1. 12 Aug, 2012 1 commit
  2. 11 Aug, 2012 2 commits
  3. 10 Aug, 2012 1 commit
  4. 07 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Revert and cleanup Lisp_Cons, Lisp_Misc and Lisp_Symbol things. · c644523b
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h (struct Lisp_Symbol): Change xname to meaningful
      name since all xname users are fixed long time ago.  Do not use
      (set_symbol_name, set_symbol_function, set_symbol_plist):
      (set_symbol_next, set_overlay_plist): New function.
      (struct Lisp_Cons): Do not use INTERNAL_FIELD.
      (struct Lisp_Overlay): Likewise.
      (CVAR, MVAR, SVAR): Remove.
      * src/alloc.c, src/buffer.c, src/buffer.h, src/bytecode.c:
      * src/cmds.c, src/data.c, src/doc.c, src/eval.c, src/fns.c:
      * src/keyboard.c, src/lread.c, src/nsselect.m, src/xterm.c:
      Adjust users.
      * src/.gdbinit: Change to use name field of struct Lisp_Symbol
      where appropriate.
      * admin/coccinelle/overlay.cocci, admin/coccinelle/symbol.cocci:
  5. 06 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (GNU_LIBRARY_PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT): Remove.
      (DISPNEW_NEEDS_STDIO_EXT): New define.
      Let configure handle it.
      (stdio_ext.h) [DISPNEW_NEEDS_STDIO_EXT]: Include it.
      * nt/config.nt (GNU_LIBRARY_PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT): Remove.
      (PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT): Define it as dispnew.c used to.
  6. 02 Aug, 2012 3 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Misc updates for CPP-DEFINES · 8922df07
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove files that no longer exist · 2a194dcc
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Port to Solaris 8. · 13294f95
      Paul Eggert authored
      Without this change, 'configure' fails because the recently-added
      wait3 prototype in config.h messes up later 'configure' tests.
      Fix this problem by droping wait3 and WRETCODE, as they're
      no longer needed on hosts that are current porting targets.
      * configure.ac (wait3, WRETCODE): Remove, fixing a FIXME.
      All uses changed to waitpid and WEXITSTATUS.
      * src/syswait.h (WRETCODE): Remove, consistently with ../configure.ac.
  7. 01 Aug, 2012 5 commits
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Use INTERNAL_FIELD for conses and overlays. · d8a05828
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h (struct Lisp_Cons): Use INTERNAL_FIELD.
      Remove obsolete comment.
      (MVAR): New macro.
      (struct Lisp_Overlay): Use INTERNAL_FIELD.
      * src/alloc.c, src/buffer.c, src/buffer.h, src/fns.c: Adjust users.
      * admin/coccinelle/overlay.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to Lisp_Object members of struct Lisp_Overlay to MVAR.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Use INTERNAL_FIELD for symbols. · 8271d590
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h (SVAR): New macro.  Adjust users.
      * src/alloc.c, src/bytecode.c, src/cmds.c, src/data.c, src/doc.c, src/eval.c:
      * src/fns.c, src/keyboard.c, src/lread.c, src/xterm.c: Users changed.
      * admin/coccinelle/symbol.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to Lisp_Object members of struct Lisp_Symbol to SVAR.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Use INTERNAL_FIELD for processes. · 3193acd2
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/process.h (PVAR): New macro.  Adjust style.
      (struct Lisp_Process): Change Lisp_Object members to INTERNAL_FIELD.
      * src/print.c, src/process.c, src/sysdep.c, src/w32.c:
      * src/xdisp.c: Users changed.
      * admin/coccinelle/process.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to Lisp_Object members of struct Lisp_Process to PVAR.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Use INTERNAL_FIELD for windows. · 3a45383a
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/window.h (WVAR): New macro.
      (struct window): Change Lisp_Object members to INTERNAL_FIELD.
      * src/alloc.c, src/buffer.c, src/composite.c, src/dispextern.h:
      * src/dispnew.c, src/editfns.c, src/fileio.c, src/font.c, src/fontset.c:
      * src/frame.c, src/frame.h, src/fringe.c, src/indent.c, src/insdel.c:
      * src/keyboard.c, src/keymap.c, src/lisp.h, src/minibuf.c, src/nsterm.m:
      * src/print.c, src/textprop.c, src/w32fns.c, src/w32menu.c, src/w32term.c:
      * src/window.c, src/xdisp.c, src/xfaces.c, src/xfns.c, src/xmenu.c:
      * src/xterm.c: Users changed.
