1. 02 Jul, 2014 3 commits
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Shrink Lisp_Sub_Char_Table by preferring C integers to Lisp_Objects. · 477daa5b
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * lisp.h (struct Lisp_Sub_Char_Table): Use C integers for depth and
      min_char slots.  Adjust comment.
      (enum char_table_specials): Rename from CHAR_TABLE_STANDARD_SLOTS.
      Add SUB_CHAR_TABLE_OFFSET member.
      (make_uninit_sub_char_table): New function.
      * alloc.c (mark_char_table): Add extra argument to denote char table
      subtype.  Adjust to match new layout of sub char-table.
      (mark_object): Always mark sub char-tables with mark_char_table.
      * chartab.c (make_sub_char_table, copy_sub_char_table)
      (sub_char_table_ref, sub_char_table_ref_and_range, sub_char_table_set)
      (sub_char_table_set_range, optimize_sub_char_table, map_sub_char_table)
      (map_sub_char_table_for_charset, uniprop_table_uncompress):
      All related users changed.
      * lread.c (read1): Adjust to match new layout of sub char-table.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * doc/lispref/keymaps.texi (Key Lookup): Remove mention of indirect entries. · 1dc6f7e7
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (Scanning Keymaps): Reword the `noindirect' argument.
      * src/keymap.c (get_keyelt): Simplify.
      (copy_keymap_item): Remove left-over code for when we had
      key-shortcut caches.
  2. 30 Jun, 2014 3 commits
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      Fix use of deallocated memory. · 98bfa4f1
      Jan Djärv authored
      * nsterm.h (EmacsScroller): Remove dealloc.
      * nsterm.m (judge): EmacsScroller: Move dealloc code here.
      (dealloc): Remove for EmacsScroller.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix bug #17881 with infloop in decoding emacs-mule encoded text. · c6ecf7f2
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/coding.c (MIN_CHARBUF_SIZE): Enlarge to 32.
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      Remove unnecessary redisplays in NS port. · 9c660a18
      Jan Djärv authored
      * nsmenu.m (update_frame_tool_bar): Set wait_for_tool_bar to NO
      when setNeedsDisplay is called so we don't trigger redisplay for every
      tool bar update.
      * nsterm.m (any_help_event_p): New variable.
      (mouseMoved:): Set any_help_event_p to YES if help event is
      generated.  Remove else with empty help event that triggered redisplay
      for every mouse move.
      (windowDidResignKey:): If any_help_event_p, generate empty help
  3. 29 Jun, 2014 2 commits
  4. 28 Jun, 2014 4 commits
  5. 27 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Replace BOOTSTRAPEMACS with an order-only dependence on bootstrap-emacs · da313eca
      Glenn Morris authored
      * Makefile.in (src): No more need to pass BOOTSTRAPEMACS.
      * src/Makefile.in (.el.elc): Replace suffix rule with pattern rule.
      (%.elc): New pattern rule, with order-only prerequisite.
      ($(lisp)): No more need to depend on BOOTSTRAPEMACS.
      ($(lispsource)/loaddefs.el): Use an order-only prerequisite
      in place of BOOTSTRAPEMACS.
      Fixes: debbugs:2151
  6. 26 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  7. 25 Jun, 2014 5 commits
  8. 24 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Be more consistent about the 'Qfoo' naming convention. · 40f5d4b7
      Paul Eggert authored
      * image.c (Fimagemagick_types):
      * lisp.h (lisp_h_CHECK_TYPE, CHECK_TYPE, CHECK_ARRAY):
      * process.c (Fmake_network_process):
      Rename C local identifier 'Qfoo to avoid giving the false
      impression that it stands for the symbol 'foo'.
  9. 23 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Simplify and cleanup character conversion stuff. · 200fc949
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * lisp.h (multibyte_char_to_unibyte, multibyte_char_to_unibyte_safe):
      Remove prototypes.
      * character.c (multibyte_char_to_unibyte)
      (multibyte_char_to_unibyte_safe): Remove; no longer used.
      * character.h (make_char): Remove; unused.
      (CHAR_TO_BYTE8, CHAR_TO_BYTE_SAFE): Simplify.
      (ASCII_BYTE_P): Remove; ASCII_CHAR_P does the same thing.
      * buffer.c, charset.c, charset.h, cmds.c, coding.c, editfns.c:
      * fileio.c, indent.c, insdel.c, keyboard.c, lread.c, print.c:
      * search.c, term.c, xdisp.c, xterm.c: Related users changed.
  10. 22 Jun, 2014 2 commits
    • Mario Lang's avatar
      "the the", "from from" and "and and". · 33848c48
      Mario Lang authored
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * xmenu.c (mouse_position_for_popup): · b0358ef8
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * xselect.c (mouse_position_for_drop): Do not duplicate ...
      * xfns.c (x_relative_mouse_position): ... and prefer this function.
      * menu.c (Fx_popup_menu):
      * xselect.c (x_handle_dnd_message): Adjust users.
      * menu.h (mouse_position_for_popup): Remove prototype.
