1. 27 Mar, 2015 5 commits
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      Assume !BROKEN_NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT · 087fdee7
      Paul Eggert authored
      From a suggestion by Eli Zaretskii in:
      * process.c (NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT): Simplify by assuming that
      BROKEN_NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT is not defined.
      (SELECT_CAN_DO_WRITE_MASK): Remove, and assume it's now true.
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      Fix crashes when restoring sub-char-tables from desktop file · 9552a65f
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/lread.c (substitute_object_recurse): For sub-char-tables, start
       the recursive SUBSTITUTE loop from index of 2, to skip the
       non-Lisp members of the sub-char-table.  See the discussion at
       for the details.
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    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Support non-blocking connect on MS-Windows (Bug#20207) · d133cf83
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       Based on ideas from Kim F. Storm <storm@cua.dk>, see
       src/w32proc.c (reader_thread): If the FILE_CONNECT flag is set, call
       '_sys_wait_connect'.  If it returns STATUS_CONNECT_FAILED, exit
       the thread with code 2.
       (sys_select): Support 'wfds' in addition to 'rfds'.  If a
       descriptor in 'wfds' has its bit set, but the corresponding
       fd_info member doesn't have its FILE_CONNECT flag set, ignore the
       descriptor.  Otherwise, acknowledge a successful non-blocking
       connect by resetting the FILE_CONNECT flag and setting cp->status
       src/w32.h (STATUS_CONNECT_FAILED): New enumeration value.
       (struct _child_process): New member 'errcode'.
       (FILE_CONNECT): New flag.
       (_sys_wait_connect): Add prototype.
       src/w32.c (pfn_WSAEnumNetworkEvents): New function pointer.
       (init_winsock): Load WSAEnumNetworkEvents from winsock DLL.
       (set_errno): Map WSAEWOULDBLOCK and WSAENOTCONN.
       (sys_connect): Support non-blocking 'connect' calls by setting the
       FILE_CONNECT flag in the fd_info member and returning EINPROGRESS.
       (_sys_read_ahead): Add debug message if this function is called
       for a descriptor that waits for a non-blocking connect to complete.
       (_sys_wait_connect): New function.
       (sys_read): Support STATUS_CONNECT_FAILED.  Return the error code
       recorded by _sys_wait_connect when the non-blocking connect
       failed.  Don't call WSAGetLastError before a call to set_errno had
       a chance to use its value, since WSAGetLastError clears the last
       nt/inc/ms-w32.h (BROKEN_NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT): Don't define.
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      Preserve face text properties in comint prompt. · 792d44b3
      Wolfgang Jenkner authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20084
      * lisp/font-lock.el (font-lock--remove-face-from-text-property): New
      function.  Adapted from the previously commented out
      Remove previously unused and commented out auxiliary function
      remove-text-property and obsolete comment.
      * lisp/comint.el (comint-output-filter): Use it to remove
      (comint-snapshot-last-prompt, comint-output-filter): Use
      font-lock-prepend-text-property for comint-highlight-prompt.
      * test/automated/textprop-tests.el: New file.
      (textprop-tests-font-lock--remove-face-from-text-property): New test.
      Thus, the original face text property of a prompt "candidate" (the
      last line of an output chunk not ending with a newline) is
      preserved.  This amends the fix for bug#14744.
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