      * admin/coccinelle/window.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to Lisp_Object members of struct window to WVAR.
  8. 31 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Generalize INTERNAL_FIELD between buffers, keyboards and frames. · e34f7f79
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h (INTERNAL_FIELD): New macro.
      * src/buffer.h (BUFFER_INTERNAL_FIELD): Removed.
      (BVAR): Change to use INTERNAL_FIELD.
      * src/keyboard.h (KBOARD_INTERNAL_FIELD): Likewise.
      (KVAR): Change to use INTERNAL_FIELD.
      * src/frame.h (FVAR): New macro.
      (struct frame): Use INTERNAL_FIELD for all Lisp_Object fields.
      * src/alloc.c, src/buffer.c, src/data.c, src/dispnew.c, src/dosfns.c
      * src/eval.c, src/frame.c, src/fringe.c, src/gtkutil.c, src/minibuf.c
      * src/nsfns.m, src/nsterm.m, src/print.c, src/term.c, src/w32fns.c
      * src/w32menu.c, src/w32term.c, src/window.c, src/window.h, src/xdisp.c
      * src/xfaces.c, src/xfns.c, src/xmenu.c, src/xterm.c: Users changed.
      * admin/coccinelle/frame.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to Lisp_Object members of struct frame to FVAR.
  9. 30 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  10. 28 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Use Gnulib stdalign and environ modules (Bug#9772, Bug#9960). · e32a5799
      Paul Eggert authored
      * .bzrignore: Add lib/stdalign.h.
      * config.bat: Do not set NO_DECL_ALIGN; no longer needed.
      Copy lib/stdalign.in.h to lib/stdalign.in-h as needed.
      * configure.ac (HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED): Remove the code that
      fiddles with this, as gnulib now does this for us.
      * admin/merge-gnulib: Add environ, stdalign.
      * m4/environ.m4: New file, from gnulib.
      * lib/gnulib.mk, m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Regenerate.
      * lib/stdalign.in.h, m4/stdalign.m4: New files, from gnulib.
      * sed2v2.inp (HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED): Remove edit.
      * sedlibmk.inp (STDALIGN_H, @GL_GENERATE_STDALIGN_H_TRUE@)
      * nt/config.nt (HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED): Remove.
      * src/alloc.c (XMALLOC_BASE_ALIGNMENT, GC_POINTER_ALIGNMENT, pure_alloc):
      Simplify by using alignof.
      (pure_alloc) [! USE_LSB_TAG]: Don't over-align EMACS_INT values.
      * src/lisp.h: Include <stdalign.h>.
      (GCALIGNMENT): New macro and constant.
      (DECL_ALIGN): Remove.  All uses replaced by alignas (GCALIGN...
  11. 25 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  12. 20 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Simple wrapper for make_unibyte_string, adjust font_open_by_name. · d7ea76b4
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h (build_unibyte_string): New function.
      * src/dosfns.c, src/fileio.c, src/fns.c, src/ftfont.c, src/process.c:
      * src/sysdep.c, src/w32fns.c, src/xfns.c: Use it.
      * src/font.c (font_open_by_name): Change 2nd and 3rd args to the only arg
      of type Lisp_Object to avoid redundant calls to make_unibyte_string.
      Adjust users accordingly.
      * src/font.h (font_open_by_name): Adjust prototype.
      * admin/coccinelle/unibyte_string.cocci: Semantic patch to convert from
      make_unibyte_string to build_unibyte_string where appropriate.
  13. 14 Jul, 2012 2 commits
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Don't use FILE_SYSTEM_CASE in MS-DOS, or anywhere else. · fbf31a9c
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/s/msdos.h (FILE_SYSTEM_CASE): Don't define.
       src/fileio.c (FILE_SYSTEM_CASE): Don't define.
       (Ffile_name_directory, Fexpand_file_name): Don't use FILE_SYSTEM_CASE.
       Fixes problems on MS-DOS with Vtemp_file_name_pattern when
       call-process-region passes it through expand-file-name.
       src/dired.c (file_name_completion): Don't use FILE_SYSTEM_CASE.
       admin/CPP-DEFINES: Remove FILE_SYSTEM_CASE.
