1. 15 Feb, 2000 6 commits
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (specbind): For buffer-local value, record the current buffer also. · 27a6c729
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (unbind_to): Cope with that change.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (set_internal): Don't make variable buffer-local · 1f35ce36
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      if within a let-binding for the same buffer.
      (let_shadows_buffer_binding_p): New function.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · 6ffd3cf7
      Richard M. Stallman authored
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (bibtex-mode): Replaced manual splitting of path · f9bd4abe
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      at ':' characters by call to split-string.
      Added RCS version identification.
      Some temporary comments removed.
      (bibtex-field-name, bibtex-entry-type): Made the relationship
      (bibtex-field-const): Allow capital letters.
      (bibtex-start-of-string): Deleted because unused.
      Unified some nomenclature.  We no longer
      use the term 'reference' to describe a bibtex entry as a whole.
      Further, reference keys are no longer called 'labels'.
      (bibtex-keys): Renamed to bibtex-reference-keys.
      (bibtex-reformat-previous-labels): Renamed to
      (bibtex-reference-type): Renamed to bibtex-entry-type.
      (bibtex-reference-head): Renamed to bibtex-entry-head.
      (bibtex-reference-maybe-empty-head): Renamed to
      (bibtex-key-in-reference): Renamed to bibtex-key-in-entry.
      (bibtex-search-reference): Renamed to bibtex-search-entry.
      (bibtex-enclosing-reference-maybe-empty-head): Renamed to
      (bibtex-entry-field-alist, bibtex-entry-head,
      bibtex-font-lock-keywords, bibtex-skip-to-valid-entry,
      bibtex-map-entries, bibtex-search-entry,
      bibtex-enclosing-entry-maybe-empty-head, bibtex-format-entry,
      bibtex-generate-autokey, bibtex-parse-keys, bibtex-pop, bibtex-mode,
      bibtex-submit-bug-report, bibtex-entry, bibtex-print-help-message,
      bibtex-make-field, bibtex-end-of-entry, bibtex-sort-buffer,
      bibtex-find-entry-location, bibtex-validate, bibtex-find-text,
      bibtex-kill-entry, bibtex-clean-entry, bibtex-reformat,
      bibtex-complete-key, bibtex-String) : Use the new nomenclature.
      (bibtex-strings, bibtex-keys): Removed redundant
      (bibtex-format-field-delimiters): New function, functionality
      extracted from bibtex-format-entry.
      (bibtex-autokey-get-yearfield-digits): New function, functionality
      extracted from bibtex-autokey-get-yearfield.
      Completely reimplemented parsing of bibtex
      entries in order to avoid stack overflow in the regexp matcher if
      field contents become large.
      (bibtex-cfield, bibtex-name-in-cfield, bibtex-text-in-cfield,
      bibtex-field-string-part-3-inner-braces, bibtex-field-string-braced,
      bibtex-field-string-quoted, bibtex-field-string,
      bibtex-field-string-or-const, bibtex-field-text, bibtex-field,
      bibtex-name-in-field, bibtex-text-in-field, bibtex-reference-infix,
      bibtex-string, bibtex-key-in-string, bibtex-text-in-string): Deleted
      as parsing is now performed by the following functions.
      (bibtex-parse-nested-braces, bibtex-parse-field-string-braced,
      bibtex-parse-quoted-string, bibtex-parse-field-string-quoted,
      bibtex-parse-field-string, bibtex-search-forward-field-string,
      bibtex-parse-association, bibtex-field-name-for-parsing,
      bibtex-parse-field-name, bibtex-parse-field-text, bibtex-parse-field,
      bibtex-search-forward-field, bibtex-search-backward-field,
      bibtex-start-of-field, bibtex-end-of-field,
      bibtex-start-of-name-in-field, bibtex-end-of-name-in-field,
      bibtex-start-of-text-in-field, bibtex-end-of-text-in-field,
      bibtex-parse-string-prefix, bibtex-parse-string-postfix,
      bibtex-parse-string, bibtex-search-forward-string,
      bibtex-search-backward-string, bibtex-start-of-string,
      bibtex-end-of-string, bibtex-start-of-reference-key-in-string,
      bibtex-end-of-reference-key-in-string, bibtex-start-of-text-in-string,
      bibtex-end-of-text-in-string): New functions for the parsing of bibtex
      entries.  Instead of reporting the results of the parsing by
      match-beginning or match-end, these functions return data structures
      that hold the corresponding positions.
