1. 09 Jun, 2010 2 commits
  2. 05 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      vc-log-incoming/vc-log-outgoing fixes for Git. · eccdfe5f
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * lisp/vc-git.el (vc-git-log-view-mode): Fix font lock for
      incoming/outgoing logs.
      (vc-git-log-outgoing, vc-git-log-incoming): Use @{upstream}
      instead of vc-git-compute-remote.
      (vc-git-compute-remote): Remove.
  3. 03 Jun, 2010 2 commits
  4. 29 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Add --parent-id argument to emacsclient. · 0191e222
      Chong Yidong authored
      * lib-src/emacsclient.c (longopts, decode_options, print_help_and_exit):
      New arg `-parent-id'.
      (main): Send parent-id to Emacs.
      * lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Receive parent-id argument
      from emacsclient.
      (server-create-window-system-frame): New arg.  Pass parent-id as
      frame parameter.
  5. 27 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Change delete-by-moving-to-trash so Lisp calls explicitly request trashing. · f1a5d776
      Chong Yidong authored
      * src/fileio.c (Fdelete_file): Change meaning of optional arg to mean
      whether to trash.
      (internal_delete_file, Frename_file): Callers changed.
      (delete_by_moving_to_trash): Doc fix.
      (Fdelete_directory_internal): Don't move to trash.
      * src/callproc.c (delete_temp_file):
      * src/buffer.c (Fkill_buffer): Callers changed.
      * src/lisp.h: Update prototype.
      * lisp/diff.el (diff-sentinel):
      * lisp/epg.el (epg--make-temp-file, epg-decrypt-string)
      (epg-verify-string, epg-sign-string, epg-encrypt-string):
      * lisp/jka-compr.el (jka-compr-partial-uncompress)
      (jka-compr-call-process, jka-compr-write-region):
      * lisp/server.el (server-sentinel): Remove optional arg from
      delete-file, reverting 2010-05-03 change.
      * lisp/dired.el (dired-delete-file): New arg TRASH.
      (dired-internal-do-deletions): New arg TRASH.  Use progress
      (dired-do-flagged-delete, dired-do-delete): Use trash.
      * lisp/files.el (delete-directory): New arg TRASH.
      * lisp/speedbar.el (speedbar-item-delete): Allow trashing.
      * lisp/net/ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-del-tmp-name, ange-ftp-delete-file)
      (ange-ftp-rename-remote-to-local, ange-ftp-load)
      (ange-ftp-compress, ange-ftp-uncompress): Remove optional arg from
      (ange-ftp-delete-directory): Add optional arg to `delete-file', to
      allow trashing.
      * lisp/net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-delete-file): Rewrite to
      handle new TRASH arg of `delete-file'.
      * lisp/net/tramp-fish.el (tramp-fish-handle-delete-directory)
      (tramp-fish-handle-process-file): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-ftp.el (tramp-ftp-file-name-handler): Use null TRASH
      arg in `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-write-region): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-imap.el (tramp-imap-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      (tramp-imap-do-copy-or-rename-file): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-copy-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-local-copy, tramp-smb-handle-rename-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-write-region): Use null TRASH arg in
      tramp-compat-delete-file call.
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-directory): Use tramp-compat-delete-file.
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      * lisp/net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-delete-file): Change FORCE arg to TRASH.
      (tramp-handle-make-symbolic-link, tramp-handle-load)
      (tramp-handle-process-file, tramp-handle-call-process-region)
      (tramp-handle-shell-command, tramp-handle-file-local-copy)
      (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents, tramp-handle-write-region)
      (tramp-delete-temp-file-function): Use null TRASH arg in
      tramp-compat-delete-file call.
