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    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Add support for large files, 64-bit Solaris, system locale codings. · 68c45bf0
      Paul Eggert authored
      * Makefile.in (emacs): Set the LC_ALL environment variable to "C"
      when dumping, so that the dumped Emacs doesn't have stray locale info.
      (dired.o): Depend on systime.h.
      (editfns.o): Depend on coding.h.
      * alloc.c, buffer.c, callproc.c, ccl.c, charset.c, coding.c, data.c,
      dispnew.c, editfns.c, emacs.c, filelock.c, floatfns.c, hftctl.c,
      keyboard.c, process.c, sysdep.c, unexelf.c, unexhp9k800.c,
      unexsunos4.c, vmsfns.c, vmsgmalloc.c, w32faces.c, w32menu.c, w32term.c,
      w32xfns.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c, xmenu.c, xterm.c:
      Include <config.h> before any system include files.
      * alloc.c, buffer.c, ccl.c, data.c, editfns.c, emacs.c, eval.c,
      fileio.c, filelock.c, frame.c, insdel.c, keymap.c, lread.c,
      m/alpha.h, print.c, search.c, sysdep.c, xdisp.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c,
      xmenu.c, xterm.c:
      Do not include <stdlib.h>, as <config.h> does this now.
      * callproc.c (Fcall_process):
      Synchronize messages locale before invoking strerror.
      Decode resulting string with locale-coding-system.
      * coding.c (Vlocale_coding_system): New var.
      (syms_of_coding): Adjust to above change.
      (emacs_strerror): New function.
      * coding.h (emacs_strerror, Vlocale_coding_system): New decls.
      HAVE_STRSIGNAL): New macros.
      (BITS_PER_LONG): Default to 64 if _LP64 is defined.
      <stdlib.h>: Include if HAVE_STDLIB_H is defined and NOT_C_CODE isn't.
      * dired.c: Include "systime.h".
      (Ffile_attributes): Do not cast s.st_size to int; this loses
      information if int is 32 bits but st_size and EMACS_INT are larger.
      Treat large device numbers like large inode numbers.
      * dispnew.c (PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT): Use __fpending if available.
      * editfns.c: Include coding.h.
      (emacs_strftime): Remove decl.
      (emacs_strftimeu): New decl.
      (emacs_memftimeu): Renamed from emacs_memftime; new arg UT.
      Use emacs_strftimeu instead of emacs_strftime.
      (Fformat_time_string): Convert format string using
      Vlocale_coding_system, and convert result back.  Synchronize time
      locale before invoking lower level function.  Invoke
      emacs_memftimeu, passing ut, instead of emacs_memftime.
      * emacs.c: Include <locale.h> if HAVE_SETLOCALE is defined.
      (Vmessages_locale, Vprevious_messages_locale, Vtime_locale,
      Vprevious_time_locale): New variables.
      (main): Invoke setlocale early, so that initial error messages are
      localized properly.  But skip locale-setting if LC_ALL is "C".
      Fix up locale when it's safe to do so.
      (fixup_locale): Moved here from xterm.c.
      (synchronize_locale, synchronize_time_locale,
      synchronize_messages_locale): New functions.
      (syms_of_emacs): Accommodate above changes.
      * fileio.c (report_file_error): Convert strerror output according
      to Vlocale_coding_system.
      (Finsert_file_contents): Check for arithmetic overflow in
      computations that depend on file size.  Report IO errors
      with emacs_strerror, not strerror.
      * fns.c (Fgethash): Declare dflt parameter.
      * gmalloc.c: Do not define const to nothing if HAVE_CONFIG_H
      is defined; that's config.h's job.
      default these values to long, BITS_PER_LONG, and unsigned long.
      (VALBITS, MARKBIT, XINT): Do not assume 32-bit EMACS_INT.
      (PNTR_COMPARISON_TYPE): Default to EMACS_UINT, not to unsigned int.
      (code_convert_string_norecord, fixup_locale,
      synchronize_messages_locale, synchronize_time_locale,
      emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write): New decls.
      All Emacs callers of open, close, read, write changed to use
      emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write.
      * lread.c (file_offset, file_tell): New macros.  All uses of ftell
      changed to file_tell.
      (saved_doc_string_position, prev_saved_doc_string_position): Now
      of type file_offset.
