1. 28 Mar, 2009 4 commits
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      (Prefix Keys): The M-g prefix key is now named goto-map. Add · 260c0dc1
      Chong Yidong authored
      search-map to the list.
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      * keymaps.texi (Prefix Keys): The M-g prefix key is now named · b0cc32db
      Chong Yidong authored
      goto-map.  Add search-map to the list.
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      * insdel.c (move_gap, move_gap_both, gap_left, gap_right) · ae19ba7c
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (adjust_markers_gap_motion, adjust_markers_for_delete)
      (adjust_markers_for_insert, adjust_point)
      (adjust_markers_for_replace, make_gap_larger, make_gap_smaller)
      (make_gap, copy_text, count_size_as_multibyte, insert)
      (insert_and_inherit, insert_before_markers)
      (insert_before_markers_and_inherit, insert_1)
      (count_combining_before, count_combining_after, insert_1_both)
      (insert_from_string, insert_from_string_before_markers)
      (insert_from_string_1, insert_from_gap, insert_from_buffer)
      (insert_from_buffer_1, adjust_after_replace)
      (adjust_after_replace_noundo, adjust_after_insert, replace_range)
      (replace_range_2, del_range, del_range_1, del_range_byte)
      (del_range_both, del_range_2, modify_region)
      (prepare_to_modify_buffer, signal_before_change)
      (signal_after_change, Fcombine_after_change_execute): Use EMACS_INT
      for buffer positions and sizes.
      * lisp.h: Adjust prototypes accordingly.
      * fileio.c (adjust_markers_for_delete): Move declaration to lisp.h.
      (non_regular_inserted, non_regular_nbytes, read_non_regular)
      (Finsert_file_contents): Use EMACS_INT for buffer positions.
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  2. 27 Mar, 2009 11 commits
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