1. 11 Jan, 2003 6 commits
  2. 10 Jan, 2003 11 commits
  3. 09 Jan, 2003 8 commits
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      sort-regexp-fields update · 976d93d4
      Karl Berry authored
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      (sort-regexp-fields): pass noerror to · 4cc7cae8
      Karl Berry authored
      re-search-forward, so that we don't fail if no
      records match record-regexp.
    • Markus Rost's avatar
      (customize-group, customize-group-other-window): · 2de2cb02
      Markus Rost authored
      Remove unnecessary calls to custom-load-symbol.
      Load widget deps if state is not hidden.  If widget deps are
      loaded, load them in advance.
      (custom-menu-create): If widget deps are loaded, load them earlier.
    • Francesco Potortì's avatar
      changes for language-sepcific help by Philippe · 4fdb4553
      Francesco Potortì authored
      Waroquiers <wao@cfmu.eurocontrol.be> applied and largely revised.
      (language): Added a `help' member.
      (arg_type): Added an at_end constant.
      (plain_C_suffixes): Some items removed from here.
      (Objc_suffixes): And put here (new constant).
      (Ada_help, Asm_help, default_C_help, Cplusplus_help, Cjava_help,
      Cobol_help, Erlang_help, Fortran_help, HTML_help, Lisp_help,
      Makefile_help, Objc_help, Pascal_help, Perl_help, PHP_help,
      PS_help, Prolog_help, Python_help, Scheme_help, TeX_help,
      Texinfo_help, Yacc_help, auto_help, none-help, no_lang_help): New
      (PS_functions, PS_suffixes): Renamed from Postscript_functions and
      (lang_names): Adapted to the new language structure, new language
      "objc" added (was previously merged with "proc").
      (print_language_names): Some help strings corrected.
      (print_help): Now takes an argument and possibly prints lang help.
      (print_help): Some help strings corrected.  Documents
      language-specific help.
      (main): Only print help after having parsed all the arguments.
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      *** empty log message *** · 98657898
      Francesco Potortì authored
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      * language/ethio-util.el (ethio-gemination) · c256b4ab
      John Paul Wallington authored
      (exit-ethiopic-environment): Doc fixes.
      * language/viet-util.el (viet-encode-viqr-region)
      (viet-decode-viqr-region, viet-encode-viqr-buffer)
      (viet-decode-viqr-buffer): Doc fixes.
    • ShengHuo ZHU's avatar
      * paths.el: Remove gnus-startup-file. · 8e5c466d
      ShengHuo ZHU authored
  4. 08 Jan, 2003 13 commits
  5. 07 Jan, 2003 2 commits