1. 09 Jul, 2008 1 commit
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      (fontset_compare_rfontdef): Fix plus/minus. · 41ad6003
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (reorder_font_vector): Change the arg preferred_family to font.
      Prefer the spec matching with font.
      (fontset_get_font_group): New function.
      (fontset_find_font): Change the format of an element of a realized
      fontset.  Use fontset_get_font_group.
      (fontset_font): Try the current fontset, the default fontset, the
      fallbacks of the current fonset, and the fallbacks of the default
      fontset in this order.
      (face_for_char): Delete the shortcut to use the current font.
      (fontset_from_font): Don't set fonts for Latin in the fontset.
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