1. 01 Mar, 1998 2 commits
  2. 28 Feb, 1998 5 commits
  3. 27 Feb, 1998 19 commits
  4. 25 Feb, 1998 14 commits
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      (rmail-retry-failure): Don't insist on finding · f980ec39
      Karl Heuer authored
      MIME delimiter again at end of bounce text.
      (mail-unsent-separator): Accept "Your message follows".
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      Reorder args of del_range_both. · bc69581b
      Karl Heuer authored
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      (reftex-toc-mode, reftex-select-label-mode): · 29d593f8
      Karl Heuer authored
      (reftex-select-bib-mode): New major modes for RefTeX's special
      (reftex-offer-label-menu): Put selection buffer into
      `reftex-select-label-mode'.  Make selection buffer read-only.  Use
      (reftex-do-citation): Put selection buffer into
      `reftex-select-bib-mode'.  Make selection buffer read-only.  Use
      `reftex-erase-buffer'.  Set `reftex-select-return-marker'.
      (reftex-toc): Put *toc* buffer into reftex-toc-mode.  Add
      mouse-face property.
      (reftex-select-item): Use recursive edit instead of selfmade
      command loop.  Removed unnecessary local bindings.  Changed the
      tag for catch, to avoid problems with `exit' tag in
      recursive-edit.  Moved the code around old command loop to pre-
      and post-command-hook.
      (reftex-select-pre-command-hook, reftex-select-post-command-hook):
      (reftex-select-show-insertion-point): New functions.
      (reftex-reference): Set `reftex-select-return-marker'.
      (reftex-check-recursive-edit): Error message changed.
      (reftex-select-search-minibuffer-map): Obsolete constant removed.
      (reftex-select-next, reftex-select-previous, reftex-select-scroll-up):
      (reftex-select-scroll-down, reftex-select-next-heading):
      (reftex-select-previous-heading): Handle prefix arguments.
      (reftex-toc, reftex-make-and-insert-label-list):
      (reftex-insert-bib-matches): Add mouse-face property.
      (reftex-highlight-selection): New option.
      (reftex-select-mouse-accept): New command.
      (reftex-select-recursive-edit, reftex-select-search-forward):
      (reftex-select-search-backward, reftex-select-search):
      (reftex-select-scroll-up, reftex-select-scroll-down):
      (reftex-scroll-other-window, reftex-scroll-other-window-down):
      (reftex-empty-toc-buffer): Removed obsolete functions.
      (reftex-highlight-overlays): Removed obsolete 3rd overlay.
      (reftex-select-label-map, reftex-select-bib-map): Removed obsolete
      bindings, added mouse bindings, `digit-argument',
      `negative-argument', `reftex-select-show-insertion-point'.
      (reftex-erase-buffer): BUFFER now defaults to current buffer.
      (reftex-label-alist-builtin): Added sidecap packages support.
      (reftex-last-follow-point, reftex-select-return-marker): New
      (reftex-toc, reftex-select-item): Set `reftex-last-follow-point'.
      (reftex-toc-post-command-hook): Use `reftex-last-follow-point'.
      (reftex-get-file-buffer-force): Turn off `enable-local-variables'
      when reading a file literally.
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      (mathlst): Fix typo. · 9f0ef3eb
      Karl Heuer authored
      (shortlst): Avoid saying "Can you be", which confuses the doctor.
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      (vc-register): Update vc-buffer-backend. · c863c92d
      Karl Heuer authored
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      (hppa*-hp-hpux*): Use hpux10 by default. · 842f8692
      Karl Heuer authored
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      (custom-file): New function. · 176eb8cb
      Karl Heuer authored
      (custom-save-delete): Use it.
      (custom-save-all): Use it.
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      Added support for the Emacs Lisp manual. · a1fee1bc
      Karl Heuer authored
      (info-complete-file): Use default value if MODE is nil.
      (info-lookup-file-alist): Variable removed.
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      (battery-linux-proc-apm-regexp): Load percentage · d5323ba0
      Karl Heuer authored
      and remaining time have to match negative values.
      (battery-linux-proc-apm): Initialize void %-sequences.
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      (shell-dirtrack-mode): Renamed from shell-dirtrack-toggle. · 2154db49
      Karl Heuer authored
      (dirtrack-mode, shell-dirtrack-toggle): Defined as aliases.