      (init_lread): Do not fix locale here; fixup_locale now does this.
      * m/amdahl.h, s/usg5-4.h:
      (NSIG): Remove.
      (NSIG_MINIMUM): New macro.
      * m/cydra5.h, m/dpx2.h, m/mips.h, m/pfa50.h, m/sps7.h, m/stride.h,
      m/ustation.h, s/gnu-linux.h, s/hpux.h, s/iris3-5.h, s/iris3-6.h,
      s/umips.h, s/usg5-4.h:
      (SIGIO): Do not undef.
      (BROKEN_SIGIO): New macro.
      * m/ustation.h:
      (SIGTSTP): Do not undef.
      (BROKEN_SIGTSTP): New macro.
      * s/gnu-linux.h:
      (SIGPOLL, SIGURG): Do not undef.
      * s/ptx4.h:
      (SIGINFO): Do not undef.
      (BROKEN_SIGINFO): New macros.
      * m/delta.h, s/ptx.h, s/template.h: Doc fix.
      * mktime.c, strftime.c: Update to glibc 2.1.2 version, with
      some Emacs-related changes merged.
      * print.c (float_to_string): Prepend "-" to representation of a
      NaN if the NaN is negative.
      * process.c (sys_siglist): Omit if HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
      (wait_reading_process_input): Use emacs_strerror, not strerror.
      * process.c (status_message, sigchld_handler): Synchronize locale,
      then use strsignal istead of sys_siglist.
      * w32proc.c (sys_wait): Likewise.
      * s/aix3-1.h, s/bsd4-1.h, s/dgux.h, s/gnu-linux.h, s/hiuxmpp.h,
      s/hpux.h, s/iris3-5.h, s/iris3-6.h, s/irix3-3.h, s/osf1.h, s/rtu.h,
      s/sunos4-1.h, s/unipl5-0.h, s/unipl5-2.h, s/usg5-0.h, s/usg5-2-2.h,
      s/usg5-2.h, s/usg5-3.h, s/xenix.h:
      (open, close, read, write, INTERRUPTIBLE_OPEN,
      * s/sol2-5.h (_LARGEFILE_SOURCE, _FILE_OFFSET_BITS): New macros.
      * sysdep.c (sys_read, sys_write, read, write, sys_close, close,
      sys_open, open): Remove.
      (emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write): Always define;
      macros are no longer used.
      (emacs_open): Renamed from sys_open.  Merge BSD4_1 version.
      (emacs_close): Renamed from sys_close.
      (emacs_read): Renamed from sys_read.
      (emacs_write): Renamed from sys_write.
      (sys_siglist): Do not declare if HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
      (dup2): Do not print error on failure; the real dup2 doesn't.
      (strsignal): New function, defined if !HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
      * syssignal.h (SIGINFO): Undef if defined and if BROKEN_SIGINFO
      is defined.
      (NSIG): If less than NSIG_MINIMUM, define to NSIG_MINIMUM.
      (strsignal): Declare if !HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
      * unexelf.c (ElfBitsW, ELFSIZE, ElfExpandBitsW): New macros.
      (ElfW): Define in terms of ElfExpandBitsW.
      * w32proc.c (sys_siglist): Remove decl.
      * xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec): 3rd arg is int, not char, to comply
      with ANSI C.
      (display_string): Declare face_string_pos arg.
      * xfns.c (Fx_show_tip): Declare timeout param.
      * xterm.c: No need to include locale.h.
      (x_alloc_lighter_color, x_setup_relief_color):
      Pass arg as double, not float, for compatibility with ANSI C.
      (fixup_locale): Move to emacs.c.
      (x_term_init): Do not setlocale or fixup locale; the main program
      does this now.
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    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (Frecursive_edit): Remove unused variable. · 03cee6ae
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (command_loop_1, safe_run_hooks, kbd_buffer_get_event,
      timer_check, make_lispy_event, menu_bar_items,
      menu_bar_one_keymap, menu_bar_item, parse_menu_item,
      parse_tool_bar_item, read_char_x_menu_prompt, read_key_sequence,
      kbd_buffer_get_event, make_lispy_event, read_char_x_menu_prompt,
      read_key_sequence): Ditto.  Fread_key_sequence,
      Fread_key_sequence_vector, Fsuspend_emacs): Ditto.
