1. 20 Aug, 1995 1 commit
  2. 19 Aug, 1995 11 commits
  3. 18 Aug, 1995 3 commits
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-next-action-on-file): Changed doc string, CVS case. · 61dee1e7
      André Spiegel authored
      (vc-backend-checkin): Clear master properties before doing the
      check-in.  In the CVS case, catch error and display an appropriate
      message in the echo area.
      (vc-backend-revert): Clear master properties, because some might get
      outdated by the operation.
      (vc-backend-merge-news): Scan the output of "cvs update" and find out
      whether conflicts have occurred.
      (vc-finish-logentry): Delete the *VC-log* buffer *before* doing the
      actual check-in. That leads to a better display in case the check-in
      (vc-latest-on-branch-p): Defined it for CVS in the obvious way.
      (vc-next-action-on-file): Removed special CVS cases. At this level,
      CVS is now mostly handled like the other backends.
      (vc-backend-checkout): CVS case: Clear sticky tag as default when
      doing a verbose checkout. (This used to be done in
    • André Spiegel's avatar
      (vc-fetch-master-properties): Recognize cvs status "Unresolved Conflict". · 04446ed0
      André Spiegel authored
      (vc-locking-user): Count cvs status `unresolved-conflict' as "locked".
      (vc-checkout-model): New property and access function (still simplistic).
      (vc-after-save-hook): New function.
      (vc-mode-line): When the file is locked by somebody else, make the
      buffer read-only.  (Formerly this was only done for root.)  Don't
      write-protect the buffer if the file is unlocked.  Instead, install
      vc-after-save-hook, which "locks" the file when modifications are
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (getdate.c): New target. · 361b7640
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (getdate.o): Just compile getdate.c.
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