1. 07 Mar, 1998 1 commit
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      Some comment, doc and bug fixes. · 12b88fff
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ps-print-version): New version number (3.06) and doc fix.
      (ps-print-only-one-header, ps-font-type): New var.
      (ps-font-info-database): Better font database management.
      (ps-error-scale-font, ps-select-header-font): Funs eliminated.
      (ps-font, ps-font-bold, ps-font-italic, ps-font-bold-italic)
      (ps-avg-char-width, ps-space-width, ps-line-height)
      (ps-header-font, ps-header-title-font, ps-header-line-height)
      (ps-header-title-line-height): Vars eliminated.
      (ps-font-list, ps-font, ps-fonts, ps-font-number, ps-line-height)
      (ps-title-line-height, ps-space-width, ps-avg-char-width,): New funs.
      (ps-print-prologue-1): Adjust PostScript programming.
      (ps-color-format): Doc indentation.
      (ps-print-hook, ps-print-begin-page-hook, ps-print-begin-column-hook):
      New hook vars.
      (ps-spool-without-faces, ps-spool-with-faces): Run hook var.
      (ps-line-lengths-internal, ps-nb-pages, ps-select-font)
      (ps-get-page-dimensions, ps-begin-file, ps-end-file, ps-header-page)
      (ps-begin-page, ps-dummy-page, ps-next-line, ps-continue-line)
      (ps-basic-plot-string, ps-basic-plot-whitespace, ps-plot-region)
      (ps-control-character, ps-color-values, ps-generate): Adjust programming.
      (ps-page-number): New macro.
      (ps-plot-with-face, ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Fix invisible
      text printing.
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