1. 21 Aug, 2002 1 commit
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.13 released. · 3cdaec13
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-handle-write-region): Don't check to see if remote end is
      awake after sending data to remote host: we want to send "EOF" not
      "echo are you awake"...
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): Swap args for tramp-time-diff.
      (tramp-yn-prompt-regexp): New variable.
      (tramp-action-yn): New function, using it.
      (tramp-feature-write-region-fix): New internal variable.  Not yet
      used.  Should be used in `tramp-handle-write-region'.
  2. 07 Aug, 2002 1 commit
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.12 released. · 685f5858
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-find-shell, tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell):
      Comment out possibly obsolete "echo hello" commands.
      (tramp-run-real-handler): If operation is
      `ange-ftp-hook-function', use first arg as the real operation.
      (tramp-check-ls-commands): Use / instead of \ as directory
      separator.  (Relevant for XEmacs on Windows.)
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): Use tramp-wait-for-output when
      waiting for the "are you awake" command.  Use a different string
      for the "are you awake" command.
      (tramp-send-command): New optional arg NEVEROPEN means to never
      invoke tramp-maybe-open-connection.
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): Use it
  3. 05 Aug, 2002 1 commit
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.11 released. · 5beaf831
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-perl-file-attributes): Print uid and gid as signed
      (tramp-invoke-ange-ftp): Correct check for Ange-FTP being loaded.
      Invoke Ange-FTP with tramp-run-real-handler to avoid Ange-FTP
      calling Tramp again.
      (tramp-find-file-exists-command): Check for `ls -d' last, after
      all the variants on `test -e'.
      (tramp-post-connection): Erase buffer before finding a command to
      check if file exists.
  4. 04 Aug, 2002 2 commits
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.10 released. · fabf2143
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-uudecode): New shell function `tramp_uudecode' to decode to
      standard output even if `uudecode -p' and `uudecode -o -' don't
      (tramp-post-connection): After finding the right shell, wait a
      bit.  This is a kludge to avoid a race condition, even though I
      don't understand why there is a race condition in the first place.
      (tramp-post-connection): Install the `tramp_uudecode' shell
      function on the remote host.
      (tramp-coding-commands): Add an alternative for `tramp_uudecode'.
      (tramp-bug): Include more variables in the report.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.9 released. · 89509ea0
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-bug): Add wording about additional info to include in bug
      (tramp-find-shell): Set $PS1 for invocation of second shell (for
      tilde expansion).
      (tramp-find-shell): Shell prompt must match at end of buffer.  Do
      this also for fallback shell prompt.
      (tramp-find-shell): More debugging output.
      (tramp-find-inline-encoding): When checking the decoding command,
      some commands fail when reading from /dev/null.  So we pass a
      known string through the encoding command and pass that through
      the decoding command.  So we know whether the decoding command can
      deal with some real input.
  5. 03 Aug, 2002 4 commits
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.8. · 36541701
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-encode): Double the backslashes.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.7. · fa32e96a
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-perl-encode-with-module, tramp-perl-decode-with-module)
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-decode): Escape `%' characters
      because of `format' and say so in the docstring.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Version 2.0.6. · b1d06e75
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-default-method): Change to "ssh" from "sm".
      (tramp-wrong-passwd-regexp): Restructure.  Add additional
      (tramp-su-program): New internal variable for method parameter.
      (tramp-perl-encode-with-module, tramp-perl-decode-with-module):
      New variables.  Very short Perl one-liner, but requires Perl
      module MIME::Base64 to be installed on the remote site.
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-decode): New base64
      encoder/decoder.  From Juanma Barranquero <lektu@terra.es>.
      (tramp-handle-file-truename): Invoke Ange-FTP properly (even
      though Ange-FTP doesn't do anything for this operation).
      (tramp-handle-set-visited-file-modtime): Comment change.
      (tramp-handle-make-directory): Save-excursion.
      (tramp-handle-expand-many-files): Don't try to invoke Ange-FTP
      twice, once is enough.
