1. 14 Jun, 2007 2 commits
  2. 13 Jun, 2007 7 commits
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      (rcirc-format-response-string): Use rcirc-nick-syntax · 195eca78
      Stefan Monnier authored
      around bright and dim regexps. Make sure bright and dim matches
      use word anchors.  Send text through rcirc-markup functions.
      (rcirc-url-regexp): Add single quote character.
      (rcirc-connect): Write logs to disk on auto-save-hook.
      Make server a non-optional argument.
      (rcirc-log-alist): New variable.
      (rcirc-log-directory): Make customizable.
      (rcirc-log-flag): New customizable variable.
      (rcirc-log): New function.
      (rcirc-print): Use above function.
      (rcirc-log-write): New function.
      (rcirc-generate-new-buffer-name): Strip text properties.
      (rcirc-switch-to-buffer-function): Remove variable.
      (rcirc-last-non-irc-buffer): Remove variable.
      (rcirc-non-irc-buffer): Add function.
      (rcirc-next-active-buffer): Use above function.
      (rcirc-keepalive): Send KEEPALIVE ctcp instead of a PING.
      (rcirc-handler-ctcp-KEEPALIVE): Add handler.
      (rcirc-handler-CTCP): Don't print KEEPALIVE responses.
      (rcirc-omit-mode): Add minor-mode.
      (rcirc-mode-map): Change C-c C-o binding.
      (rcirc-mode): Clear mode-line-process. Use a custom
      fill-paragraph-function.  Set up buffer-invisibility-spec.
      (rcirc-response-formats): Remove timestamp code.
      (rcirc-omit-responses): Add variable.
      (rcirc-print): Don't put the overlay arrow on potentially omitted
      lines.  Log line to disk.  Record activity for private messages
      from /dim nicks.  Facify the fill-prefix with rcirc-timestamp face.
      (rcirc-jump-to-first-unread-line): Print message if there is no
      unread text.
      (rcirc-clear-unread): New function.
      (rcirc-markup-text-functions): Add variable.
      (rcirc-markup-timestamp, rcirc-markup-fill): Add functions.
      (rcirc-debug): Don't mess with window configuration.
      (rcirc-send-message): Send message before printing locally.
      Add SILENT argument, do not print message if non-nil.
      (rcirc-visible-buffers): New function and variable.
      (rcirc-window-configuration-change-1): Add function.
      (rcirc-target-buffer): Make sure ACTIONs don't get sent to the
      server buffer.
      (rcirc-clean-up-buffer): Set rcirc-target to nil when finished.
      (rcirc-fill-paragraph): Add function.
      (rcirc-record-activity, rcirc-window-configuration-change-1):
      Only update the activity string if it has actually changed.
      (rcirc-update-activity-string): Remove padding characters from the
      mode-line string.
      (rcirc-disconnect-buffer): New function to be called when a
      channel is parted or the user quits.
      (rcirc-server-name): Warn when the server-name hasn't been set.
      (rcirc-window-configuration-change): Postpone work until
      (rcirc-window-configuration-change-1): Update mode-line and
      overlay arrows here.
      (rcirc-authenticate): Fix chanserv identification.
      (rcirc-default-server): Remove variable.
      (rcirc): Connect according to rcirc-connections.
      (rcirc-connections): Add variable.
      (rcirc-startup-channels-alist): Remove variable.
      (rcirc-startup-channels): Remove function.
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      Remove unneeded * from docstrings. Use [:alpha:] & [:alnum:] where applicable. · 4f3a3368
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (sh-quoted-subshell): Rewrite to handle nested mixes of `...` and $(...).
      (sh-apply-quoted-subshell): Remove.
      (sh-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): Adjust call to sh-quoted-subshell.
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      * subr.el (user-emacs-directory): New defconst. · 1d5c7d45
      Chong Yidong authored
      * cmuscheme.el (scheme-start-file): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * shell.el (shell): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * completion.el (save-completions-file-name): Use
      * custom.el (custom-theme-directory): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * term/x-win.el (emacs-session-filename): Use
      * filesets.el (filesets-menu-cache-file): Use
      * thumbs.el (thumbs-thumbsdir): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * server.el (server-auth-dir): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * image-dired.el (image-dired-dir): Use user-emacs-directory.