      (read_key_sequence) [GOBBLE_FIRST_EVENT]: Put local variables only
      used when GOBBLE_FIRST_EVENT is defined in #ifdef
      (Fexecute_extended_command): Cast XINT to long for %ld.
      (toplevel) [HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Include unistd.h.
      (toplevel): Include sys/types.h.
  6. 13 Sep, 1999 1 commit
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (command_loop_1): Change for Lisp_Object · 788f89eb
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (cmd_error_internal, command_loop_1, read_char,
      kbd_buffer_get_event, read_avail_input,
      read_char_minibuf_menu_prompt, read_key_sequence, Fsuspend_emacs,
      interrupt_signal, quit_throw_to_read_char): Ditto.
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    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      Call change_frame_size and do_pending_window_change with · 985f9f66
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      new parameter.
      (ok_to_echo_at_next_pause): Make it a pointer to
      a struct kboard.
      (echo_kboard): New.
      (echo_now): Set echo_kboard to the current kboard.
      (cancel_echoing): Set echo_kboard to null.
      (cmd_error_internal): Use clear_message, remove references
      to echo_area_glyphs and echo_area_message.
      (command_loop_1): Check for echo area messages differently.
      (read_char): Likewise.
      (record_menu_key): Use clear_message.
      (Fexecute_extended_command):  Check for echo area messages
      differently.  Use push_message, restore_message, pop_message.
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  13. 21 Jul, 1999 1 commit
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (read_char): Use message3_nolog to show help-echo. · 7ee32cda
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (make_lispy_event) <TOOLBAR_EVENT>: Apply modifiers.
      (kbd_store_ptr): Declare it as a volatile pointer
      instead of a pointer to a volatile input_event.
      (kbd_buffer_store_event): Remove volatile modifier from
      declaration of local variable `sp'.
      (Fdiscard_input): Don't cast when assigning kbd_store_ptr
      to kbd_fetch_ptr.
      (make_lispy_event): Handle mouse on top lines.
      (make_lispy_movement): Ditto.
      (read_char): Rename local variable echo_area_message
      because it shadows the global one.
      (cmd_error_internal): Set echo_areA_message.
      (command_loop_1): Test echo_areA_message.
      (read_char): Ditto.
      (record_menu_key): Set echo_area_message to nil.
      (Fexecute_extended_command): Test echo_area_message.
      (Fexecute_extended_command): Handle echo_area_message.
      (toolbar_items): Call access_keymap with third
      parameter 1, so that we don't get inherited toolbar item
      (kbd_buffer_get_event): Set flag to prevent recording
      TOOLBAR_EVENT events in last_nonmenu_event.
      (timer_check): Inhibit busy cursor around calls to
      timer-event-handler.  This busy cursor tends to be anoying if
      fontifying stealthily.
      (command_loop_1): Display busy cursor.
      (Vshow_help_function): New.
      (read_char): Use it.
      (make_lispy_event): Add string and string position
      info to mouse-click events.
      (read_key_sequence): Handle `local-map' property of mode line
      (Qend_scroll): New.
      (scroll_bar_parts): Add it.
      (scroll_bar_parts): Add Qtop and Qbottom.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Add Qbottom.
      (make_lispy_event): Handle scroll_bar_click
      differently when using toolkit scroll bars.
      (cmd_error_internal): Bug fix.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Staticpro toolbar_item_properties
      and toolbar_items_vectors.
      (Qhelp_echo): New symbol.
      (read_char): Handle `toolbar' and `help_echo' events.
      (kbd_buffer_get_event): Handle HELP_ECHO input event.
      (make_lispy_event): Handle TOOLBAR_EVENT.
      (toolbar_items): New.
      (process_toolbar_item): New.
      (PROP): New.
      (init_toolbar_items): New.
      (append_toolbar_item): New.
      (read_char_x_menu_prompt): Handle `toolbar' event.
      (read_key_sequence): Ditto.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Intern `:help'.
      (toolbar_items): New.
      (process_toolbar_item): New.
      (parse_toolbar_item): New.
      (init_toolbar_items): New.
      (append_toolbar_item): New.
      (detect_input_pending_run_timers): Likewise.
      (detect_input_pending_run_timers): Call gobble_input
      after redisplaying.
      (clear_waiting_for_input): Return void.
