1. 14 Sep, 1995 1 commit
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  3. 29 Aug, 1995 1 commit
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-utc-string): New function. · b23a2306
      André Spiegel authored
      (vc-find-cvs-master): Use it to compare mtime and checkout time.
      (vc-locking-user): CVS case: *only* use checkout time.
      (vc-find-cvs-master): Don't attempt to find the RCS master file.
      Throw the full name of CVS/Entries.
      (vc-name): Doc change (special CVS case).
      (vc-after-save): Handle the case when a file is saved in the very
      second in which it was checked out.
  4. 25 Aug, 1995 1 commit
  5. 22 Aug, 1995 1 commit
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-simple-command): New function. · 7064821c
      André Spiegel authored
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): CVS case: Use it.
      (vc-lock-from-permissions, vc-file-owner, vc-rcs-lock-from-diff):
      New functions.
      (vc-locking-user): Largely rewritten.  Uses the above, handles RCS
      non-strict locking.  Under CVS in CVSREAD-mode, learn the locking state
      from the permissions.
      (vc-find-cvs-master): Use vc-insert-file, rather than
      find-file-noselect. Greatly speeds up things.
      (vc-consult-rcs-headers): Bug fix, return status in all cases.
  6. 21 Aug, 1995 1 commit
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): RCS case: get locking mode. · e66eac08
      André Spiegel authored
      CVS case: new state `locally-added'.
      (vc-locking-user): Under RCS with non-strict locking, don't trust
      the file permissions.  CVS case: change which states count as
      (vc-consult-rcs-headers): Streamlined. Don't set vc-locking-user if
      this is called under CVS.  Under RCS, use a heuristic to find the
      value of vc-checkout-model without examining the master file.
      (vc-parse-locks): Set vc-checkout-model.
      (vc-status): Comment change.
      (vc-after-save-hook, vc-after-save): The former renamed to the
      latter. Now unconditionally called by `basic-save-buffer', determines
      whether the buffer should be "locked" or not.
      (vc-mode-line): No longer use dynamic after-save-hook. Changed
      references to `automatic' into `implicit'.
      (vc-checkout-model): Values are now `manual' and `implicit'.  Derive
      the property on a per-file basis, supporting all possible modes.
  7. 18 Aug, 1995 1 commit
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): Recognize cvs status "Unresolved Conflict". · 04446ed0
      André Spiegel authored
      (vc-locking-user): Count cvs status `unresolved-conflict' as "locked".
      (vc-checkout-model): New property and access function (still simplistic).
      (vc-after-save-hook): New function.
      (vc-mode-line): When the file is locked by somebody else, make the
      buffer read-only.  (Formerly this was only done for root.)  Don't
      write-protect the buffer if the file is unlocked.  Instead, install
      vc-after-save-hook, which "locks" the file when modifications are
  8. 17 Aug, 1995 1 commit
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  10. 17 Jul, 1995 1 commit
    • Karl Heuer's avatar
      (vc-mode-line): Don't write-protect a · 7b0e1b8f
      Karl Heuer authored
      VC-Log buffer.  Better mode line text for initial comments.
      Streamlined the function.
      (vc-locking-user): Consider a cvs file "locked"
      if its status is either 'locally-modified or 'needs-merge.
      (vc-workfile-version): Catch 'found when calling vc-find-cvs-master.
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): Handle cvs status "Needs Checkout".
      This is intended for future use.
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): Shrink the window
      that displays the error message.
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  19. 15 Jun, 1995 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      The RCS status is now found by reading the · 02d383eb
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      master file directly, instead of using rlog.  The properties
      retrieved from the master file are kept separately.  The two
      main properties, `vc-workfile-version' and `vc-locking-user',
      are inferred from those master file properties if the
      information cannot be found elsehow.  All properties are
      consistently cached now.
      (vc-master-info, vc-log-info, vc-fetch-properties): functions
      removed.  Their job is now done by `vc-fetch-master-properties'
      and `vc-insert-file'.
      (vc-fetch-master-properties):  new function, replaces
      vc-fetch-properties.  Retrieves all the properties that can be
      found in the master file, for all three backends (calls
      `cvs status' in the CVS case).
      (vc-insert-file):  new function.  Inserts an arbitrary file
      into the current buffer, optionally chunkwise, until a certain
      regexp shows up.
      (vc-parse-locks):  new function.  Translates SCCS or RCS lock
      lists, as found in the master files, into lisp lists.  Sets
      the new property `vc-master-locks'.
      (vc-locked-version):  property removed.  Was unnecessary, and
      only referenced in vc-hooks.el.
      (vc-head-version, vc-default-branch, vc-master-locks):
      new properties.
      (vc-top-version):  new name for the old property
      `vc-branch-version'.  ("top-version" is better because it
      might also be the RCS "head" if there is no default branch.)
      (vc-master-locking-user):  replaces `vc-true-locking-user'.
      Scans the new `vc-master-locks' property, yielding the master
      file's idea of who is locking the current workfile version.
      (vc-locking-user):  slightly changed to use the new properties.