      (tramp-action-permission-denied): Show *tramp/foo* buffer so the
      user knows what's wrong.
      (tramp-post-connection): Support the two Perl encoders and
      (tramp-coding-commands): Ditto.  Add some todo items.
  6. 30 Jul, 2002 1 commit
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      New version 2.0.5. · ac474af1
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-methods): Remove inline encoding method parameters.  The
      encoding is now autodetected.  Also shorten the list of
      methods (u/m distinction gone) and rename the remaining methods to
      have longer, but more mnemonic, names.
      (tramp-login-prompt-regexp, tramp-password-prompt-regexp)
      (tramp-wrong-passwd-regexp): Trailing `$' not needed, regexp is
      matched at end of buffer anyway.
      (tramp-yesno-prompt-regexp): New variable, for questions where the
      user should say "yes" or "no".
      (tramp-file-name-structure-separate): Allow dash in method names.
      (tramp-actions-before-shell): New variable, contains list of
      pattern/action pairs.  Output sent by remote end is scanned for
      the patterns, then the actions are executed.
      (tramp-multi-actions): Like `tramp-actions-before-shell', but
      executed for each hop in a multi-hop connection.
      (tramp-last-cmd-time): New variable.  If nothing has been sent to
      remote end for 60 seconds, look to see if the remote end is still
      (tramp-perl-mime-encode, tramp-perl-mime-decode): Remove.  It
      didn't work.
      (tramp-perl-encode, tramp-perl-decode): New variables, these
      require the MIME::Base64 module on the remote end.
      (tramp-handle-file-attributes): Restructure logic.
      (tramp-handle-file-attributes-with-perl): More debugging.
      (tramp-handle-directory-files): Grok fifth arg `files-only' for
      (tramp-handle-make-directory, tramp-handle-delete-directory)
      (tramp-handle-delete-file, tramp-handle-insert-directory): Expand
      file name.
      (tramp-handle-shell-command): Use `when', not `if'.
      (tramp-handle-file-local-copy, tramp-handle-write-region): Adapt
      to autodetection of inline encoding.
      (tramp-invoke-ange-ftp): Require ange-ftp to make sure that
      variable ange-ftp-name-format is defined before binding it.
      (tramp-action-login, tramp-action-password, tramp-action-succeed)
      (tramp-action-permission-denied, tramp-action-yesno): Functions
      called from `tramp-actions-before-shell'.
      (tramp-multi-action-login, tramp-multi-action-password)
      (tramp-multi-action-permission-denied): Functions called from
      (tramp-process-one-action, tramp-process-actions): Pattern
      matching and action invocation code for
      (tramp-process-one-multi-action, tramp-process-multi-actions):
      Same for `tramp-multi-actions'.
      (tramp-open-connection-telnet, tramp-open-connection-rsh)
      (tramp-open-connection-su): Process actions instead of hardwired
      (tramp-multi-connect-telnet, tramp-multi-connect-rlogin)
      (tramp-multi-connect-su): Ditto.
      (tramp-post-connection): New method for tramp_encode and
      tramp_decode scripts.
      (tramp-post-connection): Invoke inline autodetection code.
      (tramp-coding-commands): List of inline codings.
      (tramp-find-inline-encoding): This is the inline autodetection
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): If nothing was sent to connection
      for 60 seconds, look if it connection is still alive.
      (tramp-send-command): Remember that something was sent to the
      (tramp-make-tramp-file-name, tramp-make-tramp-multi-file-name):
      Use backticks for constructing alist.
      (tramp-get-encoding-command, tramp-set-encoding-command)
      (tramp-get-decoding-command, tramp-set-decoding-command)
      (tramp-get-encoding-function, tramp-set-encoding-function)
      (tramp-get-decoding-function, tramp-set-decoding-function): Use
      for results of inline autodetection.
      (tramp-get-encoding-command, tramp-get-decoding-command)
      (tramp-get-encoding-function, tramp-get-decoding-function):
      Remove these old functions.
