1. 02 Jan, 1998 5 commits
  2. 01 Jan, 1998 26 commits
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      (a_write): Fix prototype. · b9013200
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (struct Lisp_Marker): New field `charpos'. · 4ed24bf3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (pos_tab_offset): Decl deleted.
      (insert_1, indented_beyond_p): Decls changed.
      (move_gap_both, del_range_byte, del_range_both, del_range_2)
      (scan_newline, Ffile_locked_p): New decls.
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      (Fgoto_char): When arg is a marker, copy char and byte · ec1c14f6
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      positions from it.  When arg is an integer, no need to worry that it
      is in middle of a character.
      (buildmark): Take 2 args (charpos and bytepos).  Callers changed.
      (Fline_beginning_position): Save and restore both kinds of PT.
      (Fprevious_char): Use PT_BYTE.
      (Fbolp, Feolp): Use PT_BYTE.
      (transpose_markers): Take args in chars and bytes.
      (Ftranspose_regions): Work with byte and char positions.
      (Fchar_after, Fchar_before): Use bytepos.
      (make_buffer_string): Convert charpos to bytepos.
      (Fcompare_buffer_substrings): Work with charpos and bytepos.
      (Fsubst_char_in_region): Handle charpos and bytepos.
      (Fwiden, Fnarrow_to_region): Likewise.
      (save_restriction_restore): Update PT and PT_BYTES.
      Cast arg to doprnt_lisp.
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      (set_point_both): Renamed from set_point; · ef1900f3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      New arg BYTE; BUFFER is now first arg; use temp_set_point_both.
      (set_point): New function; uses set_point_both.
      (temp_set_point_both): New function.
      (temp_set_point): Update BUF_PT_BYTE.
      (get_local_map): Save and restore both forms of the buffer bounds.
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      (code_convert_region): Handle bytepos and charpos. · 6289dd10
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fdetect_coding_region): Likewise.
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      (move_gap): Use move_gap_both. · 3be11131
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (move_gap_both): New function.
      (gap_left, gap_right): Take both charpos and bytepos args.
      (adjust_markers_gap_motion): Renamed from adjust_markers and simplified.
      (adjust_markers_for_delete): New function.
      (adjust_markers_for_insert): Take args in chars and bytes.
      Also new arg BEFORE_MARKERS.  One call does all marker updating
      needed for any insert.
      (adjust_point): Take 2 args and update PT and PT_BYTE.
      (make_gap): Handle bytes vs chars.
      (insert, insert_and_inherit): Handle bytes vs chars.
      Pass new BEFORE_MARKERS arg to insert_1.
      (insert_before_markers, insert_before_markers_and_inherit): Likewise.
      (insert_from_string, insert_from_string_before_markers): Likewise.
      (insert_from_buffer): Likewise.
      (insert_1): Handle bytes vs chars.  New arg BEFORE_MARKERS.
      (insert_from_string_1, insert_from_buffer_1): Likewise.
      (replace_range): Likewise.
      (del_range_2): New subroutine, taken from del_range_1.
      (del_range_1): Use del_range_2.
      (del_range_byte, del_range_both): New functions.
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      Update copyright year. · 604ee0f3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (DECODE_POSITION): New macro. · 69f9064e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (CHAR_TO_BYTE, BYTE_TO_CHAR): New macros.
      (ZV_BYTE, Z_BYTE): New macros.
      (BUF_ZV_BYTE, BUF_Z_BYTE): New macros.
      (BUF_GAP_END_ADDR): New macro.
      Use the new ..._byte buffer data.
      (BUF_GPT_ADDR, BUF_Z_ADDR): Likewise.
      (SET_PT_BOTH, TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH): New macros.
      Call functions with new arg order.
      (SET_BUF_BEGV, SET_BUF_BEGV_BOTH): New macros.
      (SET_BUF_PT): Macro deleted.
      (SET_BUF_ZV): Set charpos and bytepos.
      (SET_BUF_ZV_BOTH, SET_BUF_PT_BOTH): New macros.
      (BYTE_POS_ADDR): Renamed from POS_ADDR.
      (CHAR_POS_ADDR): New macro.
      (FETCH_MULTIBYTE_CHAR): Use ..._BYTE macros.
      (BUF_CHAR_ADDRESS): Convert charpos to bytepos.
      (BUF_BYTE_ADDRESS): New macro, like the old BUF_CHAR_ADDRESS.
      (PTR_BYTE_POS): Renamed from PTR_CHAR_POS.
      (BUF_PTR_BYTE_POS): New macro.
      (struct buffer_text): New fields gpt_byte, z_byte.
      (struct buffer): New fields pt_byte, begv_byte, zv_byte.
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      (status_notify): Use byte and char pointers. · d8a2934e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fprocess_send_region): Make bytepos for send_process.
      (read_process_output): Save, restore, and update both kinds of ptrs.
      (send_process): OFFSET is now in bytes.
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      (set_point, temp_set_point): Swap args in decl. · fdccf446
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (set_point_both, temp_set_point_both): New decls.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (PRINTDECLARE): Declare old_point_byte and start_point_byte. · 6ddd6eee
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (PRINTPREPARE): For a marker, set old_point_byte and start_point_byte.
