattias Engdegård authored
      * lisp/autorevert.el (auto-revert-use-notify, auto-revert-mode,
      global-auto-revert-mode, auto-revert-notify-rm-watch,
      auto-revert-notify-add-watch, auto-revert-notify-handler,
      Don't remove a notify descriptor after receiving a `stopped' notification
      event, because the descriptor is then already gone and any attempt to
      remove it causes a recursive call to `auto-revert-notify-handler'.
  4. 14 Apr, 2019 9 commits
  5. 13 Apr, 2019 8 commits
  6. 12 Apr, 2019 6 commits
    • Alan Mackenzie's avatar
      Analyze C++ method with & or && ref-qualifier as defun, not brace list · cc80eeb4
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      Also firm up detection of beginning of brace list in
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-looking-at-or-maybe-in-bracelist): On
      detection of such a ref-qualifier, set braceassignp to nil.  When this
      variable has a nil value, return nil as the value of the function.  On
      encountering a } when scanning backwards, recognise this as the end of a
      previous construct and stop the scan.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/help-fns.el (help-fns-describe-variable-functions): New hook · 896e5802
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (help-fns--compiler-macro, help-fns--parent-mode, help-fns--obsolete)
      (help-fns--interactive-only): Indent output by 2 spaces.
      (help-fns--side-effects): New function extracted from
      (help-fns-describe-function-functions): Use it.
      (help-fns--first-release, help-fns--mention-first-release): New functions.
      (help-fns-function-description-header): Keymaps and macros can't
      be interactive.
      (help-fns--ensure-empty-line): New function.
      (describe-function-1): Use it.
      (help-fns--var-safe-local, help-fns--var-risky)
      (help-fns--var-ignored-local, help-fns--var-file-local)
      (help-fns--var-watchpoints, help-fns--var-obsolete)
      (help-fns--var-alias, help-fns--var-bufferlocal): New functions,
      extacted from describe-variable.
      (describe-variable): Run help-fns-describe-variable-functions instead.
    • Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar
      Optimize byte-compilation of proper-list-p · 9a54e70c
      Basil L. Contovounesios authored
      For discussion, see thread starting at:
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el: Optimize proper-list-p as a
      * lisp/subr.el: Mark proper-list-p as pure, and side-effect and
      error free.
    • Alex Murray's avatar
      Pop to originating erc buffer when clicking desktop notification · 6dc4c722
      Alex Murray authored
      * lisp/erc/erc-desktop-notifications.el: Switch to lexical-binding.
      (erc-notifications-notify): Add a default action to the desktop
      notification which pops to the buffer from which the notification
      originated.  (Bug#35141)
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
    • Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar
      Always set gnus-group property to a group name · 2b82c829
      Basil L. Contovounesios authored
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-group-prepare-flat-list-dead): Set
      gnus-group property to a group name, not active info. (bug#33653)
      Simplify surrounding logic.
      (gnus-group-prepare-flat, gnus-group-goto-group): Use accessor
      (gnus-group-insert-group-line, gnus-group-new-mail)
      (gnus-group-mark-group): Write ?\s instead of ? .
      (gnus-group-group-name, gnus-group-list-active): Simplify.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/vc/diff-mode.el: Avoid re-initializing buffer in diff-syntax · bd6a19cc
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (diff--syntax-file-attributes): New var.
      (diff-syntax-fontify-hunk): Detect when we're reusing the same buffer as
      last time, to avoid re-initializing it.  Skip the
      diff-syntax-fontify-revisions hash-table, since buffer-alist plays the
      same role.
      (diff-syntax-fontify-revisions): Delete var.
  7. 11 Apr, 2019 6 commits
    • Stephen Leake's avatar
      Make `next-error' output fewer messages about locus · 77685811
      Stephen Leake authored
      * lisp/simple.el (next-error-verbosity): New user variable.
      (next-error, next-error-internal): Use it to control only outputting
      locus message if locus changed.
    • Christopher Thorne's avatar
      Fix rgrep in dired using directory for search file pattern · de238b39
      Christopher Thorne authored
      * lisp/progmodes/grep.el (grep-read-files): Allow major modes to
      define file name to use for default search pattern.
      Add non-directory file at point as default search pattern candidate.
