1. 06 May, 1998 3 commits
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      (ps-header-title-font-size): Doc fix. · 496725ad
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ps-print-control-characters, ps-setup, ps-header-pad): Doc fixes.
      (ps-printing-region, ps-nb-pages): Doc fixes.
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      Some doc fixes, eliminate (require cl). · 6bdb808e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ps-print-version): New version number (3.06.1) and doc fix.
      (ps-print-control-characters, ps-extend-face): Doc fix.
      (ps-font-lock-face-attributes): Eliminate `pop'.
      (ps-font): Eliminate `loop' and `return'.
      (ps-fonts): Eliminate `loop'.
      (ps-font-number): Replace `position' by `ps-position'.
      (ps-select-font): Eliminate `flet'.
      (ps-lookup, ps-size-scale): New macros.
      (ps-output-string-prim): Handle multibyte characters.
      (ps-position): New function.
      (ps-begin-file): Eliminate `loop'.
      (ps-header-page): Eliminate `incf'.
  2. 05 May, 1998 13 commits
  3. 04 May, 1998 15 commits
  4. 03 May, 1998 9 commits