      (bibtex-enclosing-field): Changed to also report field boundaries by
      return values rather than by match-beginning or match-end.  The
      following functions have been adapted to use the new parsing
      (bibtex-skip-to-valid-entry, bibtex-search-reference,
      bibtex-enclosing-field, bibtex-format-entry,
      bibtex-autokey-get-namefield, bibtex-autokey-get-titlestring,
      bibtex-parse-keys, bibtex-complete, bibtex-pop, bibtex-mode,
      bibtex-print-help-message, bibtex-end-of-entry,
      bibtex-ispell-abstract, bibtex-validate, bibtex-next-field,
      bibtex-find-text, bibtex-remove-OPT-or-ALT, bibtex-remove-delimiters,
      bibtex-kill-field, bibtex-empty-field, bibtex-fill-entry): Use the new
      method for parsing.
      (bibtex-assoc-of-regexp, bibtex-skip-to-valid-entry,
      bibtex-map-entries, bibtex-flash-head,
      bibtex-enclosing-reference-maybe-empty-head, bibtex-format-entry,
      bibtex-autokey-change, bibtex-autokey-get-namefield,
      bibtex-autokey-get-names, bibtex-autokey-get-titlestring,
      bibtex-autokey-get-titles, bibtex-parse-keys, bibtex-pop, bibtex-mode,
      bibtex-end-of-entry, bibtex-ispell-abstract, bibtex-sort-buffer,
      bibtex-validate, bibtex-remove-OPT-or-ALT, bibtex-remove-delimiters,
      bibtex-kill-field, bibtex-kill-entry): Use let* instead of let in
      order to make the new binding of case-fold-search immediately
      Copyright notice is up to date.
      Added constant 'bibtex-maintainer-salutation.
      (bibtex-mode): use with-temp-buffer rather
      than make-temp-name, use match-string-no-properties and eliminate
      a quadratic behavior when building bibtex-strings.
      (bibtex-reference-key): Accept string entries whose
      reference key contains upper case letters.
      (bibtex-reference-head): Allow entries to start with
      a new line.
      Hiding of entry bodies is not longer provided by
      bibtex.el directly.  Instead the hideshow package can be used.
      Added a special bibtex entry to hs-special-modes-alist.
      (bibtex-hs-forward-sexp): Added for hideshow.el.
      (bibtex-entry-field-alist): Added booktitle field to
      proceedings entry type (for cross referencing). Thanks to
      Wagner Toledo Correa for the suggestion.
      Added `reftex-view-crossref-from-bibtex' to menu.
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (Fsave_window_excursion): Doc fix. · cad53475
      Gerd Moellmann authored
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (back_comment): Make sure we only consider comment-starters · 1aa963c8
      Stefan Monnier authored
      of the relevant style and return -1 in case of a failure to find the
      beginning of the comment.
      (Fforward_comment): If back_comment fails, go back to the position just
      after the comment-end.
      (scan_lists): Add comment describing a very minor bug.
  2. 14 Feb, 2000 5 commits
  3. 13 Feb, 2000 2 commits
  4. 12 Feb, 2000 22 commits
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  6. 10 Feb, 2000 1 commit
    • Francesco Potortì's avatar
      2000-02-10 Francesco Potorti` <pot@gnu.org> · 71cbb895
      Francesco Potortì authored
      	* etags.c (iswhite): Redefined not to consider '\0' as white
      	space, and use it throughout in place of isspace, thus preventing a
      	potential signed char to int conversion problem.
      	(MSDOS): #undefine befere redefining
      2000-02-04  Francesco Potorti`  <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>
      	* etags.c (many functions): Add prototypes.