1. 18 Jul, 1994 1 commit
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      type-break-mode: New variable and function. · 4cf64c15
      Noah Friedman authored
      type-break-interval: Increase default to 1 hour.
      type-break-query-interval: Variable renamed from type-break-delay-interval.
      type-break-keystroke-interval: Variable deleted.
      type-break-keystroke-threshold: New variable.
      type-break-demo-life: Function renamed from type-break-life.
      type-break-demo-hanoi: Function renamed from type-break-hanoi.
      type-break-alarm-p: Variable renamed from type-break-p.
      type-break: Don't query.
      type-break-query: (New function) query here.
      type-break-check: Call type-break-query, not type-break.
      Do nothing if type-break-mode is nil.
      Increment type-break-keystroke-count with the length of this-command-keys,
      not just 1.
      Query for break when keystroke count exceeds cdr of keystroke threshold
      Query for break after an alarm only if keystroke count exceeds car of
      keystroke threshold variable.
      type-break-select: Function deleted.
      type-break: Move that code here.
      type-break-cancel-schedule: Function renamed from cancel-type-break.
      Reset type-break-alarm-p.
      type-break-alarm: Function renamed from type-break-soon.
      (top level): Call type-break-mode; don't set up hook explicitly.
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  3. 14 Feb, 1994 1 commit