1. 04 Sep, 2000 4 commits
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      (mouse-major-mode-menu, mouse-popup-menubar): Run · 179fc9ef
      Dave Love authored
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      *** empty log message *** · 54baed30
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (vc-sccs-latest-on-branch-p): Always return t; we · 7a004b71
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      don't support anything else under SCCS yet.
      (vc-sccs-update-changelog): Dummy implementation that
      simply signals an error.
      (vc-sccs-state-heuristic): Use
      (vc-sccs-workfile-unchanged-p): Fix call to
      (vc-sccs-state-heuristic): Don't use file-writable-p.
      (vc-sccs-workfile-unchanged-p): Fix parenthesis.
      (vc-sccs-print-log, vc-sccs-diff): Insert in the current buffer.
      (vc-sccs-workfile-unchanged-p): Rewritten.
      (vc-sccs-diff): Remove optional arg CMP.
      (vc-sccs-state): Call vc-workfile-unchanged-p, not the
      SCCS-specific function.
      (vc-sccs-state): Fix obviously wrong parenthesis.
      (vc-sccs-state-heuristic): Use file-writable-p instead of
      comparing userids.
      (vc-sccs-checkout): Use `unless'.
      (vc-sccs-state): Use with-temp-buffer.
      (vc-sccs-workfile-version): Use with-temp-buffer and new
      vc-parse-buffer and don't bother setting the property.
      (vc-sccs-add-triple): Use with-current-buffer and
      (vc-sccs-lookup-triple): New vc-parse-buffer and turn cond -> if.
       Merge in
      code from vc-sccs-hooks.el.
      (vc-sccs-release, vc-sccs-system-release): Remove.  Don't require
      'vc anymore.
      (vc-sccs-responsible-p): Use expand-file-name instead of concat
      and file-directory-p instead of file-exists-p.
      (vc-sccs-check-headers): Simplify the regexp.
      (vc-sccs-responsible-p, vc-sccs-register): Use
      `vc-sccs-search-project-dir' instead of `vc-sccs-project-dir'.
      (vc-sccs-header): New var.
      (vc-sccs-rename-file): Renamed from
      vc-sccs-record-rename.  Use `find-file-noselect' rather than
      `find-file' and call `vc-rename-master' to do the actual move.
      (vc-sccs-diff): Remove unused `backend' variable.
      (tail): Provide vc-sccs.
      (vc-sccs-checkout): Removed call to
      vc-file-clear-masterprops.  If writable, set vc-state to 'edited
      rather than user login name.
       Require 'vc and 'vc-sccs-hooks.
      (vc-sccs-register-switches): New var, copied off of vc-rcs-hooks.
      (vc-sccs-latest-on-branch-p): Add a `FIXME' for a call to the
      unknown `vc-latest-version' function.  It should probably refer to
      vc-workfile-version or somesuch, but it's very unclear to me and I
      don't have SCCS to test things.
      (vc-sccs-steal-lock): Renamed from `vc-sccs-steal'.
      (vc-BACKEND-responsible-p): New
      (vc-BACKEND-register): Renamed from `vc-BACKEND-admin'.  Removed
      query option.  Redocumented.
      (vc-sccs-diff): Function changed name from
      `vc-backend-diff'.  This makes `vc-diff' work.
      (vc-sccs-release): Doc fix.
      (vc-sccs-admin): Added the query-only option as
      required by the vc.el file.
      (vc-sccs-latest-on-branch-p): Function added.
      (vc-sccs-diff): Function added.
      (vc-sccs-checkout): Added function `vc-sccs-checkout'.
       Require vc when compiling.
      (vc-sccs-print-log, vc-sccs-assign-name, vc-sccs-merge)
      (vc-sccs-check-headers, vc-sccs-steal, vc-sccs-uncheck)
      (vc-sccs-checkin, vc-sccs-logentry-check): New functions (code
      from vc.el).
      (vc-sccs-add-triple, vc-sccs-record-rename)
      (vc-sccs-lookup-triple): Moved from vc.el and renamed.
      (vc-sccs-admin): Doc fix.
      (vc-admin-sccs): Added from vc.el
      Renamed from vc-sccs-backend-release.
      (vc-sccs-release): Moved from vc.el.
      (vc-sccs-backend-release): New function.
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      (custom-set-variables): Print message about errors in · a033ea13
      Dave Love authored
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  10. 26 Aug, 2000 3 commits
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      (face-x-resources): Add entry for :inherit. · a0e5a5a4
      Miles Bader authored
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      (set-face-attribute): · 19feb949
      Miles Bader authored
        Update doc string.
        Add :inherit.
        Handle :inherit.
        Rephrase prompt to be less confusing.
        Assume that DEFAULT is a string, since we must return a string.
        Use `format' to turn DEFAULT into an acceptable default for face-read-string.
        Match NEW-VALUE against the string "unspecified", not the symbol
          `unspecified', since that's what face-read-string returns.
        Lookup a name for old-value in valid, and use it as a default if we find one.
        Treat all values from face-read-string as strings.
        If the default is used, don't do any more processing on the value,
          just use the old value directly.
      (read-face-and-attribute, modify-face):
        Tweak prompt.
        Don't assume prompt ends with a space.
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      *** empty log message *** · 2d73e8d3
      Miles Bader authored