1. 04 May, 2019 5 commits
  2. 03 May, 2019 12 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Skip tests if test subdir is missing · b5376e0e
      Paul Eggert authored
      Problem reported by Jeffrey Walton in:
      * Makefile.in (CHECK_TARGETS): New macro; use it
      to simplify 'check' and similar rules.
      ($(CHECK_TARGETS)): If tests are missing, do not fail
      after issuing a diagnostic.  Just skip the tests.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Modernize INSTALL a bit · dae48fae
      Paul Eggert authored
      * INSTALL: Omit filesystem space estimates.  These estimates
      were (1) wrong and (2) no longer important nowadays, as people
      have plenty of space.  Instead, start with how to get and
      unpack an Emacs tarball.  Don’t say "disk" as it’s often not
      disk nowadays.  Update URLs.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Simplify use of NDEBUG in etags.c · 6caf9be6
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lib-src/etags.c [!DEBUG]: Do not define NDEBUG,
      as that’s conf_post.h’s job now.
      [NDEBUG]: Do not redefine ‘assert’, as that works around
      ancient bugs (e.g., sunos4 pcc) that don’t matter any more,
      as can be seen that other Emacs source files that successfully
      use assert.h without this workaround.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Pacify librsvg 2.45.1 and later · da3897ab
      Paul Eggert authored
      * src/image.c (svg_load_image): Pacify librsvg 2.45.1 and later,
      and add a FIXME comment about the deprecated librsvg functions.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Simplify xd_signature to pacify GCC 9 · 74e17c23
      Paul Eggert authored
      * src/dbusbind.c (xd_signature): Use simpler way to set up
      the subsignature.  This also pacifies GCC 9 on Fedora 30 x86-64.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Update from Gnulib · 57a1d378
      Paul Eggert authored
      This incorporates:
      2019-05-03 Port manywarnings to GCC 9
      * m4/manywarnings.m4: Copy from Gnulib.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Add tests for remote files in auto-revert-tests · d0fe28cb
      Michael Albinus authored
      * lisp/autorevert.el (auto-revert-debug): New defvar.
      (auto-revert-notify-handler): Write traces.
      * lisp/filenotify.el (file-notify-debug): New defvar.
      (file-notify-handle-event, file-notify-callback): Write traces.
      * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-vc-registered):
      Handle nil `vc-handled-backends'.
      * test/lisp/autorevert-tests.el
      (auto-revert-test-remote-temporary-file-directory): New defconst.
      (auto-revert--test-enabled-remote-checked): New defvar.
      (auto-revert--test-enabled-remote): New defun.
      (auto-revert--wait-for-revert): Rewrite without timeout.
      (auto-revert--deftest-remote): New defmacro.
      (auto-revert-test02-auto-revert-deleted-file): Adapt for remote files.
      Use `auto-revert-debug' for debug messages.
      (auto-revert-test04-auto-revert-mode-dired-mode-remote): New tests.
      * test/lisp/filenotify-tests.el (file-notify--test-event-handler):
      Use `file-notify-debug' for debug messages.
    • Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar
      Fix Gnus inline attachment decoding (bug#35507) · 24a1d5a0
      Basil L. Contovounesios authored
      Proposed by Andy Moreton <andrewjmoreton@gmail.com>
      and Noam Postavsky <npostavs@gmail.com>.
      * lisp/gnus/mm-view.el (mm-display-inline-fontify): Always decode
      handle text, falling back on 'undecided' coding system.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/server.el: Cosmetic changes · b663c837
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Remove redundant :group args.
      (server-temp-file-regexp): Fix ^$ to  \`\'.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Improve documentation of 'isearch-regexp-function' · d5497ec3
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-regexp-function): Doc fix.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      ; Fix declaration in tramp-compat.el · 8b0cb7b2
      Michael Albinus authored
    • Alexander Gramiak's avatar
      Refactor update_window_begin and update_window_end hooks · 9ae94ebd
      Alexander Gramiak authored
      * src/dispnew.c (gui_update_window_begin, gui_update_window_end): New
      procedures implementing common functionality.
      * src/nsterm.m: (ns_update_window_begin, ns_update_window_end):
      * src/xterm.c: (x_update_window_begin, x_update_window_end): Remove in
      favor of only using the new generic versions.
      * src/w32term.c: (w32_update_window_begin, w32_update_window_end):
      Remove duplicated and unused code.
  3. 02 May, 2019 13 commits
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      Allow project-find-regexp'ing inside an ignored dir · 1cd4a5e5
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project-find-regexp): Don't pass
      project's ignores to project--files-in-directory.  The FILES glob
      should be enough, and we don't want to prohibit searching inside
      ignored directories this way (it can be counter-intuitive).
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      (xref--mouse-2): Fix not to jump to the next line · f2b395c4
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref--mouse-2): Fix not to jump to the
      next line.
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      Fix an "empty identifier" problem · 5ff4bfae
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref--read-identifier): Abort on empty
      input if there is no default
    • Alan Mackenzie's avatar
      Fix fontification of first item in CC Mode macro without parentheses · d9f62fce
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-find-decl-prefix-search): Handle the new
      matching possibility (of a #define construct) in the new
      (c-find-decl-spots): Allow the initial search for an in-macro starting point
      settle on the # of #define, to facilitate the regexp matching in
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-anchored-hash-define-no-parens): New lang
      (c-literal-start-regexp): Correct what was always supposed to be a "generic
      string" regexp element.
      (c-decl-prefix-or-start-re): Enhance also to match "#define <identifier>".
      (c-dposr-cpp-macro-depth): New lang variable and lang constant.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Add TEXT and POINTERS together · 17a72298
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Rather than adding POINTERS and TEXT separately to footnote--markers-alist,
      add them together, so we don't need footnote--first-text-marker because
      the TEXT part is never nil.