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      Fix typos in ChangeLogs. · ed9265fc
      Juanma Barranquero authored
  14. 12 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Rename init_process rather than working around it on Darwin · b82da769
      Glenn Morris authored
      The old name is also the name of a Mach system call.
      * src/process.c (init_process_emacs): Rename from init_process.
      * src/lisp.h, src/emacs.c: Update for this name change.
      * src/nsgui.h, src/sysselect.h, src/s/darwin.h:
      Remove workaround that is no longer needed.
  15. 11 Jul, 2012 5 commits
  16. 10 Jul, 2012 2 commits
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Use XCAR and XCDR instead of Fcar and Fcdr where possible. · 7d7bbefd
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * admin/coccinelle/list_loop.cocci: Semantic patch to convert from Fcdr
      to XCDR and consistently use CONSP in the list iteration loops.
      * admin/coccinelle/vector_contents.cocci: Fix indentation.
      * src/callint.c, src/coding.c, src/doc.c, src/editfns.c, src/eval.c,
      * src/font.c, src/fontset.c, src/frame.c, src/gnutls.c, src/minibuf.c,
      * src/msdos.c, src/textprop.c, src/w32fns.c, src/w32menu.c, src/window.c,
      * src/xmenu.c: Changed to use XCAR and XCDR where argument type is known
      to be a Lisp_Cons.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Reduce use of (require 'cl). · f58e0fd5
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * admin/bzrmerge.el: Use cl-lib.
      * leim/quail/hangul.el: Don't require CL.
      * leim/quail/ipa.el: Use cl-lib.
      * vc/smerge-mode.el, vc/pcvs.el, vc/pcvs-util.el, vc/pcvs-info.el:
      * vc/diff-mode.el, vc/cvs-status.el, uniquify.el, scroll-bar.el:
      * register.el, progmodes/sh-script.el, net/gnutls.el, net/dbus.el:
      * msb.el, mpc.el, minibuffer.el, international/ucs-normalize.el:
      * international/quail.el, info-xref.el, imenu.el, image-mode.el:
      * font-lock.el, filesets.el, edmacro.el, doc-view.el, bookmark.el:
      * battery.el, avoid.el, abbrev.el: Use cl-lib.
      * vc/pcvs-parse.el, vc/pcvs-defs.el, vc/log-view.el, vc/log-edit.el:
      * vc/diff.el, simple.el, pcomplete.el, lpr.el, comint.el, loadhist.el:
      * jit-lock.el, international/iso-ascii.el, info.el, frame.el, bs.el:
      * emulation/crisp.el, electric.el, dired.el, cus-dep.el, composite.el:
      * calculator.el, autorevert.el, apropos.el: Don't require CL.
      * emacs-bytecomp.el (byte-recompile-directory, display-call-tree)
      (byte-compile-unfold-bcf, byte-compile-check-variable):
      * emacs-byte-opt.el (byte-compile-trueconstp)
      * emacs-autoload.el (make-autoload): Use pcase.
      * face-remap.el (text-scale-adjust): Simplify pcase patterns.
  17. 09 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  18. 06 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  19. 05 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Cleanup xmalloc. · 23f86fce
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * admin/coccinelle/xzalloc.cocci: Semantic patch to convert
      calls to xmalloc with following memset to xzalloc.
      * src/lisp.h (xzalloc): New prototype.  Omit needless casts.
      * src/alloc.c (xzalloc): New function.  Omit needless casts.
      * src/charset.c: Omit needless casts.  Convert all calls to
      malloc with following memset to xzalloc.
      * src/dispnew.c: Likewise.
      * src/fringe.c: Likewise.
      * src/image.c: Likewise.
      * src/sound.c: Likewise.
      * src/term.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32fns.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32font.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32term.c: Likewise.
      * src/xfaces.c: Likewise.
      * src/xfns.c: Likewise.
      * src/xterm.c: Likewise.
      * src/atimer.c: Omit needless casts.
      * src/buffer.c: Likewise.
      * src/callproc.c: Likewise.
      * src/ccl.c: Likewise.
      * src/coding.c: Likewise.
      * src/composite.c: Likewise.
      * src/doc.c: Likewise.
      * src/doprnt.c: Likewise.
      * src/editfns.c: Likewise.
      * src/emacs.c: Likewise.
      * src/eval.c: Likewise.
      * src/filelock.c: Likewise.
      * src/fns.c: Likewise.
      * src/gtkutil.c: Likewise.
      * src/keyboard.c: Likewise.
