1. 24 May, 2006 15 commits
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      startup.el (command-line): For names of preloaded files, don't append · 33d74677
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      ".elc" (now done in Fload), and call file-truename on the lisp directory.
      subr.el (eval-after-load): Fix the doc-string.  Allow FILE to match ANY
      loaded file with the right name, not just those in load-path.  Put a
      regexp matching the file name into after-load-alist, rather than the name
      subr.el: New functions load-history-regexp,
      load-history-filename-element, do-after-load-evaluation.
      international/mule.el (load-with-code-conversion): Do the eval-after-load
      stuff by calling do-after-load-evaluation.
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      *** empty log message *** · a62c3993
      Nick Roberts authored
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      *** empty log message *** · e4dff88d
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
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      (TYPE_FILE_NAME): Change from macro to enumerator. · fed1453a
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      (KEY_EMACS_SUSPENSION_ID_ATTR): New enumerator.
      (keyReplyRequestedAttr) [MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED < 1030]: Likewise.
      (gestaltSystemVersionMajor, gestaltSystemVersionMinor)
      (gestaltSystemVersionBugFix) [MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED < 1040]:
      (typeUTF8Text, kEventParamWindowMouseLocation)
      [MAC_OSX && MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED < 1020]: Likewise.
      (x_get_focus_frame, mac_ae_put_lisp): Add externs.
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      (fn_keycode_to_keycode_table, XTread_socket) [MAC_OSX]: · a16ac624
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      Fix last change.  Don't map `fn' modifier if pressed with F1 ... F12.
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      (Qemacs_suspension_id): New variable. · 0ffd2c76
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      (syms_of_macselect): Intern and staticpro it.
      (struct suspended_ae_info): New struct.
      (deferred_apple_events, defer_apple_events)
      (Fmac_process_deferred_apple_events): Use it.
      (suspended_apple_events): New variable.
      (mac_handle_apple_event_1): New function.
      (mac_handle_apple_event): Use it.  Don't process previously
      suspended events.
      (cleanup_suspended_apple_events, get_suspension_id)n
      (cleanup_all_suspended_apple_events): New functions.
      (init_apple_event_handler): Call cleanup_all_suspended_apple_events
      at exit.
      (Fmac_cleanup_expired_apple_events, Fmac_ae_set_reply_parameter)
      (Fmac_resume_apple_event): New defuns.
      (syms_of_macselect): Defsubr them.
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    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
      (ae_attr_table): New variable. · 2015c1f0
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      (syms_of_mac): Intern and staticpro its elements.
      (mac_aelist_to_lisp): Also convert Apple event attributes.
      (mac_ae_put_lisp): New function.
      (create_apple_event_from_event_ref) [MAC_OSX]: Use typeUTF8Text.
    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
      Set idle timer to clean up expired Apple events. · dc47c824
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
      (mac-ae-get-url): Redispatch Apple event on unknown scheme.
      (mac-dispatch-apple-event): Resume Apple event if it is suspended.
      Optionally set error message in reply.
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      (section{Motion}): Added the item navigation · 69da8f94
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(section{Publishing}): New section.
      	(section{Links}): Documented elisp and shell links.
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      *** empty log message *** · e8166ad7
      Carsten Dominik authored
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      (Plain lists): Added new item navigation commands. · 8ef8f2e6
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(External links): Documented elisp and info links.
      	(Custom searches): New section.
      	(Publishing): New chapter.
      	(HTML export): Include a list of supported CSS classes.
      	(Setting tags): Describe the fast-tag-setting interface.
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      (org-open-at-point): Use renamed variable · 4b3a9ba7
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(org-confirm-shell-link-function): Renamed from
      	(org-export-directory): New function.
      	(org-export-as-ascii, org-export-as-html, org-export-as-xoxo)
      	(org-export-icalendar): Use `org-export-directory'.
      	(org-indent-item): Keep cursor position.
      	(org-link-file-path-type): New option.
      	(org-export-as-html): Fixed bug with plain lists starting in
      	column 0.
      	(org-export-as-html): Removed deadline formatting, this happens
      	now already in `org-html-handle-time-stamps'.
      	(org-export-html-style): Deadline class removed.
      	(org-insert-labeled-timestamps-at-point): New option.
      	(org-cycle, org-occur, org-scan-tags): Use `org-overview' instead
      	of `hide-sublevels 1', in case the first headline is not level 1.
      	(org-overview, org-content): New fuction.
      	(org-cycle-global-status, org-cycle-subtree-status): Make these
      	variables buffer-local.
      	(org-global-cycle): New command.
      	(org-shifttab): Use `org-global-cycle'.
      	(org-insert-heading, org-insert-item): Go to end of new
      	headline/item after creating it.
      	(org-export-visible): Renames from `org-export-copy-visible'.  Now
      	creates a temporary org-file and applies an exporting command to
      	(org-table-eval-formula): Support for lisp forms.
      	(org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled): New option.
      	(org-agenda-get-todos): Use new option
      	(org-export-html-inline-images): New value `maybe'.
      	(org-export-as-html): Inlining of images dependent on link
      	(org-archive-subtree): Check for end-of-buffer before trying
      	(org-agenda-follow-mode): New option.
      	(org-export-with-tags, org-export-with-timestamps): New options.
      	(org-html-handle-time-stamps): New function.
      	(org-keyword-time-regexp): New variable.
      	(org-agenda-get-todos): Use `org-agenda-todo-list-sublevels'.
      	(org-agenda-todo-list-sublevels): New option.
      	(org-html-level-start): When TITLE is nil, just close all levels.
      	(org-parse-key-lines, org-parse-export-options): Functions
      	removed, replaced by `org-infile-export-plist'.
      	(org-combine-plists, org-infile-export-plist)
      	(org-default-export-plist): New functions.
      	(org-export-html-preamble, org-export-html-postamble)
      	(org-export-html-auto-preamble, org-export-html-auto-postamble):
      	New variables.
      	(org-export-publishing-directory): New option.
      	(org-export-as-html, org-export-as-ascii): Use the new property
      	lists for settings.
      	(org-export-copy-visible, org-export-as-xoxo): Respect
      	(org-link-search, org-store-link, org-file-apps): Support for
      	links to BibTeX database entries..
      	(org-get-current-options, org-set-regexps-and-options): Implement
      	logging as a startup option.
      	(org-store-link): Make sure context string is never empty
      	(org-insert-link): Use relative path when possible.
      	(org-at-item-checklet-p): New function.
      	(org-shifttab, org-shiftmetaleft, org-shiftmetaright)
      	(org-shiftmetaup, org-shiftmetadown, org-metaleft)
      	(org-metaright, org-metaup, org-metadown, org-shiftup)
      	(org-shiftdown, org-shiftright, org-shiftleft)
      	(org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c, org-cycle, org-return, org-meta-return):
      	Dispatch using `call-interactively'.
      	(org-call-with-arg): New defsubst.
      	(org-tag-alist, org-use-fast-tag-selection): New options.
      	(org-complete): Use `org-tag-alist'.
      	(org-fast-tag-insert, org-fast-tag-selection): New functions.
      	(org-next-item, org-previous-item): New commands.
      	(org-beginning-of-item, org-end-of-item): Added (interactive) to
      	make command.
      	(org-shiftup, org-shiftdown): Accommodate the item-navigation commands.
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      *** empty log message *** · 55815819
      Richard M. Stallman authored
  2. 23 May, 2006 19 commits
  3. 22 May, 2006 6 commits