      Changed the actual property value for an unlocked file to
      'none.  This is to distinguish it from an unknown locking
      state, which is represented by nil.  The function vc-locking-user
      returns nil if the property is 'none, to make it compatible with
      the rest of VC.
      (vc-consult-rcs-headers, vc-master-locking-user):  adpated to
      the new 'none-value of vc-locking-user.
      (vc-consult-rcs-headers): fixed bug that prevented
      (not vc-consult-headers) from working
      (vc-file-not-found-hook): set the default-directory of the new
      buffer before check-out. (Otherwise, setting vc-keep-workfiles
      to nil doesn't work.)
      (vc-occurences, vc-branch-p): functions removed (no longer needed)
      Reordered some defuns so they are grouped in a logical way.
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  23. 26 Apr, 1995 2 commits
    • Karl Heuer's avatar
      (vc-default-backend, vc-path, vc-consult-headers): · e1c0c2d1
      Karl Heuer authored
      (vc-mistrust-permissions, vc-keep-workfiles): Customization
      variables, moved here from vc.el.
      (vc-trunk-p, vc-minor-revision, vc-branch-part): Moved to vc.el.
      (vc-backend): Renamed from vc-backend-deduce.  Callers changed.
      (vc-match-substring, vc-lock-file, vc-parse-buffer, vc-master-info):
      (vc-log-info, vc-consult-rcs-headers, vc-fetch-properties):
      (vc-backend-subdirectory-name, vc-locking-user, vc-true-locking-user):
      (vc-latest-version, vc-your-latest-version, vc-branch-version):
      (vc-workfile-version): Functions moved here from vc.el.
      (vc-log-info): Log program is no longer called through vc-do-command,
      to avoid including the lengthy vc-do-command here.  It is done
      directly through call-process now.  Removed obsolete parameter LAST.
      (vc-status): Replaced by the much simpler version that gets the
      information from the file properties.  Removed the obsolete
      parameter vc-type.
      (vc-parse-buffer): changed format of PATTERNS.  Each pattern is now a
      list of 2 to 3 elements, the first being the pattern, the remaining
      ones the numbers of subexpressions to refer to.
      (vc-cvs-status): New per-file property, only used in the CVS case.
      (vc-cvs-status): New function.
      (vc-log-info): Adapted to new version of vc-parse-buffer
      (vc-fetch-properties): Adapted to new version of vc-parse-buffer.
      Better search regexp for CVS latest version.
      (vc-log-info): Search for branch version only in the RCS case,
      since this doesn't make sense for SCCS or CVS.
      (vc-fetch-properties): CVS case: set vc-cvs-status.
      (vc-locking-user): CVS case: use vc-cvs-status to determine if
      the file is up-to-date, thus avoiding an expensive call to
      (vc-mode-line): Re-activated the code that makes the buffer read-only
      if the work file is unchanged.  But the status of the work file
      is now determined by looking at the already-computed mode string.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (vc-buffer-backend): New function. · f2ee4191
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Also new variable, local in all buffers.
      (vc-kill-buffer-hook): Kill local vc-buffer-backend.
      (vc-kill-buffer-hook): Don't put it on kill-buffer-hook.
      (vc-file-clearprops): Function moved here.
      (vc-workfile-version): Function moved here.
      (vc-mode-line): Don't call vc-locking-user.
      Add branch support for RCS;  treat CVS more like RCS and SCCS.
      (vc-occurences, vc-trunk-p, vc-branch-p, vc-minor-revision)
      (vc-branch-part): new functions that operate on RCS revision numbers.
      (vc-status): Use the new property vc-workfile-version
      and vc-locking-user (see vc.el).  Display "locking state" for CVS.
      (vc-find-cvs-master): Search for file name case-sensitively, store
      version number into the new property vc-workfile-version.
      (vc-find-file-hook): kill any remaining properties.  Like this,
      when re-finding a file (for example because it has changed on disk),
      the version control state gets re-computed.
      (vc-mode-line): CVS case: make the buffer read-only if the file
      is unmodified.
      (vc-kill-buffer-hook): Clear file's vc props when buffer is killed.
  24. 15 Dec, 1994 1 commit
  25. 09 Nov, 1994 1 commit
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  27. 03 Oct, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (vc-status): Handle CVS. · 174edc13
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (vc-find-cvs-master): New function.
      (vc-master-templates): Add vc-find-cvs-master.
      (vc-registered): Allow vc-master-templates to contain atoms, and
      call them with dirname and basename as arguments.
      (vc-mode-line): Use equal, not string-equal, to
      compare the result of vc-locking-user.
  28. 22 Sep, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (vc-menu-map): Set up menu items. · 624c0e9d
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (vc-status): Use vc-path when calling prs.
      (vc-status): New arg vc-type.
      (vc-file-not-found-hook): Use save-excursion.
      (vc-status): Renamed from vc-rcs-status.  Handle SCCS.
      (vc-display-status): Renamed from vc-rcs-status.
      (vc-mode-line): Call vc-status for SCCS files too.
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