1. 02 Jun, 2011 8 commits
  2. 01 Jun, 2011 14 commits
  3. 31 May, 2011 18 commits
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      Merge changes made in Gnus trunk. · 2da9c605
      Gnus developers authored
      gnus.texi (Store custom flags and keywords): Refer to `gnus-registry-article-marks-to-{chars,names}' instead of `gnus-registry-user-format-function-{M,M2}'.
      shr.el (shr-rescale-image): Add an :ascent of 100 to images so that the underline comes at the bottom.
      gnus-registry.el (gnus-registry-article-marks-to-chars): Rename from `gnus-registry-user-format-function-M' and declare the latter obsolete.
       (gnus-registry-article-marks-to-names): Rename from `gnus-registry-user-format-function-M2'.
      shr.el (shr-browse-image): Copy the URL if called interactively.
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      * lisp/minibuffer.el (complete-with-action): Return nil for the metadata and · 30a23501
      Stefan Monnier authored
      boundaries of non-functional tables.
      (completion-table-dynamic): Return nil for the metadata.
      (completion-table-with-terminator): Add default case, using
      (completion--metadata): New function.
      (completion-all-sorted-completions, minibuffer-completion-help): Use it
      to try and avoid pathological performance problems.
      (completion--embedded-envvar-table): Return `category' metadata.
    • Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      (url-queue-parallel-processes): Increase the default to 6, since 2 seems too... · 5a94384b
      Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen authored
      (url-queue-parallel-processes): Increase the default to 6, since 2 seems too conservative for normal usage.
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      lib/getopt_.h: Regenerate. · 5269d76a
      Juanma Barranquero authored
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      * lisp/emacs-lisp/debug.el (debug): Save&restore not just the buffer's · e227544d
      Stefan Monnier authored
      content but also its previous major mode.
    • Helmut Eller's avatar
      * debug.el (debug): Restore the previous content of the · e8296fdc
      Helmut Eller authored
      *Backtrace* buffer when we exit with C-M-c.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * src/data.c (init_data): Remove code for UTS, this system is not · 2ad0baf4
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      supported anymore.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      Don't force ./temacs to start in terminal mode. · 4fcc2638
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * frame.c (make_initial_frame): Initialize faces in all cases, not
      only when CANNOT_DUMP is defined.
      * dispnew.c (init_display): Remove CANNOT_DUMP condition.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      Use const for a string pointer. · c56e0fd5
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * src/dispnew.c (add_window_display_history): Use const for the string
      pointer.  Remove declaration, not needed.
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      Auto-commit of generated files. · 7ebf75b6
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Add Bug#. · ac32cd99
      Paul Eggert authored
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      Remove arbitrary limit of 2**31 entries in hash tables. · 0de4bb68
      Paul Eggert authored
      * category.c (hash_get_category_set): Use 'EMACS_UINT' and 'EMACS_INT'
      for hashes and hash indexes, instead of 'unsigned' and 'int'.
      * ccl.c (ccl_driver): Likewise.
      * charset.c (Fdefine_charset_internal): Likewise.
      * charset.h (struct charset.hash_index): Likewise.
      * composite.c (get_composition_id, gstring_lookup_cache):
      (composition_gstring_put_cache): Likewise.
      * composite.h (struct composition.hash_index): Likewise.
      * dispextern.h (struct image.hash): Likewise.
      * fns.c (next_almost_prime, larger_vector, cmpfn_eql):
      (cmpfn_equal, cmpfn_user_defined, hashfn_eq, hashfn_eql):
      (hashfn_equal, hashfn_user_defined, make_hash_table):
      (maybe_resize_hash_table, hash_lookup, hash_put):
      (hash_remove_from_table, hash_clear, sweep_weak_table, SXHASH_COMBINE):
      (sxhash_string, sxhash_list, sxhash_vector, sxhash_bool_vector):
      (Fsxhash, Fgethash, Fputhash, Fmaphash): Likewise.
      * image.c (make_image, search_image_cache, lookup_image):
      (xpm_put_color_table_h): Likewise.
      * lisp.h (struct Lisp_Hash_Table): Likewise, for 'count', 'cmpfn',
      and 'hashfn' members.
      * minibuf.c (Ftry_completion, Fall_completions, Ftest_completion):
      * print.c (print): Likewise.
      * alloc.c (allocate_vectorlike): Check for overflow in vector size
      * ccl.c (ccl_driver): Check for overflow when converting EMACS_INT
      to int.
      * fns.c, image.c: Remove unnecessary static decls that would otherwise
      need to be updated by these changes.
      * fns.c (make_hash_table, maybe_resize_hash_table): Check for integer
      overflow with large hash tables.
      (make_hash_table, maybe_resize_hash_table, Fmake_hash_table):
      Prefer the faster XFLOAT_DATA to XFLOATINT where either will do.
      (SXHASH_REDUCE): New macro.
      (sxhash_string, sxhash_list, sxhash_vector, sxhash_bool_vector):
      Use it instead of discarding useful hash info with large hash values.
      (sxhash_float): New function.
      (sxhash): Use it.  No more need for "& INTMASK" due to above changes.
      * lisp.h (FIXNUM_BITS): New macro, useful for SXHASH_REDUCE etc.
      to use FIXNUM_BITS, as this simplifies things.
      (next_almost_prime, larger_vector, sxhash, hash_lookup, hash_put):
      Adjust signatures to match updated version of code.
      (consing_since_gc): Now EMACS_INT, since a single hash table can
      use more than INT_MAX bytes.
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      Fix ChangeLog entry order. · 97f4ea97
      Paul Eggert authored