1. 09 Jul, 2011 4 commits
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      Remove duplicate ChangeLog entry. · 0b608d02
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Simplify normalization of default buffer display specifieres and options. · 4dc2a129
      Martin Rudalics authored
      * window.el (display-buffer-default-specifiers): Remove.
      (display-buffer-macro-specifiers): Remove default specifiers.
      (display-buffer-alist): Default to nil.
      (display-buffer-reuse-window): New optional argument
      (display-buffer-pop-up-window): Allow splitting internal
      windows.  Check whether a live window was created.
      (display-buffer-normalize-arguments): Rename to
      display-buffer-normalize-argument and rewrite.  Set the
      other-window specifier.
      (display-buffer-normalize-special): New function.
      (display-buffer-normalize-options): Rename to
      display-buffer-normalize-default and rewrite.
      (display-buffer-normalize-options-inhibit): Remove.
      (display-buffer-normalize-specifiers): Rewrite.
      (display-buffer): Process other-window specifier and call
      display-buffer-reuse-window with it.  Emulate Emacs 23 behavior
      more faithfully.
      (pop-up-windows, even-window-heights): Restore Emacs 23 default
      (display-buffer-alist-set): Don't handle 'unset default values.
      (display-buffer-in-window, display-buffer-alist-set): Replace
      symbol "dedicated" by "dedicate".  Reported by Tassilo Horn
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      Restore accidental change to insert-register · 2d43b8c9
      Leo Liu authored
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