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      *** empty log message *** · 55f57de7
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      ChangeLog · e6e76838
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      Patch by Michael Mauger <mmaug@yahoo.com> · 78024f88
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      Version 1.8.0 of sql-mode.
      Simplify selection of SQL products to define highlighting and
      interactive mode.  Includes detailed instructions on adding
      support for new products.
      * sql.el (sql-product): New variable.  Identifies SQL product for
      use in highlighting and interactive mode.
      (sql-interactive-product): New variable.  SQL product for
      (sql-product-support): New variable.  Specifies product-specific
      parameters to drive highlighting and interactive mode.
      (sql-imenu-generic-expression): Add more object types.
      (sql-sqlite-options): Correct comment.
      (sql-ms-program): Use "osql" rather than "isql".
      (sql-prompt-regexp, sql-prompt-length): Update comment.
      (sql-mode-menu): Add "Start SQLi session" entry.  Replace
      Highlighting submenu with Product menu.  Fix Send Region entry.
      (sql-mode-abbrev-table): Add abbreviations.  Support of
      SYSTEM-FLAG on define-abbrev.  Support was removed with last
      check-in; it now handles older Emacsen without the SYSTEM-FLAG.
      (sql-mode-font-lock-object-name): Add font-lock pattern for object
      (sql-mode-ansi-font-lock-keywords): Set as default value.
      (sql-mode-oracle-font-lock-keywords): Set as default value.
      Support Oracle 9i keywords.
      (sql-mode-postgres-font-lock-keywords): Set as default value.
      (sql-mode-linter-font-lock-keywords): Set as default value.
      (sql-mode-ms-font-lock-keywords): New variable.  Support Microsoft
      SQLServer 2000.
      (sql-mode-db2-font-lock-keywords): New variables.  Default to ANSI
      (sql-mode-font-lock-defaults): Update comment.
      (sql-product-feature): New function.  Returns feature associated
      with a product from `sql-product-support' alist.
      (sql-product-font-lock): New function.  Set font-lock support
      based on `sql-product'.
      (sql-add-product-keywords): New function.  Add font-lock rules to
      product-specific keyword variables.
      (sql-set-product): New function.  Set `sql-product' and apply
      appropriate font-lock highlighting.
      (sql-highlight-product): New function.  Set font-lock support
      based on a product.  Also set mode name to include product name.
      (sql-highlight-ansi-keywords, sql-highlight-oracle-keywords)
      (sql-highlight-postgres-keywords, sql-highlight-linter-keywords):
      Use `sql-set-product'.
      (sql-highlight-db2-keywords): New functions.  Use
      (sql-get-login): Prompt in the same order as the tokens.
      (sql-mode): Uses `sql-product-highlight' and
      (sql-product-interactive): New function.  Common portions of
      product-specific interactive mode wrappers.
      (sql-interactive-mode): Rewritten to use product features.
      (sql-oracle, sql-sybase, sql-informix, sql-sqlite, sql-mysql)
      (sql-solid, sql-ingres, sql-ms, sql-postgres, sql-interbase)
      (sql-db2, sql-linter): Use `sql-product-interactive'.
      (sql-connect-oracle, sql-connect-sybase, sql-connect-informix)
      (sql-connect-sqlite, sql-connect-mysql, sql-connect-solid)
      (sql-connect-ingres, sql-connect-postgres)
      (sql-connect-interbase, sql-connect-db2, sql-connect-linter): New
      functions.  Format command line parameters and invoke comint on
      the appropriate interpreter.  Code was in the corresponding
      `sql-xyz' function before.
      (sql-connect-ms): New function.  Support -E argument to use
      operating system credentials for authentication.
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      (encode-char): Fix for the ASCII case. · bb55c6c9
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