1. 02 Mar, 2008 2 commits
  2. 01 Mar, 2008 31 commits
  3. 29 Feb, 2008 7 commits
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      (Help Files): Move describe-gnu-project to C-h g. · 087a8fdc
      Kim F. Storm authored
      Move describe-distribution to C-h C-o.
      Move view-emacs-problems to C-h C-p.
      Add view-emacs-debugging on C-h C-d.
      Add view-external-packages on C-h C-e.
      Add view-order-manuals on C-h C-m.
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      Add header line. · 5e14abf8
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      (cua-remap-control-v) · 88fc71a7
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (cua-remap-control-z): New defcustoms.
      (cua-mode): Add them to set-after property.
      (cua--init-keymaps): Use them.
      Add C-x/C-c home, end, next, and prior to cua--prefix-repeat-keymap.
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      *** empty log message *** · ac1818b5
      Kim F. Storm authored
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      (view-emacs-todo): Rename from view-todo. · 7b01c8d7
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (describe-gnu-project): Rename from describe-project.  Users changed.
      (view-help-file): New helper function.
      (describe-distribution, describe-copying, describe-gnu-project)
      (view-todo, view-order-manuals, view-emacs-problems): Use it.
      (view-emacs-debugging, view-external-packages): New commands.
      (help-map): Move describe-distribution to C-h C-o (ordering).
      Move view-emacs-problems to C-h C-p (problems).
      Bind view-emacs-debugging to C-h C-d (debugging).
      Bind view-external-packages to C-h C-e (extras).
      (help-for-help-internal): Cleanup and align descriptions.
      Remove command names to reduce clutter.
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      *** empty log message *** · 4a6c8615
      Kim F. Storm authored