1. 10 May, 1993 1 commit
  2. 09 May, 1993 1 commit
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      The GNU coding standards specify that CFLAGS should be left for · e4474817
      Jim Blandy authored
      	users to set.
      	* Makefile.in (CFLAGS): Let configure determine the default value
      	for this.  Don't
      	have it default to DEFS.
      	(${SUBDIR}): Pass CFLAGS down to submakes, not DEFS.
      	(lib-src/Makefile, src/Makefile): Edit the default value for
      	CFLAGS into these files, not DEFS.
      	* configure.in (CFLAGS): Choose a default value for this - "-g"
      	normally, or "-g -O" if we're using GCC.  Edit it into the
      	top-level Makefile.
      	* configure.in: When scanning the machine and system description
      	#include files, write their names to conftest.c properly.
      	* configure.in: In configuration name case for Apallos running
      	Domainios, set opsys, not opsysfile.
      	* configure.in: Use the autoconf AC_CONFIG_HEADER macro to produce
      	src/config.h, instead of AC_OUTPUT; the latter overwrites
      	src/config.h even when it hasn't changed, puts a makefile-style
      	comment at the top even though it's C code, and produces a
      	config.status script which doesn't do the job right.
      	* configure.in: Add AC_LN_S test, so we can tell whether or not we
      	can use a symbolic link to get the X Menu library into src.
      	* Makefile.in (LN_S): New variable.
      	(src/Makefile): Edit the value of LN_S into this makefile.
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  5. 03 May, 1993 1 commit
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      * configure.in: Use the AC_PROG_CPP macro, and then use the CPP · c5f67786
      Jim Blandy authored
      	variable to scan the machine and system description files.
      	* configure.in: Use the AC_HAVE_HEADERS to check for sys/timeb.h,
      	so that getdate.y builds correctly.
      	* configure.in (tempcname): Change this to "conftest.c", so it will
      	work properly on systems with short filenames; this is the name
      	autoconf uses.
      	* configure.in: Also detect the availability of dup2 and
      	* configure.in: Use the AC_ALLOCA test.
      	* Makefile.in (ALLOCA): New variable, to be set by ./configure.
      	(lib-src/Makefile): Edit the value of ALLOCA into lib-src/Makefile.
      	* Makefile.in: Add autoconf cookies so that the configure
      	script can comment out sections of path variable definitions to
      	choose between the installable configuration and the run-in-place
      	* configure.in: Add new option `--run-in-place', to select the
      	run-in-place path definitions.
      	* configure.in: Add a clause to the big configuration name case
      	for the NeXT machine.
  6. 10 Apr, 1993 2 commits
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      * configure.in: Don't set CC to "gcc -O" if the user specifies · 8ba83d88
      Jim Blandy authored
      	`--with-gcc'.  Add -O to DEFS if GCC is set.
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      * configure.in: When checking for X windows, search for an X11 · 7d99494c
      Jim Blandy authored
      	subdirectory of ${x_includes}.
      	* configure.in: Check for gettimeofday function, for getdate.y.
              Change `configure' to a mixture of custom code and autoconf stuff.
      	autoconf can't derive all the information we need, but we'd really
      	like to be able to take advantage of some of its tests, and its
      	file-editing facilities.
      	* configure.in: Renamed from configure.
      	Quote the sections of shell script we want copied literally to
      	the configure script.
      	(compile): Initialize this to make the autoconf macros' code happy.
      	Use AC_PROG_CC, AC_CONST, and AC_RETSIGTYPE instead of writing out
      	code to do their jobs.
      	Use autoconf to produce Makefile and src/config.h.
      	Remove the Makefile-style comment that autoconf places at the top
      	of src/config.h.
      	(config_h_opts): Removed - no longer necessary.
      	* Makefile.in (configname): Renamed to configuration.
      	(CONFIG_CFLAGS): Renamed to DEFS.
      	(CC, DEFS, C_SWITCH_SYSTEM, version, configuration): Adjusted to
      	get values via autoload @cookies@.
      	(libsrc_libs): Get this from autoconf.  We used to do nothing
      	about this.
      	(${SUBDIR}): Pass DEFS to submakes instead of CONFIG_CFLAGS.
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  8. 25 Mar, 1993 3 commits
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      Fix typo in source for `configure.tmp.$$.c'. · f071c05a
      Jim Blandy authored
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      Arrange for C compilation throughout the tree to get · 80afd15e
      Jim Blandy authored
      	C_SWITCH_SYSTEM from the configuration files.