      * xterm.h (x_relative_mouse_position): Add prototype.
      * xterm.c (x_find_topmost_parent): Break from the loop and do not
      call XFree if XQueryTree returns zero.
  11. 21 Jun, 2014 3 commits
  12. 19 Jun, 2014 3 commits
  13. 18 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix bug #17790 with compilation against giflib 5.1.0 and later. · b86b15b2
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/image.c [5 < GIFLIB_MAJOR + (1 <= GIFLIB_MINOR)]: Declare the
       prototype of DGifCloseFile as appropriate for older and newer
       versions of giflib.
       (gif_close): New function, encapsulates the differences in the
       calling sequence of DGifCloseFile before v5.1.0 and after it.
       (gif_load): Call gif_close instead of DGifCloseFile.  Divulge the
       error string where appropriate.
       lisp/term/w32-win.el (dynamic-library-alist): Support giflib 5.1.0
       and later.
  14. 17 Jun, 2014 5 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Omit redundant extern decls. · 73bfe891
      Paul Eggert authored
      Most of this patch is from Dmitry Antipov, in:
      * configure.ac (WERROR_CFLAGS): Add -Wredundant-decls.
      * lib-src/emacsclient.c (getenv): Remove decl.
      * lib-src/make-docfile.c (write_globals): Add ATTRIBUTE_CONST for
      Fbyteorder, Ftool_bar_height, Fmax_char, Fidentity.
      * lwlib/lwlib-Xm.c (lw_motif_widget_p, xm_update_one_value)
      (xm_create_dialog, xm_destroy_instance, xm_popup_menu)
      (xm_set_keyboard_focus, xm_set_main_areas): Remove decls.
      * src/commands.h (update_mode_lines):
      * src/frame.h (Qbackground_color, Qforeground_color)
      * src/ftfont.c (ftfont_font_format):
      * src/intervals.h (Qkeymap, Qfont):
      * src/keyboard.c (timer_check, safe_run_hooks, Qregion_extract_function):
      * src/lisp.h (Ffboundp, Qnil, Qt, Qlambda, Qintegerp, Qwholenump)
      (Qsymbolp, Qlisp, Qconsp, Qstringp, Qarrayp, Qbufferp, Qmarkerp)
      (Qvectorp, Qbuffer_or_string_p, Qchar_table_p, Qvector_or_char_table_p)
      (Qfloatp, Qnumberp, Qfont_spec, Qfont_entity, Qfont_object)
      (Fbyteorder, wrong_type_argument, Fmax_char, syms_of_composite)
      (Fidentity, extract_float, init_display, syms_of_display, Qdisplay):
      (Qimage, Qbox, redisplay_preserve_echo_area, char_table_ref)
      (char_table_set, char_table_translate, Qautoload, Qbottom, Qtop)
      (Qvisible, Qfont, Qfront_sticky, Qrear_nonsticky, init_sigio)
      (Qtool_bar, Qheader_line):
      * src/macros.c (Fexecute_kbd_macro):
      * src/xdisp.c (Ftool_bar_height, Ftool_bar_height):
      * src/xterm.c (x_delete_terminal, XSetIMValues):
      * src/xterm.h (x_set_window_size, x_query_color, x_get_focus_frame)
      (x_implicitly_set_name, popup_activated)
      Remove redundant decls.
      * src/frame.c [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Include widget.h.
      * src/keyboard.c (Fexit_recursive_edit, Fabort_recursive_edit):
      Remove _Noreturn, as make-docfile now does that for us.
      * src/lisp.h (DEFUN): Don't declare fnname here; rely on make-docfile.
      (Qregion_extract_function): New decl.
      * src/window.c, src/xfns.c: Include menu.h.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * src/callint.c (Fcall_interactively): Fix up last change. · 319e8ddc
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Fixes: debbugs:17701
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * lisp.h (STRING_COPYIN): Remove; unused. · 3e1fc7fb
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * ccl.c (Fccl_execute_on_string):
      * font.c (fon_intern_prop): Use make_specified_string.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * eval.c (toplevel): Remove redundant #include directives. · 67343d1d
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * xterm.c (x_initialize): Add static to match prototype.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * fileio.c (Fread_file_name): Do not pass redundant args and ... · 9dc774d4
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * callint.c (read_file_name): ... convert to static here.
      * lisp.h (Fread_file_name): Do not EXFUN it.
      * composite.c (CHAR_COMPOSABLE_P): Replace unsafe macro with ...
      (char_composable_p): ... static function.  All users changed.
  15. 16 Jun, 2014 3 commits
  16. 15 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make' · 0d9f8137
      Glenn Morris authored
      * Makefile.in: Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make' throughout.
      * lib-src/Makefile.in (../lib/libgnu.a): Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make'.
      * lisp/Makefile.in (leim, semantic): Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make'.
      * lwlib/Makefile.in ($(globals_h)): Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make'.
      * src/Makefile.in: Use `make -C' rather than `cd && make' throughout.
  17. 14 Jun, 2014 1 commit