      * lisp/dired.el (dired-grep-read-files): Use non-directory file at
      point for grep file name pattern.  (Bug#34621)
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
    • Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar
      Backport: Fix comment-empty-lines docstring (bug#35152) · 71be83ef
      Basil L. Contovounesios authored
      * lisp/newcomment.el (comment-empty-lines): Consistently use US
      commas in docstring.  Fix indentation of and typo in custom :type.
      (cherry picked from commit 690c678f)
    • Alex Branham's avatar
      Backport: Update documentation for indent-relative functions · 559f64a0
      Alex Branham authored
      * lisp/indent.el (indent-relative): Document what happens when there
        is no previous nonblank line.
      * doc/lispref/text.texi (Relative Indent): Document
        indent-relative-first-indent-point instead of obsolete
        indent-relative-maybe. Fix documentation of which argument from
        'indent-relative' is used.
      (cherry picked from commit 10cd6587)
    • Jackson Ray Hamilton's avatar
      Add extra text property to fix issue with js2-mode integration · 382a508e
      Jackson Ray Hamilton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-jsx--put-syntax-table): New function for
      consistently ensuring smooth js2-mode integration.  js2-mode sets
      syntax-table temporarily while parsing buffers—seemingly to recover
      from parsing interruptions—and then it later clears syntax-table
      blindly.  When integrating with js-mode, this means that unterminated
      string quotes are re-broken in JSX (i.e., they become strings again,
      often stringifying large regions of the buffer which should not be
      strings).  We try to treat quotes in JSXText as non-strings by setting
      syntax-table to a non-“string quote” syntax class, but that stops
      working if we lose the property.  On the js2-mode end, by scanning for
      this second js-jsx-syntax-table property, we can recover the
      syntax-table property there.
      (js-jsx--text-range, js-jsx--syntax-propertize-tag): Use
      js-jsx--put-syntax-table for above reason.
      (js-jsx--text-properties): Clear the js-jsx-syntax-table property too.
    • Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar
      Enable message saving to work when first use of Gnus (bug#35208) · 0627a8d7
      Katsumi Yamaoka authored
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-group-goto-group);
      Use gnus-active-hashtb in addition to gnus-newsrc-hashtb to check if
      a group exists since some kinds of groups are registered in only one
      of them (bug#35208).
  8. 10 Apr, 2019 5 commits
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      Inhibit displaying help buffer in main window in perform-replace · 8ecce6af
      Juri Linkov authored
      * lisp/replace.el (perform-replace): Use
      display-buffer-overriding-action with inhibit-same-window to prevent
      the help buffer from being displayed in the main window.  (Bug#34972)
      Author: Michał Krzywkowski <k.michal@zoho.com>
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Eshell dependencies: Fix recent regressions · e3bd33fb
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/dired.el (dired-insert-directory): Tweak bug#27817's ugly hack.
      * lisp/eshell/em-ls.el: Refine 'require's.
      * lisp/eshell/esh-opt.el: Require esh-util on behalf of its clients.
    • Eric Abrahamsen's avatar
      Note that choose-completion-string-functions funcs take four args · 59994015
      Eric Abrahamsen authored
      * lisp/simple.el (choose-completion-string-functions): Functions in
        this list actually need to accept four arguments, though the fourth
        should be ignored.
    • Jackson Ray Hamilton's avatar
      Add new defcustom js-jsx-align->-with-< · f2901072
      Jackson Ray Hamilton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-jsx-align->-with-<): New variable for users
      to control one opinionated aspect of JSX indentation.  It defaults to
      the style seen in the React docs, which many users expected as the
      “correct” indentation.  Still, the old SGML-style of indentation could
      be desirable too, especially since it was the old default.  This
      ensures users have a way of getting back the old behavior.
      (js-jsx--contextual-indentation): Respect js-jsx-align->-with-<.
      * test/manual/indent/jsx-align-gt-with-lt.jsx: New test for
    • Jackson Ray Hamilton's avatar
      Add new defcustom js-jsx-indent-level · 5772971f
      Jackson Ray Hamilton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-jsx-indent-level): New variable for users
      to set JSX indentation differently than JS, like before.
      (js-jsx--contextual-indentation): Respect js-jsx-indent-level when
      it’s set.
      * test/manual/indent/jsx-indent-level.jsx: New test for
  9. 09 Apr, 2019 1 commit