1. 27 Apr, 2012 2 commits
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  3. 24 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Ensure that X selection convertors properly encode returned strings. · acb71f1d
      Chong Yidong authored
      Though not itself a regression, this bug was exposed by the support
      for MULTIPLE selections, which is new to Emacs 24 (see Bug#11315).
      * lisp/select.el (xselect--encode-string): New function, split from
      (xselect-convert-to-string): Use it.
      (xselect-convert-to-filename, xselect-convert-to-os)
      (xselect-convert-to-host, xselect-convert-to-user): Ensure that
      returned strings are properly encoded.
  4. 22 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  5. 21 Apr, 2012 2 commits
  6. 20 Apr, 2012 7 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Fix logic for returning to and yanking from Rmail buffer. · 4b932ea2
      Paul Eggert authored
      * mail/rmail.el (rmail-start-mail):
      Pass (rmail-mail-return...) for the return-action.
      Pass (rmail-yank-current-message...) for the yank-action.
      (rmail-yank-current-message): New function.
      (rmail-mail): Pass the Rmail buffer, not view buffer, for replybuffer.
      (rmail-reply): Likewise.
      (rmail-forward): Pass the Rmail buffer, not nil, for replybuffer.
      * mail/sendmail.el (mail-bury): Choose the first rmail-mode
      buffer, not the last.  Reject temp buffers.  Use the rmail-mode
      buffer, not newbuf.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix bug #11279 with sending command blocks to GDB. · 9ee9f470
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       lisp/progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb-control-level): New variable.
       (gdb): Make it buffer-local and init to zero.
       (gdb-control-commands-regexp): New variable.
       (gdb-send): Don't wrap in "-interpreter-exec console" if
       gdb-control-level is positive.  Increment gdb-control-level
       whenever the command matches gdb-control-commands-regexp, and
       decrement it each time the command is "end".  (Bug#11279)
    • Martin Rudalics's avatar
      Fix resizing of minibuffer windows (Bug#11276). · 41cfe0cb
      Martin Rudalics authored
      * window.el (adjust-window-trailing-edge, enlarge-window)
      (shrink-window, window-resize):
      * mouse.el (mouse-drag-line): Fix resizing of minibuffer
      windows (Bug#11276).
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      Fix sysfs battery display. · 54071013
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * battery.el (battery-echo-area-format): Display remaining time
      for sysfs backend too (Bug#11269).
      (battery-linux-sysfs): Fix conditional for the charge.
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Fixes for pty handling in gdb-mi.el and process.c. · f30d612a
      Chong Yidong authored
      * lisp/progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb): Revert 2012-04-19 change.
      (gdb-inferior-io--init-proc): New function.
      (gdb-init-1): Use it.
      (gdb-inferior-io-sentinel): New sentinel for the gdb-inferior pty,
      responsible for allocating a new pty and hooking it to gdb when
      the old pty gets an EIO due to process exit.
      (gdb-delchar-or-quit): New command.  Bind it in gdb-mi buffers.
      (gdb-tooltip-print): Don't use obsolete tooltip-use-echo-area.
      (gdb-inferior-io--maybe-delete-pty): Move into gdb-reset.
      * src/process.c (wait_reading_process_output): If EIO occurs on a pty,
      set the status to "failed" and ensure that sentinel is run.
      * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Asynchronous Processes): Mention nil
      argument to start-process.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      ChangeLog updates for last commit. · cd0f830c
      Eli Zaretskii authored
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Doc fixes in window.el functions. · 2116e93c
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       lisp/window.el (window-min-size, window-sizable, window-min-delta)
       (window-max-delta, window--resizable, window-resizable)
       (window-total-size, window-full-height-p, window-full-width-p)
       (window-in-direction, window--resize-mini-window, window-resize)
       (window--resize-child-windows, window--resize-siblings)
       (window--resize-this-window, adjust-window-trailing-edge)
       (enlarge-window, shrink-window): Doc fixes.
  7. 19 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Delete the gdb-inferior pty when the gdb process exits. · b668fa6e
      Chong Yidong authored
      * lisp/progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb-inferior-io--maybe-delete-pty): New
      function to call delete-process on the gdb-inferior buffer's pty.
