1. 19 Oct, 2004 21 commits
  2. 18 Oct, 2004 13 commits
  3. 17 Oct, 2004 6 commits
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      (ibuffer-default-display-maybe-show-predicates): New customizable · 957237cb
      John Paul Wallington authored
      variable; whether to display buffers that match
      `ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates' by default.
      (ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates): Mention it in docstring.
      (ibuffer-display-maybe-show-predicates): New variable.
      (ibuffer-update): Prefix arg now toggles whether buffers that match
      `ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates' should be displayed.
      (ibuffer-mode): Set `ibuffer-display-maybe-show-predicates' locally to heed
      (ibuffer-redisplay-engine): Rename optional second arg to `ignore'.
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      Added new counter \letterpaper to control whether refcard should be · 9ff10fca
      Stephen Eglen authored
      made for letter paper (1) or for A4 paper.
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      Revision: miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/emacs--cvs-trunk--0--patch-621 · 8903a9c8
      Miles Bader authored
      Merge from gnus--rel--5.10
      Patches applied:
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/gnus--rel--5.10--patch-51
       - miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/gnus--rel--5.10--patch-52
         Update from CVS
       * miles@gnu.org--gnu-2004/gnus--rel--5.10--patch-53
         Merge from emacs--cvs-trunk--0
      2004-10-15  Reiner Steib  <Reiner.Steib@gmx.de>
         * lisp/gnus/pop3.el (pop3-leave-mail-on-server): Describe possible problems
         in the doc string.
         * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-ignored-news-headers)
         (message-forward-ignored-headers): Improve custom type.
      2004-10-15  Simon Josefsson  <jas@extundo.com>
         * lisp/gnus/pop3.el (top-level): Don't require nnheader.
         (pop3-read-timeout): Add.
         (pop3-accept-process-output): Add.
         (pop3-read-response, pop3-retr): Use it.
      2004-10-11  Reiner Steib  <Reiner.Steib@gmx.de>
         * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-bury): Use `window-dedicated-p'.
      2004-10-15  Reiner Steib  <Reiner.Steib@gmx.de>
         * man/gnus.texi (New Features): Add 5.11.
         * man/message.texi (Resending): Remove wrong default value.
         * man/gnus.texi (Mail Source Specifiers): Describe possible problems
         of `pop3-leave-mail-on-server'.  Add `pop3-movemail' and
         `pop3-leave-mail-on-server' to the index.
      2004-10-15  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>
         * man/message.texi (Canceling News): Add how to set a password.
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      Remove excessive vertical whitespace. · 90665a81
      Jason Rumney authored