      * src/lisp.h: Likewise.
      * src/lread.c: Likewise.
      * src/minibuf.c: Likewise.
      * src/msdos.c: Likewise.
      * src/print.c: Likewise.
      * src/process.c: Likewise.
      * src/region-cache.c: Likewise.
      * src/search.c: Likewise.
      * src/sysdep.c: Likewise.
      * src/termcap.c: Likewise.
      * src/terminal.c: Likewise.
      * src/tparam.c: Likewise.
      * src/w16select.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32reg.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32select.c: Likewise.
      * src/w32uniscribe.c: Likewise.
      * src/widget.c: Likewise.
      * src/xdisp.c: Likewise.
      * src/xmenu.c: Likewise.
      * src/xrdb.c: Likewise.
      * src/xselect.c: Likewise.
  20. 04 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      Remove obsolete configuration options (Windows port). · 95f61aa2
      Juanma Barranquero authored
      * admin/CPP-DEFINES (LISP_FLOAT_TYPE): Remove, obsolete.
      (HAVE_MEMCMP): Remove, obsolete.
      * src/s/ms-w32.h (LISP_FLOAT_TYPE, HAVE_MEMCMP, HAVE_MEMCPY)
      (HAVE_MEMMOVE, HAVE_MEMSET): Don't set, obsolete.
  21. 26 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * src/alloc.c: Remove build_string. · 1130ecfc
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * src/lisp.h: Define build_string as static inline.  This provides
      a better opportunity to optimize away calls to strlen when the
      function is called with compile-time constant argument.
      * src/image.c (imagemagick_error): Convert to build_string.
      * src/w32proc.c (sys_spawnve): Likewise.
      * src/xterm.c (x_term_init): Likewise.
      * admin/coccinelle/build_string.cocci: Semantic patch
      to convert from make_string to build_string.
  22. 24 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      First Coccinelle semantic patch. · 3c9359df
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * coccinelle: New subdirectory
      * coccinelle/README: Documentation stub.
      * coccinelle/vector_contents.cocci: Semantic patch to replace direct
      access to `contents' member of Lisp_Vector objects with AREF and ASET
      where appropriate.
  23. 22 Jun, 2012 1 commit
  24. 13 Jun, 2012 3 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove some unused definitions from src/s · 16192a57
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/s/bsd-common.h (BSD4_3):
      * src/s/usg5-4-common.h (USG5_4): No longer define; unused.
      * admin/CPP-DEFINES, src/s/template.h: Related edits.
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      Use a simple struct to implement compile time checks for the Lisp_Object type · 646b5f55
      Andreas Schwab authored
      * configure.in: Rename --enable-use-lisp-union-type to
      --enable-check-lisp-object-type and define CHECK_LISP_OBJECT_TYPE
      instead of USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE.
      * admin/make-emacs: Rename --union-type to --check-lisp-type.  Define
      * admin/CPP-DEFINES (DEBUG_LISP_OBJECT_TYPE): Renamed from
      * src/lisp.h (Lisp_Object) [CHECK_LISP_OBJECT_TYPE]: Define as struct
      instead of union.
      (XLI, XIL): Define.
      (XHASH, XTYPE, XINT, XUINT, make_number, XSET, XPNTR, XUNTAG): Use
      * src/emacs.c (gdb_use_struct): Renamed from gdb_use_union.
      * src/.gdbinit: Check gdb_use_struct instead of gdb_use_union.
      * src/alloc.c (widen_to_Lisp_Object): Removed.
      (mark_memory): Use XIL instead of widen_to_Lisp_Object.
      * src/frame.c (delete_frame): Remove outdated comment.
      * src/w32fns.c (Fw32_register_hot_key): Use XLI instead of checking
      (Fw32_unregister_hot_key): Likewise.
      (Fw32_toggle_lock_key): Likewise.
      * src/w32menu.c (add_menu_item): Likewise.
      (w32_menu_display_help): Use XIL instead of checking
      * src/w32heap.c (allocate_heap): Don't check USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE.
      (init_heap): Likewise.
      * src/w32term.c (w32_read_socket): Update comment.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove HAVE_SYSV_SIGPAUSE unused remnants · c62ff706
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/s/usg5-4-common.h, src/s/unixware.h:
      Remove define/undef of HAVE_SYSV_SIGPAUSE (not used since 2010-05-04).
  25. 10 Jun, 2012 1 commit