1. 16 Apr, 2002 27 commits
  2. 15 Apr, 2002 13 commits
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (facemenu-add-new-face): Use this only for faces. Delete arg MENU. · 9bf4c4e5
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (facemenu-add-new-color): New function.
      (facemenu-set-foreground, facemenu-set-background):
      Use facemenu-add-new-color.
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    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      (ediff-current-diff-face-A) · aef16922
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      (ediff-current-diff-face-B, ediff-current-diff-face-C)
      (ediff-current-diff-face-Ancestor, ediff-fine-diff-face-A)
      (ediff-fine-diff-face-B, ediff-fine-diff-face-C)
      (ediff-fine-diff-face-Ancestor, ediff-even-diff-face-A)
      (ediff-even-diff-face-B, ediff-even-diff-face-C)
      (ediff-even-diff-face-Ancestor, ediff-odd-diff-face-A)
      (ediff-odd-diff-face-B, ediff-odd-diff-face-C)
      (ediff-odd-diff-face-Ancestor): Add special color definitions for
      tty and MS-DOS displays.
    • Francesco Potortì's avatar
      * etags.c (get_language_from_filename): Add one argument. · 54ef70a2
      Francesco Potortì authored
      	(strcaseeq): New function.
      	(get_language_from_filename): Use it to do a case insenstitive
      	comparison if called with appropriate args.
      	(find_entries): Try with case insensitive match.
      	(process_file): Bug fixed.
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      *** empty log message *** · 5dab24c1
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      Bug fix. New version to come soon. · a5363890
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      Avoid doubly tagging parse.y when both parse.c and parse.y are given on · 9e0a3f98
      Francesco Potortì authored
      the command line, in either order.
      	* etags.c (find_entries): Delete tags previously obtained from
      	file xxx.c's #line directives when parsing file xxx.y.  This is
      	generally done for automatically generated files containing
      	#line directives.  This handles the case when xxx.y is tagged
      	before xxx.c, and the entries of xxx.c pointing to xxx.y should
      	be discarded.
      	(language): Added the metasource member.  Initializers changed.
      	(invalidate_nodes): New function.
      	(readline): Discard lines after having found a #line
        	directive pointing to an already tagged file.  This handles the
      	case when xxx.y is tagged before xxx.c, and the entries of
      	xxx.c pointing to xxx.y should be discarded.
      	(fdesc): New structure for keeping track of input files.
      	(fdesc): Remove `file' member (a string) and use instead a pointer
      	to a file description structure.
      	(curfile, curfiledir, curtagfname, curlang, nocharno,
      	forced_lang): Global variables removed in favor of fdhead and
      	curfdp, pointers to file description strucures.
      	(longopts, main, print_help): Use the CTAGS conditional to include
      	or exclude options that work on etags or ctags only.
      	(process_file, find_entries, pfnote, add_node, put_entries,
      	readline): Use fdhead and curfdp.
      	(process_file, find_entries): Do not take an arg string, all
      	callers changed.
      	* etags.c (longopts, print_help, main): Test CTAGS to disallow
      	options that are not right for either etags or ctags.
      	* etags.c (number_len, total_size_of_entries): Define them also
      	in CTAGS mode, because gcc does not compile all refs away.
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      *** empty log message *** · c150db23
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      Stamp file for config.in · 4c87c733
      Andreas Schwab authored
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      Regenerated with autoheader. · 1c9952f8
      Andreas Schwab authored
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      . · 6817198a
      Andreas Schwab authored
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      Run autoheader if necessary. · a49eb675
      Andreas Schwab authored