      (gdb-reset): Use it, instead of relying on kill-buffer to kill the
      pty process.
      (gdb-update): New arg to suppress talking to the gdb process.
      (gdb-done-or-error): Use it.
      (gdb-stopped-functions): Rename from gdb-stopped-hooks.
      (gdb): Call gdb-inferior-io--maybe-delete-pty as a workaround for
      sentinel not being called.
      * lisp/comint.el (make-comint-in-buffer, comint-exec): Doc fix.
      Fixes: debbugs:11273
  8. 18 Apr, 2012 2 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      * lisp/progmodes/grep.el (grep, rgrep): Doc fix. · d02766ab
      Chong Yidong authored
      Fixes: debbugs:11268
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      More process-related doc and manual small edits · 016a35df
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Output from Processes, Filter Functions):
      Mention waiting-for-user-input-p.
      (Sentinels, Query Before Exit, System Processes, Transaction Queues):
      (Network Servers, Datagrams, Network Processes, Network Options)
      (Network Feature Testing, Serial Ports): Copyedits.
      (Network): Add encrypted network overview paragraph.
      Cross-reference the Emacs-GnuTLS manual.  Use @acronym.
      * lisp/net/network-stream.el (open-network-stream): Doc fix.
      * src/process.c (Fset_process_inherit_coding_system_flag)
      (Fset_process_query_on_exit_flag): Doc fix (mention return value).
      (Fmake_network_process): Doc fix.
  9. 17 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  10. 16 Apr, 2012 2 commits
  11. 15 Apr, 2012 2 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Move "emacsclient -t -n" handling from emacsclient.c to server.el. · 9a864fa2
      Chong Yidong authored
      Fix its buggy logic for the Windows case (regression from 23.4).
      * lib-src/emacsclient.c (decode_options): Move -t -n corner case handling
      into server.el.
      * lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Handle corner case where both
      tty and nowait options are present.
      Fixes: debbugs:11102
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Doc and manual fixes related to processes · e153c136
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Processes, Subprocess Creation, Shell Arguments):
      (Synchronous Processes): Copyedits.
      (Subprocess Creation): Discourage modifying exec-path directly.
      (Synchronous Processes): Update some example output.
      (Process Information): Fix typo.
      (Bindat Spec): Use Texinfo-recommended form of quote+punctuation.
      * lisp/simple.el (process-file-side-effects): Doc fix.
  12. 14 Apr, 2012 2 commits
  13. 13 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  14. 12 Apr, 2012 2 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      New Lisp manual nodes, Applying Customizations and Custom Themes. · 81927dd2
      Chong Yidong authored
      * doc/lispref/customize.texi (Applying Customizations):
      (Custom Themes): New nodes.
      * doc/lispref/display.texi (Defining Faces): Reference custom-set-faces.
      * doc/lispref/modes.texi (Defining Minor Modes, Defining Minor Modes):
      * doc/lispref/os.texi (Startup Summary): Copyedits.
      * doc/emacs/custom.texi (Creating Custom Themes): Add reference to Custom
      Themes node in Lisp manual.
      * lisp/custom.el (custom-theme-set-variables): Doc fix.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Doc and manual fixes related to mule · 8edb942b
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/emacs/mule.texi (International): Copyedits.
      (International Chars): Update C-x = example output.
      (Disabling Multibyte): Rename from "Enabling Multibyte".
      Clarify what "unibyte: t" does, and mode-line description.
      (Unibyte Mode): Update for "Disabling Multibyte" node name change.
      Use Texinfo recommended convention for quotes+punctuation.
      * doc/emacs/custom.texi (Specifying File Variables):
      Fix "unibyte" description.
      Update for "Disabling Multibyte" node name change.
      * doc/emacs/emacs.texi: Update for "Disabling Multibyte" node name change.
      * doc/lispref/loading.texi (Loading Non-ASCII):
      "unibyte:" can also be at the end.
      * lisp/international/mule.el (set-auto-coding-for-load): Doc fix.
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