1. 02 Apr, 2000 5 commits
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      * regex.c (PTR_TO_OFFSET) [!emacs]: Remove. · 2d1675e4
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (GET_CHAR_BEFORE_2): Moved from charset.h plus fixed minor bug when
      we are between str1 and str2.
      (MAX_MULTIBYTE_LENGTH, CHAR_STRING) [!emacs]: Provide trivial default.
      (PATFETCH_RAW): Fetch multibyte char if applicable.
      (PATUNFETCH): Remove.
      (regex_compile): Rely on PATFETCH to do most of the multibyte magic.
      When writing a char, write it directly into the pattern buffer rather
      than going needlessly through a temp char-array.
      (re_match_2_internal): Similarly, rely on RE_STRING_CHAR to do the
      multibyte magic and remove the useless `#ifdef emacs'.
      (bcmp_translate): Don't compare as multibyte chars when in a unibyte
      * regex.h (struct re_pattern_buffer): Make field `multibyte'
      conditional on `emacs'.
      * charset.h (GET_CHAR_BEFORE_2): Moved to regex.c.
    • Ken Raeburn's avatar
      * composite.c (run_composite_function): Use NILP when checking for nil. · 09654086
      Ken Raeburn authored
      (syms_of_composite): Delete local var NARGS, pass an int as first argument to
    • Ken Raeburn's avatar
      fix error in last log message · 2387b382
      Ken Raeburn authored
    • Ken Raeburn's avatar
      * editfns.c (text_property_stickiness, Fmessage_or_box): Use NILP to test · c01fbf95
      Ken Raeburn authored
      Lisp_Object boolean value.
      (Fformat): Use a temporary variable to avoid ENABLE_CHECKING problems reading
      from and changing the same lisp value in an XSETSTRING call.
    • Ken Raeburn's avatar
      * alloc.c (MARK_STRING, UNMARK_STRING, STRING_MARKED_P): Expand non-union-type · cc2d8c6b
      Ken Raeburn authored
      versions of XMARK and friends here, because XMARK and friends won't work on an
      integer field if NO_UNION_TYPE is not defined.
      (make_number): Define as a function if it's not defined as a macro.
  2. 01 Apr, 2000 15 commits
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