      Set both kinds of PT from the marker.
      (PRINTFINISH): For a marker, use set_marker_both.
      Restore both kinds of PT.
      (print): For strings and symbols, handle multibyte chars.
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      (readchar_backlog): New variable. · 6f7f43d5
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (readchar): When fetching from buffer or marker,
      use readchar_backlog to fetch bytes from a character.
      (unreadchar): Increment readchar_backlog.
      (readevalloop, Fread): Init readchar_backlog.
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    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (scan_sexps_forward): Additional arg FROM_BYTE. Calls changed. · 6a140a74
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (find_defun_start): Additional arg POS_BYTE.
      Save final byte pos in find_start_value_byte.
      (find_start_value_byte): New variable.
      (Fforward_comment): Scan by bytes and chars.
      (Fbackward_prefix_chars): Scan by bytes and chars.
      (scan_words, scan_sexps_forward): Scan bytes as well as chars.
      (skip_chars, scan_lists): Scan by bytes and chars.  Now static.
      (char_quoted): Take charpos and bytepos as args.
      (back_comment): Likewise.
      (update_syntax_table): Arg renamed.
      (inc_bytepos, dec_bytepos): New functions.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (looking_at_1): Use bytepos to call re_search_2. · fa8ed3e0
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Convert search regs to charpos, if search succeeded.
      (search_buffer): Likewise.  Also convert charpos <-> bytepos
      in non-regexp case.
      (scan_buffer): Convert charpos <-> bytepos.
      (scan_newline): New function.
      (find_next_newline): Function deleted.
      (set_search_regs): Args now in bytes; convert to charpos.
      (Freplace_match): Convert charpos <-> bytepos when scanning case.
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      (SETUP_SYNTAX_TABLE_FOR_OBJECT): Call bytepos_to_charpos. · 4bbd5bc3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Wrap in  if (1) ... else.
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      (casify_region): Scan in bytes and chars. · 4c7b7eab
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (casify_object, casify_region): Declare str, workbuf as unsigned char.
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      (marker.o): Depend on charset.h. · 3fa51c4e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (forward_point): Function deleted. · 049749e6
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fforward_point): Just add.
      (Fforward_char): Don't call forward_point, just add.
      (Fforward_line): Use scan_newline.
      (Fdelete_char): No need for forward_point, just add.
      (Fdelete_backward_char): Handle bytes and chars.
      (internal_self_insert): Handle bytes and chars.
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      (command_loop_1): Use PT_BYTE when calling FETCH_BYTE. · 8458ede6
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Instead of Fforward_point, just add.
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      (Fmake_indirect_buffer): Use set_marker_both. · 3f236a40
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (set_buffer_internal_1): Likewise.
      (set_buffer_temp): Likewise.
      (set_buffer_temp): Update BUF_PT_BYTE, BUF_BEGV_BYTE and BUF_ZV_BYTE.
      (Fmake_indirect_buffer, set_buffer_internal_1):
      Set up the pt, begv and zv markers with both kinds of position.
      (Fget_buffer_create): Set BUF_..._BYTE.
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      (marker_byte_position): Renamed from marker_position. · 1389ad71
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (marker_position): New function returns the charpos.
      (Fbuffer_has_markers_at): Test the marker's charpos.
      (set_marker_restricted, Fset_marker): Set both kinds of position.
      Optimize case where POSITION is a marker.
      (set_marker_both, set_marker_restricted_both): New functions.
      (Fmarker_position): Use the charpos.
      (charpos_to_bytepos, bytepos_to_charpos): New functions.
      (buf_charpos_to_bytepos, buf_bytepos_to_charpos): New functions.
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      (redisplay_internal): Use scan_newline. · 12adba34
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (try_window_id): Use scan_newline.
      (display_text_line): Use scan_newline.
      (pos_tab_indent): Moved from indent,c.  Now static.
      Take POS in bytes and chars.  Callers changed.
      (redisplay_window): Handle byte and char positions.
      (try_window): Don't move W->start if it's already at right place.
      (display_count_lines): Several changes in args.
      Do the work directly.
      (display_scan_buffer): Function deleted.
      (decode_mode_spec): Pass new arg.
      (message_log_check_duplicate): Take charpos and bytepos args.
      (message_dolog): Use markers to update old PT, BEGV, ZV.
      Use scan_newline.  Handle positions in bytes and chars.
      (try_window): Pass bytepos to and from display_text_line.
      (try_window_id): Likewise.  Use byte pos as well as charpos.
      (redisplay_internal): Handle bytepos for tlbufpos.
      (message): Cast last arg to doprnt.
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      (unshow_buffer): Set PT with TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH. · b73ea88e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fset_window_buffer): Use set_marker_both.
      (Fselect_window, Fscroll_other_window, save_window_save): Likewise.
      (Fset_window_configuration): Pass p->mark itself to Fset_marker
      and set_marker_restricted_both.
      (temp_output_buffer_show): Use set_marker_restricted_both.
      (window_scroll): Save and restore both kinds of pointers.
      (Fdelete_other_windows): Rely on vmotion to give bytepos.
      Use set_marker_both.  Use byte positions.
      (Frecenter): Likewise.
      (Fmove_to_window_line): Use set_marker_both and Fgoto_char.
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