1. 25 Mar, 1994 1 commit
  2. 23 Mar, 1994 1 commit
  3. 20 Mar, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (xdialog_show): Delete args x, y. · 99fe880d
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fx_popup_dialog): Don't pass those args; don't compute them.
      Second arg is now just one pane.  Lots of simplification.
      Always start by decoding POSITION arg to get a frame.
      [! USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Put the menu in middle of that frame.
  4. 19 Mar, 1994 2 commits
  5. 18 Mar, 1994 2 commits
  6. 14 Mar, 1994 2 commits
  7. 11 Mar, 1994 1 commit
  8. 10 Mar, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Fx_popup_menu): If POSITION is nil, · 101bb4a5
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      don't require an open X connection.
      (single_keymap_panes, keymap_panes, menu_item_enabled_p): New arg NOTREAL.
      (Fx_popup_menu): Pass new arg (1 if POSITION is nil).
      (menu_item_enabled_p): If NOTREAL, always return t.
      (single_keymap_panes) [!USE_X_TOOLKIT]:
      Append > to item_string if submenu.
      [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Display submenus in Xt style.
      (menu_items): Record where submenus start and end.
      (menu_items_submenu_depth): New variable.
      (init_menu_items): Init it.
      (push_submenu_start, push_submenu_end): New functions.
      (grow_menu_items): New function.
      (push_menu_pane, push_menu_item): Use it.
      (push_menu_pane): Increment menu_items_n_panes only if depth is 0.
      (single_keymap_panes) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Record submenus in menu_items.
      (xmenu_show) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Give submenus to toolkit.
  9. 04 Mar, 1994 2 commits
  10. 03 Mar, 1994 1 commit
  11. 28 Feb, 1994 1 commit
  12. 24 Feb, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Fx_popup_menu): Allow t as position, meaning use mouse pos. · 78589e07
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Allow nil as position, meaning just precompute equiv-key data.
      Mouse events have coords in pixel units.
      (menu_item_equiv_key): Cached equiv-key data is a sublist.
      Most of file rewritten.
      (menu_items, menu_items_*): New variables.
      (MENU_ITEMS_*): New macros.
      (init_menu_items, discard_menu_items, push_menu_pane, push_menu_item)
      (finish_menu_items): New functions.
      (menu_item_enabled_p): New function.
      (keymap_panes, single_keymap_panes): Major rewrite; most args changed.
      (list_of_panes, list_of_items): Major rewrite; most args changed.
      (Fx_popup_menu): Major rewrite.  Now independent of display mechanism.
      No more conditionals here.
      (set_menu_items, free_menu_items): Functions deleted.
      (xmenu_show): Both versions rewritten to work from menu_items
      and to do all the conditionalized things that were in Fx_popup_menu.
      (unread_menu_bar_button, other_menu_bar_item_p): New functions.
      (check_mouse_other_menu_bar): New function.
  13. 21 Feb, 1994 1 commit
  14. 19 Feb, 1994 1 commit
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  21. 04 Feb, 1994 1 commit
  22. 26 Jan, 1994 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      Find lwlib.h and xlwmenuP.h in ../lwlib. · 18686d47
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Reshuffle functions; put new ones in #ifdef USE_X_TOOLKIT.
      (Fx_popup_menu): Add USE_X_TOOLKIT conditional around new decls.
      (string_width): New function.
      (event_is_in_menu_item, map_event_to_object): Likewise.
      (set_menu_items, free_menu_items, popup_selection_callback): Likewise.
      (popup_down_callback, free_menubar_widget_value_tree): Likewise.
      (update_one_frame_psheets, set_frame_menubar): Likewise.
      (Fx_popup_menu, xmenu_show): Handle USE_X_TOOLKIT.
      (dispatch_dummy_expose): New function.
      (XMenu_xpos, XMenu_ypos): Change the values of the constant assignment.
      (xmenu_show): Change the way to make the menubar to redraw itself by
      generating a dummy expose event.
