1. 05 Aug, 2002 7 commits
  2. 04 Aug, 2002 4 commits
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      2002-08-04 Andrew Choi <akochoi@shaw.ca> · 44fab9c1
      Andrew Choi authored
              * macterm.c (XTread_socket): Check that FrontNonFloatingWindow
              returns a valid window pointer before proceeding for keyDown and
              autoKey events.
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      Version 2.0.10 released. · fabf2143
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-uudecode): New shell function `tramp_uudecode' to decode to
      standard output even if `uudecode -p' and `uudecode -o -' don't
      (tramp-post-connection): After finding the right shell, wait a
      bit.  This is a kludge to avoid a race condition, even though I
      don't understand why there is a race condition in the first place.
      (tramp-post-connection): Install the `tramp_uudecode' shell
      function on the remote host.
      (tramp-coding-commands): Add an alternative for `tramp_uudecode'.
      (tramp-bug): Include more variables in the report.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.9 released. · 89509ea0
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-bug): Add wording about additional info to include in bug
      (tramp-find-shell): Set $PS1 for invocation of second shell (for
      tilde expansion).
      (tramp-find-shell): Shell prompt must match at end of buffer.  Do
      this also for fallback shell prompt.
      (tramp-find-shell): More debugging output.
      (tramp-find-inline-encoding): When checking the decoding command,
      some commands fail when reading from /dev/null.  So we pass a
      known string through the encoding command and pass that through
      the decoding command.  So we know whether the decoding command can
      deal with some real input.
  3. 03 Aug, 2002 8 commits
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      In src: · 742fbed7
      Andrew Choi authored
      2002-08-03  Andrew Choi  <akochoi@shaw.ca>
              * macterm.c (USE_CARBON_EVENTS): New macro.
              (macCtrlKey, macShiftKey, macMetaKey, macAltKey): New macros.
              (x_iconify_frame): Call CollapseWindow.
              (Vmac_reverse_ctrl_meta): New variable.
              (Vmac_wheel_button_is_mouse_2): New variable.
              (init_mac_drag_n_drop): New function.
              (mac_do_receive_drag): New function.
              (mac_handle_service_event): New function.
              (init_service_handler): New function.
              (mac_to_emacs_modifiers): New function.
              (mac_event_to_emacs_modifiers): New function.
              (mac_get_mouse_btn): New function.
              (mac_convert_event_ref): New function.
              (XTread_socket) [USE_CARBON_EVENTS]: Call ReceiveNextEvent,
              SendEventToEventTarget, mac_event_to_emacs_modifiers, and
              (mac_initialize): Call init_mac_drag_n_drop and
              * keyboard.c: Define Qmouse_wheel, mouse_wheel_syms, and
              lispy_mouse_wheel_names for MAC_OSX as well as for WINDOWS_NT.
              (kbd_buffer_get_event): Set used_mouse_menu for MENU_BAR_EVENT and
              TOOL_BAR_EVENT for MAC_OS as well.
              (make_lispy_event): Handle MOUSE_WHEEL_EVENT for MAC_OSX as well
              as for WINDOWS_NT.
              (syms_of_keyboard): Initialize Qmouse_wheel for MAC_OSX.
              * termhooks.h (event_kind): Define MOUSE_WHEEL_EVENT also for
      In lisp:
      2002-08-03  Andrew Choi  <akochoi@shaw.ca>
              * term/mac-win.el: Set keys to enable mouse wheel support.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.8. · 36541701
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-encode): Double the backslashes.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (f90-font-lock-keywords-1): Simplify `type' value a little. · eb9f0295
      Glenn Morris authored
      (f90-type-def-re): Simplify value a little.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.7. · fa32e96a
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-perl-encode-with-module, tramp-perl-decode-with-module)
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-decode): Escape `%' characters
      because of `format' and say so in the docstring.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (f90-font-lock-keywords-1): Fix highlighting of `type' forms. · 6fb453e1
      Glenn Morris authored
      (f90-font-lock-keywords-2): Fix highlighting of `implicit type(foo)' forms.
      (f90-type-def-re): Fix value.
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (forward_to_next_line_start): Fix a condition that · db0bb807
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      lead to a newline being skipped.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.6. · b1d06e75
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-default-method): Change to "ssh" from "sm".
      (tramp-wrong-passwd-regexp): Restructure.  Add additional
      (tramp-su-program): New internal variable for method parameter.
      (tramp-perl-encode-with-module, tramp-perl-decode-with-module):
      New variables.  Very short Perl one-liner, but requires Perl
      module MIME::Base64 to be installed on the remote site.
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-decode): New base64
      encoder/decoder.  From Juanma Barranquero <lektu@terra.es>.
      (tramp-handle-file-truename): Invoke Ange-FTP properly (even
      though Ange-FTP doesn't do anything for this operation).
      (tramp-handle-set-visited-file-modtime): Comment change.
      (tramp-handle-make-directory): Save-excursion.
      (tramp-handle-expand-many-files): Don't try to invoke Ange-FTP
      twice, once is enough.
      (tramp-action-permission-denied): Show *tramp/foo* buffer so the
      user knows what's wrong.
      (tramp-post-connection): Support the two Perl encoders and
      (tramp-coding-commands): Ditto.  Add some todo items.
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  5. 01 Aug, 2002 12 commits
  6. 31 Jul, 2002 2 commits