      (footnote--insert-numbered-footnote): Return marker.
      (footnote--insert-text-marker, footnote--insert-pointer-marker):
      Delete functions.
      (footnote--insert-markers): New function to replace them.
      (footnote--insert-footnote): Adjust accordingly.
      Simplify pointless `unless`.
      (footnote--first-text-marker): Remove.  Replace all calls by
      (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)) or just footnote--markers-alist.
    • Alan Mackenzie's avatar
      CC Mode: Fix multiline block comments in macros. · 39acaff5
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      In particulr, handle multiline block comments whose newlines are not escaped.
      There is an example of this in #define EXTRA_CONTEXT_FIELDS in editfns.c.
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-macro, c-end-of-macro): Enclose
      the loops scanning escaped newlines with outer loops which check
      heuristically for, respectively, a block comment ender and a block comment
      starter on the lines we end up on.  (A rigorous syntactic check would be too
      slow, here.)
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-last-c-comment-end-on-line-re)
      (c-last-open-c-comment-start-on-line-re): New language constants/variables.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Tweak markers convention · 3fa9c9f7
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Instead of using markers that are sometimes before and sometimes after
      the [...] and using `insert-before-markers` to make sure those that are
      are before stay before, always place them before, and make them
      "move after"so they stay with their [...] without the need for
      (footnote--current-regexp): Add arg to match previous style.
      Include the start/end "tags" in the regexp.  Adjust all callers.
      (footnote--markers-alist): Change position of POINTERS.
      (footnote--refresh-footnotes, footnote--renumber)
      (footnote--make-hole, footnote-delete-footnote)
      (footnote-back-to-message): Adjust accordingly, mostly by using
      `looking-at` instead of `looking-back`.
      (footnote--make-hole): Always return footnote nb to use.
      (footnote-add-footnote): Simplify call accordingly.
      * test/lisp/mail/footnote-tests.el: New file.
    • Sam Steingold's avatar
    • Sam Steingold's avatar
      tetris-null-map: bind "q" to `quit-window` · c555d10d
      Sam Steingold authored
    • Mattias Engdegård's avatar
      Small code clean-up of file-notify-add-watch · e13b8c0e
      Mattias Engdegård authored
      * lisp/filenotify.el (file-notify-add-watch):
      Clearly separate backend-specific code from the rest, and simplify.
      (file-notify--add-watch-inotify, file-notify--add-watch-kqueue)
      (file-notify--add-watch-w32notify, file-notify--add-watch-gfilenotify):
      New functions.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Use dolist and hoist regexps out of loops · 0efaae78
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (footnote--refresh-footnotes): Use pcase-dolist; compute regexp once
      outside of the loops.  Use less confusing `literal` arg to `replace-match`
      and specify `fixedcase` since footnote--index-to-string already chose
      the proper case for us.
      (footnote--renumber): Use dolist; compute regexp once
      outside of the loops; shortcircuit when number is unchanged.
      (footnote--text-under-cursor): Rewrite.
      (footnote--make-hole): Use dolist.
      (footnote-add-footnote): CSE.
      (footnote-delete-footnote): Use dolist; compute regexp once
      outside of the loop.
      (footnote-delete-footnote): Don't renumber if there's no footnote left.
      (footnote-renumber-footnotes): Use dolist.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Fix tramp-compat-file-name-quoted-p · cd3a7f35
      Michael Albinus authored
      * lisp/net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-file-local-name)
      (tramp-compat-file-name-quoted-p): Declare them.
      (top): Do not use `eval-and-compile'.
      (tramp-compat-file-name-quoted-p): Check also func-arity of
  4. 01 May, 2019 7 commits
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Consolidate the two marker-alists · 4299e5ef
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Consolidate footnote-text-marker-alist and footnote-pointer-marker-alist
      into a single footnote--markers-alist.
      (footnote--markers-alist): New var.
      (footnote-text-marker-alist, footnote-pointer-marker-alist): Delete vars.
      (footnote--refresh-footnotes, footnote--text-under-cursor)
      (footnote--calc-fn-alignment-column, footnote-add-footnote)
      (footnote-goto-footnote, footnote-back-to-message): Adjust accordingly.
      (footnote--make-hole, footnote-delete-footnote)
      (footnote-renumber-footnotes): Simplify accordingly.
      (footnote-cycle-style): Indicate style name in echo area.
      (footnote--renumber): Take a single `alist-elem` arg instead of
      `pointer-alist` and `text-alist`.
      (footnote--insert-text-marker, footnote--insert-pointer-marker):
      Add to footnote--markers-alist instead.
      (footnote--first-text-marker): New function.
      (footnote--get-area-point-min): Use it.
      footnote--goto-first): New function.
      (footnote--insert-footnote): Use it.
      (footnote-style-number): Use defvar-local.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Minor simplifications · c9b820dd
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Remove redundant :group args.
      (footnote-mode-hook): Let define-minor-mode define it.
      (footnote--style-p): Delete function.
      (footnote--index-to-string): Inline it instead, and simplify.
      (footnote-cycle-style): Use a pointer into the alist as the "index"
      instead of a number.
      (footnote-set-style): Use footnote-style-alist as the completion table.
      Prefer `assq` over `footnote--assoc-index`.
      (footnote--assoc-index): Delete function.
      (footnote--renumber): Remove first (unused) argument; Adjust all callers.
      (footnote--sort): Use car-less-than-car.
    • Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el: Better handle instrumentation of `end-of-defun` · 9e8e3975
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Remove redundant :group args.
      (edebug-read-top-level-form): Let-bind edebug-active.
      (edebug-active): Move before this new first use.
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    • Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files. · 7124fec0
      Glenn Morris authored
  5. 30 Apr, 2019 3 commits