  7. 21 Jul, 2002 1 commit
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      Bump version to 2.0.2. · 90dc758d
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-methods): Rename methods invoking "ssh1" or "ssh2" to
      longer names.  Use old names "sm1", "sm2" and so on for methods
      invoking "ssh -1" or "ssh -2".
      (tramp-multi-file-name-structure-separate): Typo, its name was set
      to "tramp-file-name-structure-separate".  Trivial patch.  From
      Steve Youngs <youngs@xemacs.org>.
      (tramp-multi-sh-program): New variable.
      (tramp-open-connection-multi): Use it.  Now you can use multi
      methods from Windows (at least in principle).
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-via-buffer): New function.
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file): Use it.  Change and simplify
      logic.  Omit special case of invoking rcp directly to copy the
      (tramp-open-connection-su, tramp-multi-connect-telnet)
      (tramp-multi-connect-rlogin, tramp-multi-connect-su)
      (tramp-make-tramp-file-name, tramp-make-tramp-multi-file-name):
      Use backticks in format-spec for brevity and to avoid
      character/number confusion in XEmacs.
  8. 13 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  9. 11 Jul, 2002 2 commits
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      (tramp-default-method): New default method "sm" · 505edaeb
      Kai Großjohann authored
      which I guess to be good for most people.
      (tramp-default-method-alist): Use "ftp" method (ie, forwarding to
      Ange-FTP) for some user/host combinations.
      (tramp-file-name-structure, tramp-file-name-regexp)
      (tramp-make-multi-tramp-file-format): New default value which
      unifies the filename syntax between Tramp and Ange-FTP.  The new
      syntax is "/method:user@host:path".  Note the colon after the
      (tramp-handle-file-name-directory): Don't return "/" when
      completing a remote root directory (where the filename looks like
      (tramp-handle-ange-ftp): Deleted.
      (tramp-disable-ange-ftp): New function, called at toplevel,
      deletes Ange-FTP from file-name-handler-alist.
  10. 03 Jul, 2002 2 commits
  11. 27 Jun, 2002 2 commits
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      (tramp-handle-ange-ftp): Fix typo. · cdf4ead8
      Andreas Schwab authored
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      (tramp-file-name-structure) · 487fa986
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-multi-file-name-hop-structure): Split for easier
      (tramp-handle-make-symbolic-link): Use user/host/method/... from
      (tramp-handle-verify-visited-file-modtime): Call
      tramp-ange-ftp-file-name-p with right parameters.
      (tramp-handle-verify-visited-file-modtime): `insert' does not
      work for integers, convert them to strings first.
      (tramp-handle-ange-ftp): New function to perform setup for
      replacing Ange-FTP with Tramp.
      (tramp-repair-jka-compr): New function to factor out some
      previously top-level code.  Call the function at top-level.
  12. 25 Jun, 2002 2 commits
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      (tramp-open-connection-rsh): Support a kludgy feature for the · 8e3a1104
      Kai Großjohann authored
      "-p" option to ssh.  If host name is given as "host#42", uses the
      "-p 42" option.
    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      (tramp-ftp-method): New user option. · c62c9d08
      Kai Großjohann authored
      (tramp-invoke-ange-ftp): New function to forward calls to
      (with-parsed-tramp-file-name): New macro for the usual big `let'
      statement to dissect a file-name.
      (tramp-handle-make-symbolic-link, tramp-handle-load)
      (tramp-handle-file-name-nondirectory, tramp-handle-file-truename)
      (tramp-handle-file-truename, tramp-handle-file-directory-p)
      (tramp-handle-file-regular-p, tramp-handle-file-symlink-p)
      (tramp-handle-file-writable-p, tramp-handle-file-writable-p):
      Use the new macro and forward call to Ange-FTP if applicable.
      (tramp-make-ange-ftp-file-name): New helper function to convert a
      file name into an Ange-FTP file name, used by
      (tramp-default-method-alist): New user option.
      (tramp-find-default-method): Use it.
      (tramp-sh-extra-args): New variable.
      (tramp-find-shell): Use it.
  13. 17 Jun, 2002 1 commit