1. 20 Feb, 2002 13 commits
  2. 19 Feb, 2002 13 commits
  3. 18 Feb, 2002 11 commits
  4. 17 Feb, 2002 3 commits
    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      * w32term.c (x_autoselect_window_p): New variable. · 549808db
      Jason Rumney authored
      (syms_of_w32term): DEFVAR_BOOL and initialize it.
      (note_mouse_movement): Use it.
      * w32term.c (x_check_fullscreen, x_check_fullscreen_move)
      (x_fullscreen_adjust): New functions.
      (w32_read_socket) <WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED>:  Don't	resize to
      fullscreen.  Call x_check_fullscreen_move, and set the
      want_fullscreen member of output_data.w32
      <WM_ACTIVATE, WM_ACTIVATEAPP>: Call x_check_fullscreen.
    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      New enum for FULLSCREEN_* constants. · 01f323c6
      Jason Rumney authored
      (struct w32_output): New members want_fullscreen, x_pixels_diff,
      y_pixels_diff, x_pixels_outer_diff, and y_pixels_outer_diff.
      (x-fullscreen-adjust): New prototype.
    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      (x-option-alist, x-long-option-alist) · 3d27abc4
      Jason Rumney authored
      (x-switch-definitions): Remove, use command-line-x-option-alist
      instead to be consistent with X.
      (x-handle-initial-switch): New function.