      (record_asynch_buffer_change): Return void.
      (stop_polling): Return void.
      (start_polling): Ditto.
      (cmd_error_internal): Write to stderr if selected
      frame is Vterminal_frame under X.  This is the case when a font
      cannot be loaded when Emacs starts.  Replace test for
      FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF with test for glyphs_initialized_p.
      (quit_throw_to_read_char): Ditto.
      (make_lispy_event): mouse clicks; don't do frame
      glyph position calculations.
      (make_lispy_movement): Use buffer_posn_from_coords and window
      relative coordinates.
      (make_lispy_event): For mouse clicks, use
      (make_lispy_event): Use BUFFER_POSN_FROM_COORDS
      with window relative pixel coordinates.  Use GLYPH_TO_PIXEL_-
      COORDS mit new arguments.
      (make_lispy_event): WINDOW_FROM_COORDINATES with
      pixel coords.
      (make_lispy_movement): Same.
      (interrupt_signal): Cursor_to with 4 params.
      (command_loop_1): Call DIRECT_OUTPUT_FOR_INSERT
      for any character.
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  22. 02 Dec, 1998 1 commit
    • Geoff Voelker's avatar
      (Qlanguage_change): New variable. · 1161d367
      Geoff Voelker authored
      (syms_of_keyboard): Init it.
      (kbd_buffer_get_event) [WINDOWSNT]: Generate language-change
      (lispy_function_keys) [HAVE_NTGUI]: Remove names for modifier
      keys; add name for Escape key; extend to 256 elements.
      (parse_modifiers): Make non-static.
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    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Freset_this_command_lengths): Return nil. · 6e5742a0
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (read_char): [All these changes are in the input method code.]
      Process and clear before_command_restore_flag before the input method.
      Save and restore ok_to_echo_at_next_pause and
      Save, copy and empty this_command_keys, if it is not empty.
      Clear the echo area before the input method.
      Then in all cases restore this_command_keys, and reenable echoing
      if it was enabled before.
  31. 10 Aug, 1998 1 commit
  32. 08 Aug, 1998 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Vthis_command): Renamed from this_command. · d5eecefb
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (real_this_command): New variable, but not a Lisp variable;
      updated like Vthis_command, but never altered by Lisp programs.
      (command_loop_1): Use real_this_command to set Vreal_last_command.
      (read_char): When input method returns no chars, call cancel_echoing.
      Restore the previous echo area message and this_command_keys, too.
      (Vinput_method_previous_message): New variable.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Set up lisp variable.
      (Qinput_method_exit_on_first_char, Qinput_method_use_echo_area): New variables.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Initialize them.
      (Fread_key_sequence): New arg COMMAND_LOOP.
      Bind those variables.
  33. 27 Jul, 1998 1 commit
  34. 26 Jul, 1998 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (Qinput_method_function): New variable. · 7d18f9ae
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (syms_of_keyboard): Init and staticpro it.
      (read_key_sequence): Bind input-method-function,
      and set it to nil after reading the first event.
      (raw_keybuf, raw_keybuf_count): New variables, to record
      raw input events as they are read with read_char.
      (GROW_RAW_KEYBUF): New macro.
      (Fthis_single_command_raw_keys): New function.
      (syms_of_keyboard): defsubr it.
      (read_char): Call the input method if appropriate.
      Change logic for distinguishing rereads from new events;
      use local var `reread'.  Take events from
      Vunread_input_method_events and Vunread_post_input_method_events.
      (Vunread_input_method_events, Vunread_post_input_method_events)
      (Vinput_method_function): New variable.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Set up Lisp vars.
      (command_loop_1): Check Vunread_input_method_events and
      Vunread_post_input_method_events along with Vunread_command_events.
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  38. 07 Jun, 1998 1 commit
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (cmd_error): Init Vlast_prefix_arg. · 75045dcb
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (init_kboard, command_loop_1): Init Vlast_prefix_arg.
      (Fcommand_execute): Set Vlast_prefix_arg to prefix arg used.
      (command_loop_1): Set Vreal_last_command with Vlast_command.
      (init_kboard): Init Vreal_last_command field.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Set up Lisp var real-last-command.
      (lispy_function_keys): Add kanji...eisu-toggle.
  39. 02 Jun, 1998 1 commit