      	* configure: Extract C_SWITCH_SYSTEM from the machine and
      	system-dependent files, and save it in the top-level Makefile.
      	* Makefile.in (C_SWITCH_SYSTEM): New flag for configure to edit.
      	(lib-src/Makefile): Edit C_SWITCH_SYSTEM into lib-src/Makefile.
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      * configure: Doc fix. · b0209e18
      Jim Blandy authored
      	* configure: Fix corrupted config_h_opts.
      	* configure: Properly report option names in error messages.
      	* configure: Properly recognize --x-includes and --x-libraries
      	* configure: Fix syntax errors in code handling XFree386.
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      * configure: Don't make the top-level Makefile read-only - people · e94740ce
      Jim Blandy authored
      	may want to edit the values of the path variables.
      	Make path specification conform to GNU coding standards.
      	* configure (long_usage): Remove all traces of old arguments from
      	usage messages, and document the options we do accept in more
      	detail: -with-x... and --srcdir.
      	(options, boolean_opts): Deleted; we don't have enough options to
      	make this worthwhile.
      	(prefix, bindir, lisppath, datadir, libdir, lockdir): Deleted,
      	along with the code which supported them; these should be set as
      	arguments to the top-level make.
      	(config_h_opts): Since this no longer doubles as a list of option
      	names, make them upper case; this simplifies the code which uses
      	them to build the sed command to edit src/config.h.  Change the
      	code which sets them.
      	(cc, g, O): Don't allow the user to set these using options; they
      	should be specified using `CC=' and `CFLAGS=' arguments to the
      	top-level make.  Just choose reasonable default values for them,
      	and edit them into Makefile.in's default CC and CONFIG_CFLAGS
      	(gnu_malloc, rel_alloc): Don't allow the user to set these using
      	options; use them whenever the configuration files say they're
      	Simplify the argument processing loop.  Don't accept abbreviations
      	for option names; these might conflict with other configuration
      	options in the future.
      	Add some support for the `--srcdir' option.  Check for the sources
      	in . and .. if `--srcdir' is omitted.  If the directories we will
      	compile in don't exist yet, create them under the current directory.
      	Note that the rest of the build process doesn't really support
      	Edit only the top Makefile.  That should edit the others.  Edit
      	into the makefile: `version', from lisp/version.el, `configname'
      	and `srcdir' from the configuration arguments, `CC' and
      	`CONFIG_CFLAGS' as guessed from the presence or absence of GCC in
      	the user's path, and LOADLIBES as gleaned from the system
      	description files.
      	Simplify the report generated; it doesn't need to include any
      	description of paths now.
      	Make `config.status' exec configure instead of just calling it, so
      	there's no harm in overwriting `config.status'.
      	* Makefile.in (version, configname): New variables, used to choose
      	the default values for datadir and libdir.
      	Path variables rearranged into two clearer groups:
      	- In the first group are the variables specified by the GNU coding
      	  standards (prefix, bindir, datadir, statedir, libdir, mandir,
      	  manext, infodir, and srcdir).
      	- In the second are the variables actually used for Emacs's paths
      	  (lispdir, locallisppath, lisppath, buildlisppath, etcdir, lockdir,
      	  archlibdir), which depend on the first category.
      	datadir and libdir default to directories under
      	${prefix}/lib/emacs instead of ${prefix}/emacs, by popular
      	etcdir and lispdir default to subdirectories of datadir.
      	archlibdir defaults to libdir.
      	The new installation tree is a bit deeper than it used to be, so
      	use the new make-path program in lib-src to build them all.
      	Always build a new src/paths.h.tmp and then move-if-change it to
      	src/paths.h, to avoid unnecessary rebuilds while responding to the
      	right changes.
      	Remove all mention of arch-lib.  Run utility commands from
      	lib-src, and let the executables be copied into archlibdir when
      	Emacs is installed.
      	Add targets for src/Makefile, lib-src/Makefile, and
      	oldXMenu/Makefile, editing the values of the path variables into
      	Let lib-src do its own installation.
      	(datadir): Default to putting data files under
      	${prefix}/lib/emacs/${version}, not /usr/local/emacs.
      	(emacsdir): Variable deleted; it would only be confusing to use.
      	(lispdir, etcdir): Default to ${datadir}/lisp.
      	(mkdir): Use make-path for this.
      	(lockdir): Do this in mkdir.
      	(Makefile): New target.
      	* configure (usage_message): Rename to long_usage.
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