  23. 15 Jan, 1994 1 commit
  24. 10 Sep, 1993 1 commit
  25. 14 Aug, 1993 1 commit
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  31. 10 Apr, 1993 1 commit
  32. 31 Mar, 1993 1 commit
    • Jim Blandy's avatar
      Put interrupt input blocking in a separate file from xterm.h. · 9ac0d9e0
      Jim Blandy authored
      	This isn't specific to X, and it allows us to avoid #including
      	xterm.h in files that don't really have anything to do with X.
      	* blockinput.h: New file.
      	UNBLOCK_INPUT_RESIGNAL): These are now in blockinput.h.
      	(x_input_blocked, x_pending_input): Deleted; there are analogs
      	in blockinput.h called interrupt_input_blocked and
      	* keyboard.c (interrupt_input_blocked, interrupt_input_pending):
      	New variables, used by the macros in blockinput.h.
      	* xterm.c: #include blockinput.h.
      	(x_input_blocked, x_pending_input): Deleted.
      	(XTread_socket): Test and set interrupt_input_blocked and
      	interrupt_input_pending instead of the old variables.
      	* alloc.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c, xmenu.c, xselect.c, keymap.c:
      	#include blockinput.h.
      	* eval.c: #include blockinput.h instead of xterm.h.
      	* keyboard.c: #include blockinput.h.
      	(input_poll_signal): Just test
      	interrupt_input_blocked, instead of testing HAVE_X_WINDOWS and
      	Block the processing of interrupt input while we're manipulating the
      	malloc heap.
      	* alloc.c: (xfree): New function, to make it easy to free things
      	(xmalloc, xrealloc): Block X input while doing the deed.
      	(VALIDATE_LISP_STORAGE, gc_sweep, compact_strings): Use xfree
      	instead of free.
      	(uninterrupt_malloc): New function, to install input-blocking
      	hooks into the GNU malloc routines.
      	* emacs.c [not SYSTEM_MALLOC] (main): Call uninterrupt_malloc
      	on startup.
      	* alloc.c: (make_interval, make_float, Fcons, Fmake_vector,
      	Fmake_symbol, Fmake_marker, make_uninit_string, Fgarbage_collect):
      	Use xmalloc instead of malloc; don't bother to check if out of
      	memory here.
      	(Fgarbage_collect): Call xrealloc instead of realloc.
      	* buffer.c: Use xmalloc and xfree instead of malloc and free;
      	don't bother to check if out of memory here.
      	(Fget_buffer_create): Put BLOCK_INPUT/UNBLOCK_INPUT pair around
      	calls to ralloc routines.
      	* insdel.c: Same.
      	* lisp.h (xfree): New extern declaration.
      	* xfaces.c (xfree): Don't #define this to be free; use the
      	definition in alloc.c.
      	* dispnew.c, doc.c, doprnt.c, fileio.c, lread.c, term.c, xfns.c,
      	xmenu.c, xterm.c: Use xfree instead of free.
      	* hftctl.c: Use xfree and xmalloc instead of free and malloc.
      	* keymap.c (current_minor_maps): BLOCK_INPUT while calling realloc
      	and malloc.
      	* search.c: Since the regexp routines can malloc, BLOCK_INPUT
      	while runing them.  #include blockinput.h.
      	* sysdep.c: #include blockinput.h.  Call xfree and xmalloc instead
      	of free and malloc.  BLOCK_INPUT around routines which we know
      	will call malloc.
      	ymakefile (keyboard.o, keymap.o, search.o, sysdep.o, xfaces.o,
      	xfns.o, xmenu.o, xterm.o, xselect.o, alloc.o, eval.o): Note that
      	these depend on blockinput.h.
  33. 16 Mar, 1993 1 commit
  34. 15 Mar, 1993 1 commit
  35. 12 Mar, 1993 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (xmenu_show): New arg enable_list. · aedaff8d
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (keymap_panes): New arg enables
      (single_keymap_panes): New arg enables.  Fill in its contents.
      (list_of_panes, list_of_items): New arg enables.  Fill in contents.
      (Fx_popup_menu): Pass enable and enable_list args.
      (single_keymap_panes): Set enable flag to -1 if cmd definition is nil.