      (image-dired-db-file): Likewise.
      (image-dired-temp-image-file): Likewise.
      (image-dired-gallery-dir): Likewise.
      (image-dired-temp-rotate-image-file): Likewise.
      * play/gamegrid.el (gamegrid-user-score-file-directory): Use
      * savehist.el (savehist-file): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * tutorial.el (tutorial--saved-dir): Use user-emacs-directory.
      * startup.el (auto-save-list-file-prefix): Use
  3. 12 Jun, 2007 13 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · c13f8e66
      Juanma Barranquero authored
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      2007-06-12 Michael Kifer <kifer@cs.stonybrook.edu> · 77c57270
      Michael Kifer authored
      	* ediff-ptch.el (ediff-context-diff-label-regexp): spurious
      	* ediff-init.el: doc strings.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (byte-compile-current-group): New var. · b8104a2b
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (byte-compile-file): Bind it.
      (byte-compile-nogroup-warn): Use it to avoid spurious warnings when the
      group argument is provided implicitly.
      (byte-compile-format-warn, byte-compile-from-buffer)
      (byte-compile-insert-header): Don't hardcode point-min==1.
      (byte-compile-file-form-require): Remove unused var old-load-list.
      (byte-compile-eval): Remove unused vars old-autoloads and hist-nil-new.
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      *** empty log message *** · 0794ad3b
      Juanma Barranquero authored
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      2007-06-12 Michael Kifer <kifer@cs.stonybrook.edu> · ac64a728
      Michael Kifer authored
      	* viper-cmd.el (viper-prefix-arg-com,viper-prefix-arg-value): display
      	error messages
      	get rid of cl.el dependencies.
      	* viper-init.el (viper-suppress-input-method-change-message): new
      	use viper-suppress-input-method-change-message.
      	* viper-kem.el (viper-vi-basic-map): disable the bindings for C-s, C-r.
      	* viper-util.el (viper-set-cursor-color-according-to-state): use
      	viper-replace-overlay-cursor-color instead of
      	(viper-sit-for-short): use sit-for with 3 arguments.
      	* viper.el (viper-insert-state-mode-list): add gud-mode.
      	(viper-major-mode-modifier-list): add viper-comint-mode-modifier-map to
      	* ediff-mult.el
      	new variables.
      	(ediff-meta-buffer-message): variable deleted.
      	(ediff-verbose-help-enabled): new variable.
      	(ediff-toggle-verbose-help-meta-buffer): new function.
      	(ediff-redraw-directory-group-buffer): made aware of short/verbose
      	message options
      	* ediff-ptch.el (ediff-context-diff-label-regexp): better regexp.
      	(ediff-fixup-patch-map): improved heuristic.
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      (log-view-file-re, log-view-message-re): Use \(?1:...\). · 95588f91
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (log-view-font-lock-keywords): Simplify.
      (log-view-current-file, log-view-current-tag): Simplify.
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      (desktop-load-locked-desktop): New option. · 1f7efe1b
      Juanma Barranquero authored
      (desktop-read): Use it.
      (desktop-truncate, desktop-outvar, desktop-restore-file-buffer): Use `when'.
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      (desktop-save-mode-off): New function. · e88110db
      Juanma Barranquero authored
      (desktop-base-lock-name, desktop-not-loaded-hook): New variables.
      (desktop-full-lock-name, desktop-file-modtime, desktop-owner,
      desktop-claim-lock, desktop-release-lock): New functions.
      (desktop-kill): Tell `desktop-save' that this is the last save.
      Release the lock afterwards.
      (desktop-buffer-info): New function.
      (desktop-save): Use it.  Run `desktop-save-hook' where the doc says to.
      Detect conflicts, and manage the lock.
      (desktop-read): Detect conflicts.  Manage the lock.
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      (tpu-gold-map): Rename from GOLD-map. · 86dd4d03
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (tpu-lucid-emacs-p): Remove.  Use (featurep 'xemacs) instead.
      (CSI-map, GOLD-CSI-map, GOLD-SS3-map, SS3-map):	Delete vars.
      (tpu-gold-map, tpu-global-map): Add all the SS3 and CSI bindings, using
      keysyms rather than byte sequences.
      (tpu-copy-keyfile): Don't force the user to use tpu-mapper.el.
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