1. 25 Jul, 2007 5 commits
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      (cal-tex-which-days, cal-tex-holidays) · 3e8e9c6a
      Glenn Morris authored
      (cal-tex-diary, cal-tex-daily-string, cal-tex-daily-start)
      (cal-tex-daily-end, cal-tex-hook)
      (cal-tex-cal-one-month, cal-tex-cal-multi-month)
      (cal-tex-year, cal-tex-cursor-week, cal-tex-cursor-week2)
      (cal-tex-cursor-week-iso, cal-tex-week-hours)
      (cal-tex-cursor-week-monday, cal-tex-weekly4-box)
      (cal-tex-cursor-day, cal-tex-insert-preamble): Doc fix.
      (cal-tex-day-prefix, cal-tex-day-name-format)
      (cal-tex-cal-one-month, cal-tex-cal-multi-month, cal-tex-myday)
      (cal-tex-caldate, cal-tex-LaTeX-hourbox)
      (cal-tex-LaTeX-subst-list): Change from variables to constants.
      (cal-tex-preamble, cal-tex-arg, cal-tex-nl): Simplify with `format'.
      (cal-tex-cursor-filofax-year, cal-tex-weekly4-box): Use \textbf,
      etc, rather than \bf.
      (cal-tex-mini-calendar): Fix typos in previous change.
      (cal-tex-latexify-list): Remove inner let binding.
      (cal-tex-end-document, cal-tex-banner): Use multi-line
      (cal-tex-comment): Handle embedded newlines.
      (cal-tex-LaTeXify-string): Use substring-no-properties.
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      *** empty log message *** · 4cf5577e
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (Finteractive_form): Use a `interactive-form' property if · 89835619
      Stefan Monnier authored
      present, analogous to the function-documentation property.
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  2. 24 Jul, 2007 26 commits
  3. 23 Jul, 2007 9 commits