1. 23 Jul, 2009 8 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · 0badeef4
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      (describe-variable): Describe ignored and risky local · 589a99f2
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      variables in a similar way to that in which we describe safe ones.
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      (elint-standard-variables): Remove most members, · e2d5a67f
      Glenn Morris authored
      since the next two variables cover them automatically now.
      (elint-builtin-variables, elint-autoloaded-variables): New.
      (elint-unknown-builtin-args): Remove all members, since they can be
      parsed automatically now.
      (elint-extra-errors): New.
      (elint-env-add-env, elint-env-add-macro): Use cadr.
      (elint-current-buffer): Use or.  Change final message.
      (elint-get-top-forms): Use line-end-position.
      (elint-init-env): Use cadr.  Handle autoload, declare-function,
      and defalias.
      (elint-add-required-env): Doc fix.  Use or.  Standardize error.
      (regexp-assoc): Remove unused function.
      (elint-top-form): Set elint-current-pos, to record the start of the
      top-level form, for compilation-mode.
      (elint-form): Trap errors in macro expansion.  Use dolist.
      (elint-unbound-variable): Use elint-builtin-variables and
      (elint-get-args): Use cadr, or.
      (elint-check-cond-form): Use dolist, cadr.
      (elint-check-condition-case-form): Doc fix.  Use cadr.
      Use elint-extra-errors.
      (elint-log): New function.
      (elint-error, elint-warning): Use elint-log for a bytecomp-style format.
      Distinguish errors and warnings.
      (elint-log-message): Use with-current-buffer.  Inhibit read-only.
      Use a bytecomp-style format.
      (elint-clear-log): Preserve default-directory.  Inhibit read-only.
      (elint-get-log-buffer): Use compilation mode.  Disable undo.
      Don't truncate lines.
      (elint-initialize): Set builtin and autoloaded variable lists.
      Only process elint-unknown-builtin-args if non-nil.
      (elint-find-builtin-variables, elint-find-autoloaded-variables):
      New functions.
      (elint-find-builtin-args): Doc fix.  Handle "BODY...)".
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      (cl-compiling-file): Update for the name-change `outbuffer' to · 4b949062
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      (load-time-value): Update for the name-change `outbuffer' to · 924bfe49
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      (byte-compile-from-buffer, byte-compile-output-file-form) · a2b3fdbf
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      (byte-compile-output-docform, byte-compile-file-form-defmumble)
      Give some more local variables with common names a "bytecomp-" prefix,
      so as not to shadow things during compilation.
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  2. 22 Jul, 2009 10 commits
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