1. 11 Jan, 2004 5 commits
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      Update copyright. · 1293540e
      Glenn Morris authored
      (view-diary-entries-initially, european-calendar-style): Doc change.
      (calendar-setup): Make defcustom rather than defvar.
      (mark-visible-calendar-date): Initialize temp-face and faceinfo
      in let binding so local to function.
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      (calendar-one-frame-setup) · 091f6920
      Glenn Morris authored
      (calendar-only-one-frame-setup, calendar-two-frame-setup): Doc change.
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      Update copyright. · 6ecab45e
      Glenn Morris authored
      (diary, diary-entry-time): Doc change.
      (list-diary-entries): Doc change.  Trivial logic change.
      (fancy-diary-display): Restore make-face command mistakenly
      deleted 2003-05-08.
      (show-all-diary-entries): Allow to pop-up frame if needed.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Update copyright and commentary. · 8d638c1b
      Glenn Morris authored
      (appt-issue-message): Delete (see appt-activate).
      (appt-visible, appt-msg-window): Make obsolete, in favour of
      (appt-display-mode-line, appt-display-duration)
      (appt-display-diary, appt-time-msg-list, appt-mode-string)
      (appt-prev-comp-time, appt-display-count, appt-timer)
      (appt-convert-time): Doc change.
      (appt-disp-window-function, appt-delete-window-function): Use
      defcustom rather than defvar.
      (appt-display-format): New variable.
      (appt-display-message): New function with display code from
      (appt-check): Add optional FORCE argument.  Doc change.  Add
      appt-make-list to diary-hook if displaying diary.  Remove
      checking of view-diary-entries-initially.  Message
      display section removed to new function appt-display-message.
      (appt-display-window): Doc change.  Remove unused internal var
      this-buffer.  Do not beep, since appt-display-message does that.
      (appt-make-list): Doc change.  Use caar.
      (appt-sort-list): Simplify by using builtin sort function.
      (appt-update-list): New function for updating appts when diary is
      (appt-activate): New autoloaded function to toggle package
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * alloc.c (allocate_vectorlike): Surround calls to mallopt with · de7515d6
      Jan Djärv authored
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