1. 13 Feb, 2002 5 commits
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (QCpropertize): New variable. · 0fcf414f
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (mode_line_proptrans_alist): New variable.
      (display_mode_element): New arg PROPS; all calls changed.
      Implement this, for strings.
      Handle literal output of strings by sharing the
      main-line code for strings, using local var `literal'.
      Handle :propertize feature.
      (syms_of_xdisp): Initialze and staticpro QCpropertize and
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (define-mail-abbrev): Define as system abbrev. · 8fad672b
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (mail-abbrev-in-expansion-header-p): Copy the code of mail-header-end
      to avoid needing sendmail.el at run time.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (mode-line-minor-mode-keymap): Definition moved up. · 5b1d5e63
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Initialization moved up too.
      (mode-line-modes): Use :propertize.
      (mode-line-mode-menu-keymap): Var deleted.
      (mode-line-copied-mode-name): Var deleted.
      (mode-line-mode-name): Function deleted.
      (mode-line-mode-menu): Each item now shows its mode line lighter.
      (minor-mode-alist): Don't call propertize here.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (maybe_bootstrap): Do `exit 1'. · 0635d9fa
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (all): Don't depend on maybe_bootstrap here.
      (${SUBDIR}): Depend on it here instead.
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      regenerated · b9d9655c
      Miles Bader authored
  2. 12 Feb, 2002 15 commits
  3. 11 Feb, 2002 14 commits
  4. 10 Feb, 2002 6 commits