1. 29 Jul, 2020 14 commits
  2. 28 Jul, 2020 15 commits
  3. 27 Jul, 2020 7 commits
    • Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      Fix thinko in previous nnmail.el patch · b2bb1135
      Lars Ingebrigtsen authored
      * lisp/gnus/nnmail.el (nnmail-check-duplication): Fix thinko in
      previous patch -- group-art is a list of pairs, not a pair.
    • Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      Fix problem with new-mail-mark in Gnus with non-unique names · 3bd748eb
      Lars Ingebrigtsen authored
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-group-new-mail): Call with Gnus
      group name.
      (gnus-group-catchup): Ditto.
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-exit): Ditto.
      * lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-update-info): Store Gnus group name.
      * lisp/gnus/nnmail.el (nnmail-check-duplication): Store unique
      Gnus names in the history instead of backend-specific (possibly
      duplicated) group names (bug#41842).
    • Eric Abrahamsen's avatar
      * doc/misc/gnus.texi: Add introductory section to Gnus manual · 9903b391
      Eric Abrahamsen authored
      "Don't Panic: Your first 20 minutes with Gnus."
    • João Távora's avatar
      Make newer ElDoc versions are compatible with Emacs < 28 · 9d751aa8
      João Távora authored
      Fixes: bug#42563
      For some time, Eldoc has has some Elisp-specific code that shouldn't
      live there, but in elisp-mode.el.  This can be fixed in Emacs master,
      but since ElDoc is distributed in GNU Elpa and is meant to work with
      Emacs 26 and 27, this means that that elisp-specific code must still
      be distributed with eldoc.el and kept up to date.
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (eldoc--eval-expression-setup): Ensure
      implementation is compatible with Emacs < 28.
      (Version): Bump to 1.8
    • João Távora's avatar
      Bring back ElDoc's eldoc-display-message-p, but obsolete it · 688c03f4
      João Távora authored
      Like others, this is an implementation detail that third parties could
      be relying on.  Better not remove it outright just now, since its
      implementation is very simple anyway.
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (Version): Bump to 1.7.0
      (eldoc-display-message-p): Bring back, but obsolete.
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      Fix argument reference · 4d195bb7
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el
      (project-display-buffer-other-frame): Fix argument reference.
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      Move project--value-in-dir to a different section · 33667e02
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project--value-in-dir):
      Move closer to its uses.
  4. 26 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      Bind switch-to-buffer-obey-display-actions to t · 7551aff2
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project--other-place-command):
      Bind switch-to-buffer-obey-display-actions to t, so that
      project-other-window-command and friends can affect
    • Sean Whitton's avatar
      Add project other place commands · b63c5a7e
      Sean Whitton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project-other-window-map,
      project-other-frame-map, project--other-place-command,
      project-other-window-command, project-other-frame-command,
      project-other-tab-command): Add these functions and maps.
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el: Bind project-other-window-command to C-x
      4 p, project-other-frame-command to C-x 5 p and
      project-other-tab-command to C-x t p (bug#42210).
    • Sean Whitton's avatar
      Add project-display-buffer and project-display-buffer-other-frame · e3614fcc
      Sean Whitton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project-display-buffer,
      project-display-buffer-other-frame): Add commands.
    • Sean Whitton's avatar
      Factor out project--read-project-buffer from project-switch-buffer · 7479c11b
      Sean Whitton authored
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project--read-project-buffer): New
      function extracted from project-switch-buffer.
      * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project-switch-buffer): Instead of
      unconditionally reading a project buffer from the user, add
      buffer-or-name argument, and populate it using
      project--read-project-buffer when called interactively.  Update