1. 26 Nov, 1997 1 commit
  2. 25 Nov, 1997 13 commits
  3. 24 Nov, 1997 10 commits
  4. 23 Nov, 1997 12 commits
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      Comment fix. · 1061ff16
      Karl Heuer authored
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      Some comment and doc fixes. · 8bd22fcf
      Karl Heuer authored
      (ps-print-version): New version number (3.05.2) and doc fix.
      (ps-print, ps-header-lines, ps-show-n-of-n, ps-font-info-database)
      (ps-font-family, ps-font-size, ps-header-font-family)
      (ps-header-font-size, ps-header-title-font-size, ps-bold-faces)
      (ps-italic-faces, ps-underlined-faces, ps-left-header, ps-right-header)
      (ps-font, ps-font-bold, ps-font-italic, ps-font-bold-italic)
      (ps-avg-char-width, ps-space-width, ps-line-height): Doc fix.
      (ps-error-scale-font): New fn.
      (ps-soft-lf, ps-hard-lf): Fn deleted.
      (ps-get-page-dimensions, ps-set-bg, ps-face-bold-p, ps-face-italic-p)
      (ps-set-color): Reindentation.
      (ps-output-string-prim, ps-xemacs-face-kind-p): Internal blank lines
      (ps-set-font): Little programming improvement.
      (ps-line-lengths-internal, ps-nb-pages, ps-select-font)
      (ps-select-header-font): Simplify some expressions.
      (ps-plot-region): Replace (- X 1) by (1- X).
      (ps-generate-header): Replace (+ X 1) by (1+ X).
      (ps-print-preprint, ps-plot-with-face, ps-print-ensure-fontified)
      (ps-kill-emacs-check): Replace (if (and A B) C) by (and A B C).
      (ps-init-output-queue, ps-gnus-article-prepare-hook, ps-jts-ps-setup):
      Replace (setq a b)(setq c d) by (setq a b c d).
      (ps-begin-file, ps-end-file): Replace (ps-output A)(ps-output B)
      by (ps-output A B).
      (ps-begin-page): Replace (ps-output A)(ps-output B) by (ps-output A B),
      replace (setq a b)(setq c d) by (setq a b c d).
      (ps-next-line, ps-continue-line): Replace (setq a b)(setq c d)
      by (setq a b c d), and incorporates ps-soft-lf and ps-hard-lf,
      (ps-plot): Replace (setq a b)(setq c d) by (setq a b c d),
      and programming improvement.
      (ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Initialization fix,
      replace (setq a b)(setq c d) by (setq a b c d),
      replace (if (and A B) C) by (and A B C).
      (ps-generate): Doc fix, reprogramming to set the page count,
      replace (setq a b)(setq c d) by (setq a b c d),
      replace (if A nil B) by (or A B),
      replace (if (and A B) C) by (and A B C).
      (ps-info-mode-hook): Replace (list 'A 'B) by '(A B).
      (ps-jack-setup): Replace (list) by nil.
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      (back_comment): Handle 2-char comment starts · 527a32d9
      Karl Heuer authored
      when reaching the first of the pair.
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      Include getopt.h. · e4b34a85
      Karl Heuer authored
      (main): Use getopt_long to handle --version and --help.
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      (ange-ftp-generate-passwd-key): · 7e7dab81
      Karl Heuer authored
      Downcase the host name
      (ange-ftp-passwd-hashtable): Doc fix.
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      (perl-mode): Delete autoload cookie. · fcae1b4c
      Karl Heuer authored
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      (auto-mode-alist): Add more extensions for perl-mode. · ebff6b7d
      Karl Heuer authored
      (interpreter-mode-alist): Add miniperl.
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      (window-configuration-to-register): · b4a91f43
      Karl Heuer authored
      (frame-configuration-to-register): Include (point) in the saved value.
      (jump-to-register): Restore (point) as well as window or frame config.
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      Initial revision · f83d2997
      Karl Heuer authored
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      Comment change. · 95044490
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Initial revision · d6d2fa1f
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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