1. 25 Jul, 2001 5 commits
  2. 24 Jul, 2001 7 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · 296808a5
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (valid_image_p): Protect better against invalid image · 1783ffa2
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      (Repeating): Mention the numeric argument as another form of repetition, · 68b7eaa9
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      with an xref to the "Arguments" node.  Suggested by Kai Grossjohann.
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      (mouse-avoidance-too-close-p): If the frame lacks a · a9f73104
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      tool-bar-lines parameter, behave as if its value were zero.
      (mouse-avoidance-set-pointer-shape): Don't do anything if
      x-pointer-shape is not boundp.
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      Corrected typos in the latest entry. · f0188953
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      uniquify.el speedup. · c02a76cc
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      Overall speedup when using many buffers. · b2f1b848
      Francesco Potortì authored
      (uniquify-fix-item-base, uniquify-fix-item-filename,
      uniquify-fix-item-buffer): Changed defmacro to defalias (cosmetic change).
      (uniquify-fix-item-unrationalized-buffer): Deleted: was the fourth
      place in the item, but waas never used.
      (uniquify-fix-item-min-proposed): New defalias: the fourth place
      in the item is now used as cache for the proposed name.
      (uniquify-rationalize-file-buffer-names): Move computation made on
      newbuffile out of the loop, in the newbuffile-nd local var.  Use
      dolist (cosmetic change).  Compute the proposed name for the most
      common case and cache it in the fourth place in the item.
      (uniquify-rationalize-file-buffer-names): Used to return a list
      of flags indicating renamed buffers, but that return value was
      never used.
      (uniquify-item-lessp): Replaces uniquify-filename-lessp, works on
      the cached proposed name, does much less consing and is quicker.
      (uniquify-filename-lessp): Deleted.
      (uniquify-rationalize-a-list): Use dolist (cosmetic change).  Do
      not bind locally the uniquify-possibly-resolvable flag.  Use the
      cached proposed name if possible.
      (uniquify-get-proposed-name): Arguments changed, callers changed.
      (uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist): Explicitely reset the
      uniquify-possibly-resolvable flag, which is no more bound locally.
      (uniquify-rename-buffer): Do not set the unrationalised-buffer
      flag, which is replaced by the cached proposed name.
  3. 23 Jul, 2001 13 commits
  4. 22 Jul, 2001 1 commit
  5. 21 Jul, 2001 2 commits
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      * viper-ex.el (ex-token-list,ex-cmd-execute): Revamped, courtesy · 4960e757
      Michael Kifer authored
      	of Scott Bronson.
      	(ex-cmd-assoc,ex-compile,ex-cmd-one-letr): New functions.
      	Deleted functions.
      	(viper-get-ex-com-subr,viper-ex,ex-mark): Changed to use the new
      	(viper-get-ex-address-subr): convert registers to char data type.
      	* viper-util.el (viper-int-to-char,viper-char-equal): new
      	(viper-memq-char): use viper-int-to-char.
      	(viper-file-checked-in-p): use vc-locking-user, if vc doesn't have
      	(viper-read-key): use viper-read-key-sequence.
      	* viper.el (viper-major-mode-modifier-list): added
      	(this-major-mode-requires-vi-state): new function that uses simple
      	heuristics to decide if vi state is appropriate.
      	(set-viper-state-in-major-mode): use this-major-mode-requires-vi-state.
      	(viper-non-hook-settings): don't advise read-key-sequence.
      	(viper-read-key-sequence): new function that replaces the
      	previously used advice to read-key-sequence.
      	* viper-cmd.el (viper-test-com-defun,viper-exec-change,
      	got rid of the negative character hack.
      	use viper-read-key-sequence.
      	(viper-envelop-ESC-key): no need for ad-get-orig-definition.
      	don't override existing minibuffer-setup-hook.
      	convert registers to char data type.
      	(viper-autoindent): use viper-indent-line.
      	* viper-keym.el: use viper-exec-key-in-emacs.
      	* viper.texi: Added credits, new commands, like :make.
      	* ediff-util.el: Copyright years.
      	(ediff-choose-syntax-table): New function.
      	(ediff-setup): Use ediff-choose-syntax-table.
      	(ediff-file-checked-out-p,ediff-file-checked-in-p): check if
      	vc-state is available.
      	(ediff-make-temp-file): use ediff-coding-system-for-write.
      	* ediff-init.el (ediff-with-syntax-table): New macro, uses
      	(ediff-coding-system-for-read): from ediff-diff.el
      	(ediff-coding-system-for-write): new variable.
      	(ediff-highest-priority): fixed the bug having to do with disappearing
      	(ediff-file-remote-p): use file-remote-p, if available.
      	(ediff-listable-file): new function.
      	(ediff-file-attributes): use ediff-listable-file.
      	* ediff-mult.el (ediff-meta-insert-file-info1): use
      	* ediff-ptch.el (ediff-prompt-for-patch-file): use
      	(ediff-patch-file-internal): use ediff-coding-system-for-write.
      	* ediff-diff.el (ediff-coding-system-for-read): moved to ediff-init.el.
      	(ediff-match-diff3-line,ediff-get-diff3-group): improved pattern.
      	* ediff.el: Date of last update, copyright years.
      	* ediff-wind (ediff-setup-control-frame): Nill->nil.
      	* ediff.texi: added clarifications, acknowledgements.
  6. 20 Jul, 2001 12 commits