  6. 20 May, 2010 2 commits
  7. 19 May, 2010 1 commit
  8. 18 May, 2010 1 commit
  9. 17 May, 2010 1 commit
  10. 15 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Implement bidi-sensitive movement with arrow keys. · d20e1419
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       src/bidi.c (bidi_paragraph_init): Don't leave alone garbage values
       of bidi_it->paragraph_dir.  Call bidi_initialize if needed.
       src/xdisp.c (Fcurrent_bidi_paragraph_direction): New function.
       (syms_of_xdisp): Defsubr it.
       src/cmds.c (Fforward_char, Fbackward_char): Doc fix.
       src/subr.el (right-arrow-command, left-arrow-command): New functions.
       src/bindings.el (global-map): Bind them to right and left arrow keys.
       etc/NEWS: Mention current-bidi-paragraph-direction
  11. 14 May, 2010 2 commits
  12. 12 May, 2010 1 commit
  13. 10 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Michael Mauger's avatar
      SQL mode version 2.1 · 7492acc9
      Michael Mauger authored
      Redesigned product specific definition and handling.  Includes many
      bug fixes and enhancements.
  14. 09 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * minibuffer.el (completion-pcm-complete-word-inserts-delimiters): · 79ccd68f
      Stefan Monnier authored
      New custom variable.
      (completion-pcm--string->pattern): Use it.
      (completion-pcm--pattern->regex, completion-pcm--pattern->string):
      Make it handle any symbol as `any'.
      (completion-pcm--merge-completions): Extract common suffix for the new
      `prefix' symbol as well.
      (completion-substring--all-completions): Use the new `prefix' symbol.
  15. 07 May, 2010 1 commit
  16. 05 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Use define-minor-mode for less obvious cases. · f44379e7
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el (define-minor-mode): Add :variable keyword.
      * emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (terminal-parameter, eq): Add setf method.
      * international/iso-ascii.el (iso-ascii-mode):
      * frame.el (auto-raise-mode, auto-lower-mode):
      * composite.el (global-auto-composition-mode): Use define-minor-mode.
  17. 03 May, 2010 2 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Add optional arg to delete-file to force deletion (Bug#6070). · 53967e09
      Chong Yidong authored
      * eval.c (internal_condition_case_n): Rename from
      (internal_condition_case_2): New function.
      * xdisp.c (safe_call): Use internal_condition_case_n.
      * fileio.c (Fdelete_file, internal_delete_file): New arg FORCE.
      (internal_delete_file, Frename_file): Callers changed.
      * buffer.c (Fkill_buffer):
      * callproc.c (delete_temp_file): Callers changed (Bug#6070).
      * lisp.h: Update prototypes.
      * diff.el (diff-sentinel):
      * epg.el (epg--make-temp-file, epg-decrypt-string)
      (epg-verify-string, epg-sign-string, epg-encrypt-string):
      * jka-compr.el (jka-compr-partial-uncompress)
      (jka-compr-call-process, jka-compr-write-region, jka-compr-load):
      * server.el (server-sentinel): Use delete-file's new FORCE arg
  18. 02 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      New hook filter-buffer-substring-functions. · 8f92b8ad
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * simple.el (with-wrapper-hook): Move.
      (buffer-substring-filters): Mark obsolete.
      (filter-buffer-substring-functions): New variable.
      (buffer-substring-filters): Use it.  Remove unused arg `noprops'.
  19. 29 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  20. 28 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  21. 25 Apr, 2010 3 commits
  22. 24 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  23. 23 Apr, 2010 2 commits
  24. 21 Apr, 2010 3 commits
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      Document tool-bar-style · 20fe03ad
      Jan Djärv authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Doc updates for SELinux support. · b7d65a5f
      Glenn Morris authored
      * ack.texi, emacs.texi (Acknowledgments): Add SELinux support.
      * etc/NEWS: Mention SELinux support.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Make the log-edit comments use RFC822 format throughout. · e97a42c1
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * vc.el (vc-checkin, vc-modify-change-comment):
      Adjust to new vc-start/finish-logentry.
      (vc-find-conflicted-file): New command.
