1. 29 Aug, 2014 3 commits
  2. 25 Aug, 2014 1 commit
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Implement locale-sensitive string collation for MS-Windows. (Bug#18051) · 015ea0ff
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/w32proc.c (get_lcid_callback, get_lcid, w32_compare_strings):
       New functions.
       src/w32.h (w32_compare_strings): Add prototype.
       src/w32.c <g_b_init_compare_string_w>: New global flag.
       (globals_of_w32): Initialize it.
       src/sysdep.c (str_collate) [WINDOWSNT]: Implementation for MS-Windows.
       src/fns.c (Fstring_collate_lessp, Fstring_collate_equalp)
       [WINDOWSNT]: Call str_collate on MS-Windows.
       etc/NEWS: Mention that string-collate-* functions are supported on
       MS-Windows as well.
  3. 24 Aug, 2014 1 commit
  4. 21 Jul, 2014 2 commits
  5. 20 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar
      Make python.el work with IPython automatically. · b06a0dff
      Fabián Ezequiel Gallina authored
      * lisp/progmodes/python.el:
      (python-shell-completion-setup-code): New value supporting iPython.
      (python-shell-completion-string-code): New value supporting iPython.
      (python-shell-completion-get-completions): Use them.
      (python-shell-completion-module-string-code): Make obsolete.
      (python-shell-prompt-output-regexps): Add safeguard for ipdb.
      (python-shell-output-filter): Fix comment typo.
      * test/automated/python-tests.el:
      (python-util-clone-local-variables-1): Fix test.
      Fixes: debbugs:15510
  6. 11 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  7. 08 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      * lisp/vc/vc-annotate.el (vc-annotate-background-mode): New defcustom. · b89e78fd
      Juri Linkov authored
      (vc-annotate-color-map): Use less saturated colors (20%) for
      (vc-annotate-very-old-color): Add default value for background-mode.
      (vc-annotate-background): Set default value to nil since now text on
      the default backgrounds should be legible in light and dark modes.
      (vc-annotate-lines): Use `vc-annotate-background-mode'.  Doc fix.
      Fixes: debbugs:17808
  8. 07 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Luke Lee's avatar
      HideIfDef mode bug fixes and enhancements. This is #3 of 3 patches based · 2c578850
      Luke Lee authored
      on the completed work posted on http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/HideIfDef.
      - Add macro evaluation function and key binding for a marked region.
      - Merge continuous "..." lines into one.
      - Fix old hideif bugs that fail to hide the correct #elif regions
      - Support hide/show commands in a marked region.
      - Expand top level for .h files to prevent re-inclusion protection.
      - Change maintainer.
      * lisp/progmodes/hideif.el (hide-ifdef-env): Change to global.
      (hide-ifdef-env-backup): New variable.
      (hide-ifdef-expand-reinclusion-protection, hide-ifdef-header-regexp):
      New customizable variables.
      (hif-clear-all-ifdef-defined): New defun.
      (hif-merge-ifdef-region, hide-ifdef-region-internal, hide-ifdef-region)
      (hif-show-ifdef-region): Merge hidden regions to prevent continuous "...".
      (hif-tokenize): Fix for MS-DOS/Win EOL style.
      (hif-endif-to-ifdef, hif-make-range, hif-find-range, hif-possibly-hide):
      Fix bug to hide the correct #elif region(s).
      (hif-range-elif): New defun.
      (hif-recurse-level): New var.
      (hif-evaluate-region, hif-evaluate-macro): New defun.
      (hide-ifdef-guts): Prevent reinclusion protected C/C++ headers from
      fully hidden.
      (hide-ifdef-define, hide-ifdefs, hide-ifdef-block, show-ifdef-block):
      Better interaction.
  9. 04 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Minor updates in etc/TODO and etc/NEWS. · c247c775
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       etc/TODO: Remove items that were already done.  Rearrange a few
       items that are closely related.  Update a couple of items with new
       etc/NEWS: Mention 'network-interface-list' and 'network-interface-info'
       being available on MS-Windows.
