1. 17 Oct, 1999 7 commits
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      (Fconstrain_to_field): Make sure we don't violate the · 0daf6e8d
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      argument preconditions of find_before_next_newline in the case
      where both ONLY_IN_LINE and ESCAPE_FROM_EDGE are set and OLD_POS
      was indeed at the edge.
      (text_property_eq, text_property_stickiness): Don't
      use initializers for auto variables of type Lisp_Object.
      (find_field): Likewise.  Use braces around nested ifs.
      (Fline_end_position): Store the raw eol in a variable, so that the
      final expression doesn't look so ugly.
      (Fconstrain_to_field): Doc fix.
      (preceding_pos): Renamed from `preceeding_pos'.
      (text_property_stickiness, find_field): Call preceding_pos,
      not preceeding_pos.
      (Ffield_string_no_properties): New function.
      (text_property_stickiness, preceeding_pos): New functions.
      (Ffield_string): Remove PROPS parameter.
      (find_field): Add MERGE_AT_BOUNDARY parameter.
      Rewrite to use stickiness of `field' property to resolve
      ambiguous cases.
      (Ffield_beginning, Ffield_end): Add ESCAPE_FROM_EDGE parameter.
      (Fconstrain_to_field): Likewise.
      (syms_of_editfns): Init Sfield_string_no_properties.
      (Ffield_string, Ferase_field, Ffield_end):
      Supply new MERGE_AT_BOUNDARY argument to find_field.
      (Fline_beginning_position, Fline_end_position): Supply new
      ESCAPE_FROM_EDGE parameter to Fconstrain_to_field.
      Pass a value of Qt for the ONLY_IN_LINE argument to
      Fconstrain_to_field (only matters if N != 1).
      (Fconstrain_to_field): Add get/set-current-point
      behavior when NEW_POS is nil.
      (find_field): Use XSETFASTINT instead of make_number.
      (Qfield): New variable.
      (find_field, Ferase_field, Ffield_string,
      Ffield_beginning, Ffield_end, Fconstrain_to_field): New functions.
      (Fline_beginning_position, Fline_end_position): Constrain to any field.
      (make_buffer_string_both): Remove minibuffer-prompt hack.
      (syms_of_editfns): Initialize Qfield, and subr entries for
      field functions above.
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    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (Fget_buffer_create, Fmake_indirect_buffer, Fkill_buffer): · c0d9a0c3
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      Don't initialize prompt_end_charpos field.
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      (forward-sentence, forward-paragraph): · 17cca868
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      When constraining the final position to the current field,
      don't use the ONLY-IN-LINE mode of constrain-to-field.
      (forward-sentence): Likewise.
      (forward-paragraph, forward-sentence): Likewise.
      (backward-kill-paragraph, backward-kill-sentence): Remove code to
      constrain the kill to an field, as the movement commands now
      do this.
      Remove minibuffer-prompt hack.
      Constrain to any input field.
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      Doc fixes. · a4d1159b
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (previous-matching-history-element, next-history-element):
      Change to work correctly even if the point is in the prompt.
      (choose-completion-string): Likewise.
      (minibuffer-prompt-width): New function (compatibility with old subr).
      (line-move): Supply new ESCAPE-FROM-EDGE argument to
      (line-move): Use constrain-to-field to avoid
      moving into a prompt.
      (previous-complete-history-element): Clarify doc string.
      (next-complete-history-element): Likewise.
      Use field-beginning instead of point-min.
      (next-matching-history-element): Use field-beginning and
      erase-field instead of point-min and erase-buffer.
      (previous-matching-history-element): Get the
      minibuffer input with field-string instead of buffer-string.
      (choose-completion-string): Likewise.
      (next-history-element): Likewise.
      Erase the minibuffer input with erase-field, not erase-buffer.
      Use field-beginning to find the beginning of the input.
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      (completion-ignored-extensions): Added ".sparcf" · ff69e012
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      for CMUCL on sparc and ".ufsl" for LispWorks.
      (bound-and-true-p): Bugfix: free variable `v'.
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      # · c4dcdc9c
      Dave Love authored
  2. 16 Oct, 1999 9 commits
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      (edebug-install-read-eval-functions) · faa5fa58
      Dave Love authored
      (edebug-uninstall-read-eval-functions): Use load-read-function,
      avoiding elisp-eval.
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      *** empty log message *** · 3f6f7508
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (enum save_restore_action): New. · 43b4a21f
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (save_restore_orig_size): Change parameter list.  Add
      functionality to check for valid orig_top and orig_height members
      in a window tree.
      (grow_mini_window): Call save_restore_orig_size with new parameter
      (shrink_mini_window): Restore old window sizes only if old
      size information is valid in all windows in a window tree.
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      (bat-generic-mode-keymap): Added thio variable · 01fdb1dd
      Peter Breton authored
      (bat-generic-mode-compile): Added this function
      (bat-generic-mode-run-as-comint): Added this function
    • Peter Breton's avatar
      Added new InstallShield keywords. · ffe0c7ef
      Peter Breton authored
      Change font-lock-reference-face to font-lock-constant-face throughout.
      (resolve-conf-generic-mode): Added this mode.
      (named-database-generic-mode): Added this mode.
      (named-boot-generic-mode): Added this mode.
      (apache-conf-generic-mode): Added Directories and Locations to imenu-generic-expression.
      (generic-define-mswindows-modes): Added apache-conf-generic-mode and apache-log-generic-mode.
      (generic-define-unix-modes): Added apache-conf-generic-mode and apache-log-generic-mode.
      (apache-conf-generic-mode): This new mode replaces apache-generic-mode.
      (apache-log-generic-mode): Added this generic-mode
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      (locate-in-alternate-database): Added this function · 83346ee8
      Peter Breton authored
      (locate): Added locate-post-command-hook.
      (locate-prompt-for-command): Added this variable.
      (locate): If locate-prompt-for-command is set, prompt for a command
        to run to populate the locate buffer as the default behavior.
      (locate-update): Add prefix arg to locate call.
      (locate-with-filter): Add prefix arg to locate call.
      (locate): Add prefix arg. If set, the function prompts the user
      (locate-mouse-face): No longer needed.
      (locate-mode): Setup `dired-subdir-alist' cleanly using `dired-alist-add-1'.
      (locate-set-properties): Set properties cleanly using
      `dired-insert-set-properties', giving dired like output.
        for a command to run instead of the default one.
      (locate-grep-history-list): Added this variable.
      (locate-with-filter): Use locate-grep-history-list instead of grep-history.
      (locate-filter-output): filter is not regexp-quoted.
      (locate-mode-map): Added keybinding for locate-find-directory.
        Changed keybinding for "U" from dired-unmark-all-files-no-query
        to dired-unmark-all-files.
      (locate-find-directory): Added this function.
      (locate-find-directory-other-window): Added this function.
      (locate-get-dirname): Added this function.
      (locate-mouse-view-file): Renamed mouse-locate-view-file to this name.
    • Peter Breton's avatar
      (find-dired-find-program): Added this variable. · d9823c3c
      Peter Breton authored
      (find-dired): Use find-dired-find-program instead of "find".
    • Peter Breton's avatar
      (whois-server-name): Changed to rs.internic.net · 552a8132
      Peter Breton authored
      (nslookup-mode): Now implemented as a derived mode.
      (ftp-mode): Now implemented as a derived mode.
      (dig): Added this function.
      (dig-program): Added this variable.
  3. 15 Oct, 1999 6 commits
  4. 14 Oct, 1999 18 commits