      (vc-transfer-file): Adjust to new vc-checkin.
      (vc-next-action): Improve scoping.
      * vc-hg.el (vc-hg-log-edit-mode): Remove.
      (vc-hg-checkin): Remove extra arg.  Use log-edit-extract-headers.
      * vc-git.el (vc-git-log-edit-mode): Remove.
      (vc-git-checkin): Remove extra arg.  Use log-edit-extract-headers.
      (vc-git-commits-coding-system): Rename from git-commits-coding-system.
      * vc-dispatcher.el (vc-log-edit): Shorten names for log-edit-show-files.
      (vc-start-logentry): Remove argument `extra'.
      (vc-finish-logentry): Remove extra args.
      * vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-log-edit-mode): Remove.
      (vc-bzr-checkin): Remove extra arg.  Use log-edit-extract-headers.
      (vc-bzr-conflicted-files): New function.
      * log-edit.el (log-edit-extra-flags)
      (log-edit-before-checkin-process): Remove.
      (log-edit-summary, log-edit-header, log-edit-unknown-header): New faces.
      (log-edit-headers-alist): New var.
      (log-edit-header-contents-regexp): New const.
      (log-edit-match-to-eoh): New function.
      (log-edit-font-lock-keywords): Use them.
      (log-edit): Insert a "Summary:" header as default.
      (log-edit-mode): Mark font-lock rules as case-insensitive.
      (log-edit-done): Cleanup headers.
      (log-view-process-buffer): Remove.
      (log-edit-extract-headers): New function to replace it.
  25. 18 Apr, 2010 2 commits
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      Test for special mode-class in view-buffer instead of view-file (bug#5513). · fd5c9dfa
      Juri Linkov authored
      * view.el (view-file, view-buffer): Move test for special mode-class
      from view-file to view-buffer.
      * tar-mode.el (tar-extract): Turn if's into one cond
      like in arc-mode.el.
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      Add 7z archive format support (bug#5475). · b3671a51
      Juri Linkov authored
      * arc-mode.el (archive-zip-extract): Try to find 7z executable.
      (archive-7z-extract): New defcustom.
      (archive-find-type): Add magic string for 7z.
      (archive-extract-by-stdout): Add new optional arg `stderr-file'.
      If `stderr-file' is non-nil, use `(t stderr-file)' for the
      `buffer' arg of `call-process'.
      (archive-zip-extract): Check `archive-zip-extract' for "7z" and
      call the function `archive-7z-extract' with the variable
      `archive-7z-extract' let-bound to `archive-zip-extract'.
      (archive-7z-summarize, archive-7z-extract): New functions.
      * international/mule.el (auto-coding-alist):
      * files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add 7z file extension.
  26. 17 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  27. 16 Apr, 2010 2 commits
  28. 15 Apr, 2010 1 commit
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      Add the `scroll-command' property. · a4b000fb
      Juri Linkov authored
      * window.c: Add Qscroll_command.
      Remove Vscroll_preserve_screen_position_commands.
      (window_scroll_pixel_based, window_scroll_line_based): Check the
      `scroll-command' property on the last command instead of searching
      the last command in Vscroll_preserve_screen_position_commands.
      (syms_of_window): Initialize and staticpro `Qscroll_command'.
      Put Qscroll_command property on Qscroll_up and Qscroll_down.
      (scroll-preserve-screen-position): Doc fix.
      (Vscroll_preserve_screen_position_commands): Remove variable.
      * simple.el (scroll-up-command, scroll-down-command)
      (scroll-up-line, scroll-down-line): Put `scroll-command'
      property on the these symbols.  Remove them from
      * mwheel.el (mwheel-scroll): Put `scroll-command' and
      `isearch-scroll' properties on the `mwheel-scroll' symbol.
      Remove it from `scroll-preserve-screen-position-commands'.
      * isearch.el (isearch-allow-scroll): Doc fix.