  10. 03 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  11. 30 Jun, 2014 2 commits
    • Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar
    • Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar
      New if-let, when-let, thread-first and thread-last macros. · c08f8be2
      Fabián Ezequiel Gallina authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/subr-x.el
      (internal--listify, internal--check-binding)
      (internal--build-binding-value-form, internal--build-binding)
      (internal--build-bindings): New functions.
      (internal--thread-argument, thread-first, thread-last)
      (if-let, when-let): New macros.
      * test/automated/subr-x-tests.el
      (subr-x-test-if-let-malformed-binding, subr-x-test-if-let-true)
      (subr-x-test-if-let-false, subr-x-test-if-let-bound-references)
      (subr-x-test-when-let-true, subr-x-test-when-let-false)
      (subr-x-test-thread-last-expansion): New tests.
  12. 26 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  13. 24 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  14. 19 Jun, 2014 2 commits
  15. 17 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/rect.el (rectangle-preview): New custom. · 5139e960
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (rectangle): New group.
      (rectangle--pos-cols): Add `window' argument.
      (rectangle--string-preview-state, rectangle--string-preview-window):
      New vars.
      (rectangle--string-flush-preview, rectangle--string-erase-preview)
      (rectangle--space-to, rectangle--string-preview): New functions.
      (string-rectangle): Use them.
      (rectangle--inhibit-region-highlight): New var.
      (rectangle--highlight-for-redisplay): Obey it.  Make sure
      `apply-on-region' uses the point-crutches of the right window.
      Use :align-to rather than multiple spaces.
  16. 15 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  17. 14 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  18. 13 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  19. 11 Jun, 2014 3 commits
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/rect.el: Make it possible to move bounds past EOL or into TABs. · 7e74ad02
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (operate-on-rectangle): Use apply-on-rectangle.
      (rectangle--mark-crutches): New var.
      (rectangle--pos-cols, rectangle--col-pos, rectangle--point-col)
      (rectangle--crutches, rectangle--reset-crutches): New functions.
      (apply-on-rectangle): Obey crutches.  Avoid setq.
      Fix missing final iteration if end is at EOB&BOL.
      (rectangle-mark-mode-map): Add remap bindings for
      exchange-point-and-mark and char/line movements.
      (rectangle--*-char): New function.
      (rectangle-exchange-point-and-mark, rectangle-right-char)
      (rectangle-left-char, rectangle-forward-char)
      (rectangle-backward-char, rectangle-next-line)
      (rectangle-previous-line): New commands.
      (rectangle--place-cursor): New function.
      (rectangle--highlight-for-redisplay): Use it.  Use apply-on-rectangle.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * etc/NEWS: Relocate entry · b83db3b9
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * configure.ac: Require at least version 3.81 of GNU make. · b12e56ab
      Glenn Morris authored
      It's 8 years old and has some useful features not in older versions.
      * etc/NEWS: Mention this.
  20. 09 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  21. 08 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Doc edits re uniquify · 99d8aedf
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/emacs/buffers.texi (Uniquify): Copyedits.
      * doc/emacs/files.texi (Visiting): Update for uniquify changes.
      * doc/lispref/files.texi (Subroutines of Visiting): Mention uniquify.
      * doc/misc/vip.texi (Files): Defer to Emacs manual for uniquify details.
      * lisp/bookmark.el (bookmark-load): Doc fix.
      * lisp/uniquify.el (uniquify-buffer-name-style): Doc fix.
      * lisp/files.el: Comment.
      * etc/NEWS: Related edit.
  22. 07 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  23. 06 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  24. 05 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Some documentation for signing of packages · e1b3f35f
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/emacs/package.texi (Package Menu, Package Installation):
      Mention signed packages.
      * doc/lispref/package.texi (Package Archives): Mention signing packages.
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-check-signature)
      (package-unsigned-archives): Doc fixes.
      * etc/NEWS: Related edits.
  25. 03 Jun, 2014 2 commits
  26. 02 Jun, 2014 2 commits
  27. 30 May, 2014 1 commit
  28. 29 May, 2014 2 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Do not mention individual ns options in the manual · 6dc6521e
      Glenn Morris authored
      * doc/emacs/macos.texi (Mac / GNUstep Customization): Mention ns custom group.
      (Customization options specific to Mac OS / GNUstep): Remove section.
      * etc/NEWS: Related markup.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/font-lock.el (font-lock-flush, font-lock-ensure): New functions. · 6711a21f
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (font-lock-fontify-buffer): Mark interactive-only.
      (font-lock-multiline, font-lock-fontified, font-lock-set-defaults):
      Make buffer-local.
      (font-lock-specified-p): Remove redundant boundp check.
      (font-lock-flush-function, font-lock-ensure-function): New vars.
      (font-lock-turn-on-thing-lock): Set them.
      (font-lock-default-fontify-buffer): Obey font-lock-dont-widen.
      (font-lock-after-change-function): Make `old-len' optional.
      (font-lock-set-defaults): Remove redundant `set' of font-lock-defaults.
      Call font-lock-flush, just in case.
      * lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-preprocess): Disable workaround in
      recent Emacsen.
      * lisp/progmodes/vera-mode.el (vera-fontify-buffer): Declare obsolete.
      (vera-mode-map, vera-mode-menu): Remove bindings to it.
      * lisp/progmodes/idlw-help.el (idlwave-help-fontify): Use font-lock-ensure
      and with-syntax-table.
      * lisp/textmodes/conf-mode.el (conf-quote-normal):
      * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-set-shell):
      * lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el (prettify-symbols-mode):
      * lisp/progmodes/f90.el (f90-font-lock-n):
      * lisp/progmodes/cwarn.el (cwarn-mode):
      * lisp/nxml/nxml-mode.el (nxml-toggle-char-ref-extra-display):
      * lisp/progmodes/compile.el (compilation-setup, compilation--unsetup):
      * lisp/hi-lock.el (hi-lock-mode, hi-lock-unface-buffer)
      (hi-lock-set-pattern, hi-lock-set-file-patterns): Use font-lock-flush.
      * lisp/mail/rmail.el (rmail-variables): Set font-lock-dont-widen instead of
      font-lock-fontify-buffer-function and
      (rmail-unfontify-buffer-function, rmail-fontify-message):
      Use with-silent-modifications.
      * lisp/htmlfontify.el (hfy-force-fontification): Use jit-lock-fontify-now
      and font-lock-ensure.
      * lisp/bs.el (bs-show-in-buffer): Use font-lock-ensure.
      * lisp/gnus/mm-view.el (mm-display-inline-fontify): Use font-lock-ensure.
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-cite.el (gnus-message-citation-mode): Use font-lock-flush.
      * lisp/org/org-compat.el (org-font-lock-ensure): New function.
      * lisp/org/ox-odt.el (org-odt-do-format-code):
      * lisp/org/ox-html.el (org-html-fontify-code):
      * lisp/org/org.el (org-fontify-like-in-org-mode):
      * lisp/org/org-src.el (org-src-font-lock-fontify-block):
      * lisp/org/org-clock.el (org-clock-get-clocktable): Use it.
      * lisp/org/ox-org.el (org-org-publish-to-org): Use it.  Avoid using find-file
      from Elisp.
      * test/automated/ruby-mode-tests.el (ruby-assert-face): Use font-lock-ensure.
      (ruby-interpolation-keeps-non-quote-syntax): Use syntax-propertize.
  29. 28 May, 2014 2 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Try to document some OS X changes · c7f8fb28
      Glenn Morris authored
      I can't test any of this, but no-one else seems to care, so this is
      what you get.
      * doc/emacs/macos.texi (Mac / GNUstep Customization): Mention some new features.
      * etc/NEWS: Related edits.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * src/callint.c (Ffuncall_interactively): New function. · 0e4857b7
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (Qfuncall_interactively): New var.
      (Qcall_interactively): Remove.
      (Fcall_interactively): Use it.
      (syms_of_callint): Defsubr it.
      * lisp/subr.el (internal--funcall-interactively): New.
      (internal--call-interactively): Remove.
      (called-interactively-p): Detect funcall-interactively instead of
      * lisp/simple.el (repeat-complex-command): Use funcall-interactively.
      (repeat-complex-command--called-interactively-skip): Remove.